Sleepys Mattress Review – Cool Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepys offers several mattress designs, with their most popular being their Cool memory foam mattress which contours to your body while relieving pressure points and remaining breathable.

However, this mattress may not be ideal for heavy individuals as it may lead to sagging over time and make switching sleeping positions harder.

Pressure Point Support

Many sleepers experience back and hip pain as a result of traditional innerspring mattresses’ pressure points, while Sleepys mattresses are designed to alleviate such pressure by conforming closely to your body. Furthermore, their foam layers also absorb excess heat so you stay cool throughout the night.

Sleepy’s Cool memory foam mattress combines all these features to provide optimal support for all types of sleepers. Constructed using gel- and charcoal-infused foam that promotes cooling while decreasing heat retention often associated with traditional memory foam, plus an airflow promoting fabric cover to keep things comfortable and cool, it offers ideal support.

Not only is this mattress comfortable and cooling, it offers excellent edge support as well. This feature is especially important for sleepers who tend to sit up during the night or those with mobility issues. Memory foam layers contour closely around sleepers without leaving gaps for their bodies to slip through; furthermore it helps relieve pressure points by evenly dispersing weight across its entire surface area.

Sleepy’s mattress line consists of foam, innerspring, and encased coil mattresses with various firmness options ranging from soft to medium and firmness options for added comfort and support. As part of Mattress Firm family, Sleepy’s offers sleep trials of 30 days or longer as well as warranties lasting 10 years to help customers find their ideal mattress. Retail stores with white glove delivery services make finding their mattress simple!

Sleepy’s mattresses go beyond mere comfort and cooling features to be eco-friendly, using natural materials and low volatile organic compound emissions (VOC). This ensures their mattresses do not contain harmful chemicals – an important consideration for those concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases. Furthermore, Sleepy’s implements various eco-friendly practices in its manufacturing and shipping processes.

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Support for Light-Weight Individuals

Sleepys mattress offerings cater specifically to light-weight sleepers. Their Cool model utilizes foam conforming close to your body and relieving pressure points, while still permitting unrestricted airflow – customers have reported this model preventing sore hips, shoulders and backs that can lead to restless nights.

If you’re in search of an innerspring mattress, the Relax model from Sleep Number may be ideal. With sufficient support for back and side sleepers weighing less than 180 pounds, this mattress also makes an excellent option. But heavier back sleepers should avoid it due to softer foam layers which may compress under their hips, leading to back pain or compressed vertebrae.

Lighter sleepers appreciate that the Sleepys mattress does not transfer motion and noise. When shared between partners, this mattress helps limit motion transfer and noise that could disturb restful slumber.

Multiple reviews claim that the Sleepys Cool mattress is breathable and doesn’t trap heat like some memory foam mattresses can. This feature is especially valuable to many consumers as sleeping hot can cause discomfort and wakefulness during the night.

Sleepys Cool mattresses are not only breathable and eco-friendly, but they use CertiPUR certified materials, which indicate it’s free from harmful chemicals and compounds. In addition, their products meet fire safety and emissions standards to give you peace of mind knowing your mattress is both breathable and safe for both yourself and the planet.

If you’re curious about trying a Sleepys mattress, visit their website to see which stores carry their products. Their parent company Mattress Firm has multiple locations so there should be something nearby; plus there is also a 10-year sleep trial and warranty offered with their mattress purchases.

Sleepys mattresses tend to be less durable than top brands due to being cheaper; however, its variety of mattress constructions and price points makes Sleepys an attractive budget-conscious shopping option.

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Support for Medium-Weight Individuals

Heavy sleepers may find some mattresses too soft and unsupportive of their bodies, leading to hip, back, and shoulder discomfort. Selecting the ideal mattress can alleviate these pressure points for more restful nights of restful slumber.

Sleepys has you covered, with mattresses to meet the needs of individuals with various weight ranges. Their memory foam mattresses are breathable, eliminating heat retention for an uninterrupted night’s restful slumber. In addition, these quiet models don’t transmit movement between sides; making this option ideal for people who sleep with partners as it will prevent disruptive tossing and turning that can occur while tossing and turning can occur during sleep.

The Sleepys Cool mattress conforms to your curves and relieves pressure points while offering excellent breathability, without producing noise or having a firm feel. Furthermore, it is hypoallergenic with an easy care cover and comes in twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes for convenient sleeping!

Classic Firm mattress from this brand offers quality materials for back and side sleepers alike, along with an extended 10-year warranty that makes this affordable choice suitable for people on tight budgets who still desire quality beds.

Sleepys has traditionally offered innerspring mattresses with coil cores paired with one or more additional foam layers for contouring and support, providing a modern update to traditional innerspring beds without too many bells and whistles. This mattress was designed to help relieve back and neck pain as well as other health issues associated with poor posture while sleeping, compatible with most adjustable beds as well as bankruptcy protection – but its parent company Mattress Firm recently filed bankruptcy protection and announced plans to close approximately 700 stores – which may affect availability if you live nearby one of these closing locations.

Support for Heavy-Weight Individuals

Sleepers looking for extra support will find this mattress an ideal solution. The soft foam layers wrap comfortably around your body to relieve pressure points and relieve any associated aches or pains in joints or muscles, while preventing sagging and body impressions over time for restful night-long restful slumber.

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Cover layers feature modern designer knit fabrics adorned with natural and chemical-free fire barriers to help reduce heat retention, offering cool sleep. Infused foams such as gel and charcoal help further keep sleeping surfaces cooler than traditional memory foam; however, recent reviews for Sleepys mattresses have expressed concerns regarding durability issues related to faster degradation over time.

Experienced back and shoulder soreness may find relief with the Relax model’s soft foam layers, which conform around the body to relieve pressure points and avoid body impressions. Furthermore, its core utilizes Lura-Flex offset coils, known for their longevity and support; together these features can support up to 700 pounds without leaving body impressions or sagging impressions behind.

Sleepys offers a 100-night trial on their mattresses so that customers can test out their new bed before making a commitment. Furthermore, Sleepys also provides free white glove delivery service and an industry standard warranty of 10 years on each mattress purchased at its store. In addition, Mattress Firm operates retail stores with white glove delivery services for their own coil, spring, and memory foam lines of mattresses.

Multiple Sleepys mattress reviews have reported on its Cool model’s lack of responsiveness and bounciness, a common issue among softer memory foam mattresses that can lead to restless and dissatisfied sleep. Still, some couples remain pleased with their purchase because the soft foam layers offer adequate support and provide adequate comfort – they can add extra padding through extra topper or pillow top. Unfortunately, Mattress Firm has filed bankruptcy, closing over 700 locations which make it more difficult for Sleepys customers to experience testing in-person before buying their mattresses from Sleepys customers in-person.