Saatva HD Mattress Reviews

The Saatva HD mattress provides quick response to movement. Crafted with soft Talalay latex and featuring a zoned comfort system with moderate contouring, its quick response prevents sleepers from becoming trapped within their mattress.

This mattress boasts excellent edge support, with layers of memory foam and polyfoam enclosed within tempered steel coils to promote airflow and cooling for hot sleepers.


The Saatva HD mattress was specifically created with heavyweight sleepers in mind and can support up to 500 pounds. Rated at 7/10 on the firmness scale, its firmness may prove uncomfortable for lighter sleepers; however, those requiring an supportive feel will find this mattress to provide restful nights’ rest.

The HD is constructed of an assortment of materials, such as buoyant natural latex and soft memory foam. The latter offers comfort, pressure relief, cooling benefits and neutralizes the feel of its steel coils beneath. In addition, there’s also a three-inch pillow top layer filled with fluffy fibers and supportive foams – ideal for restful sleeping and added support.

This mattress provides a medium-firm feel, ideal for most sleeping positions and boasting great edge support. Plus, its bouncey surface may not suit those preferring more traditional memory foam experiences as much.

Back and stomach sleepers alike should find this HD mattress comfortable, providing ample lumbar support and its unique bouncy nature helping relieve pressure placed on this part of their bodies. Additionally, its resilient memory foam construction may make this choice ideal for those suffering hip pain.

Light side and stomach sleepers may find this mattress too firm; as it doesn’t offer enough sinkage or cradling. They might benefit more from opting for a softer mattress which provides additional cushioning and support.

The HD mattress from Saatva is an ideal option for couples sharing a bed, as its motion isolation capabilities will prevent one partner from being jostled awake by their partner’s movements during sleep. Furthermore, its layer of thermally-regulating wool helps keep sleepers warm through the night. Furthermore, Saatva offers this mattress with both a 365-night trial period and lifetime warranty, along with free in-home delivery and setup service.

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The Saatva HD mattress was specifically designed to meet the needs of plus size individuals, offering plenty of features designed to make sleeping on it as comfortable as possible. Extra strong coils with spinal zone technology help support your back while the soft pillow top gives it that feeling like sleeping on an airbed. Rated medium on firmness scale it is suitable for most sleeping positions.

The HD is an ideal mattress choice for heavier sleepers, providing enough support to bear up to 1,000 lbs of weight without sinking or bending under pressure. The base layers comprised of tempered steel coils and dense foam help ensure it can accommodate heavy people without giving way. In addition, there’s also a layer of memory foam added into this mattress that offers pressure relief while neutralizing any sense of coils underneath the surface.

Saatva HD’s comfort comes from its breathable cover made of organic cotton known for its cooling properties – helping you sleep cooler at night! Additionally, this mattress features an antimicrobial treatment from Guardin botanical antimicrobial treatment, protecting you against allergens like mold and mildew that could otherwise cling to its surface.

Lighter sleepers may find the Saatva HD too firm, as it doesn’t offer enough cushioning and sinkage to offer enough support and prevent back pain, especially for those who tend to sleep on their stomachs or are very light-weight. Furthermore, its bounce might irritate some couples as each can feel each other’s movements throughout the night.

One of the advantages of the Saatva HD mattress is that it does not come rolled up in a box and require an investment in foundation. Instead, white glove delivery services come out free of charge to set up and remove old mattress along with any wrappings or trash from your home – this includes taking away old mattress as well! Furthermore, its 365-night trial and industry-leading lifetime warranty policies give you ample time to decide whether the Saatva HD is ideal for you or not.

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The Saatva HD mattress is an ideal choice for back sleepers due to its medium firmness, offering zoned support and spine alignment to alleviate back pain. Additionally, stomach sleepers will appreciate how its firmness level prevents their hips from sinking too far into the mattress; however side sleepers may require something plusher for better contouring and pressure point relief.

This mattress comes in various sizes and boasts a soft, breathable cover made of certified organic cotton and natural latex for increased airflow and reduced VOC emissions for improved indoor air quality. Furthermore, the HD has earned CertiPUR-US certification, meaning it is free from ozone depleters and heavy metals as well.

Saatva HD mattresses typically arrive between 7-21 business days after being ordered depending on where you reside. White glove delivery and setup services include removing your old mattress and foundation as part of their setup process, as well as calling you on the day prior to schedule a 4-hour window for delivery.

If you are considering purchasing the Saatva HD mattress, be sure to read its terms and conditions thoroughly. They contain information regarding warranty, trial period, return policy and shipping/handling costs as well as customer feedback reviews before making your decision. Additionally, read product reviews on customer feedback websites prior to making any final decisions about making a purchase decision.

The Big Fig enjoys an outstanding customer satisfaction rating of 9.8, making them one of the highest rated mattress companies available today. Customers in particular appreciate its generous warranty and long trial period as well as eco-friendly materials used and supporting local communities.

Though not as firm as other online mattresses, the Saatva HD does offer excellent support for heavier people. Able to hold up to 1,000 pounds, its thick foam layers offer targeted support and spine alignment which may help relieve back pain.

This mattress also boasts an excellent motion transfer rating, meaning that movement between sides is kept to a minimum and jostling is reduced significantly while sleeping. This feature can help improve relationships when sharing beds as it reduces chances of jostling between partners during the night.

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The Saatva HD mattress is a firm mattress designed specifically to meet the needs of heavier individuals. Constructed using top-grade materials like breathable latex and sturdy steel coils, it features exceptional cooling due to natural antimicrobial properties present in latex and innerspring systems; additionally it offers excellent bouncy support, making it suitable for couples sleeping together but may prove too bouncy for light sleepers.

The mattress features two layers of durable steel coils – the base coil layer provides support and encourages airflow, while pocketed coils in the second layer contour your body and minimize motion transfer. Finally, an organic cotton cover and comfort foam layer top off this mattress with foam edge support that prevents rolling off or falling off the side. Plus, there’s no noticeable off-gassing and its pleasant fragrance dissipates quickly!

This mattress comes in various sizes, including twin and twin XL. Although more costly than its counterpart, the Classic mattress, it is much more durable, featuring a warranty covering construction defects as well as material issues. You have 180 nights to return your purchase for a full refund; however, an $99 return fee applies.

If you prefer back or stomach sleeping positions, this mattress may not be appropriate. As its design was intended for those weighing up to 250 pounds, light sleepers may find the Saatva HD mattress too firm and uncomfortable. Lighter side sleepers may also find its firm surface too uncomfortable.

This mattress may be expensive, but it offers many advantages over traditional innerspring models. It responds more responsively to pressure than memory foam while being more affordable than some luxury brands. Furthermore, its durable construction and patent spinal support technology makes the price worth paying; and with its lifetime warranty backing you have peace of mind that your investment will stand the test of time.