Purple Mattress Reviews

The original Purple mattress excels at limiting motion transfer. This is in large part thanks to the hyperelastic polymer grid found at its core layer.

This bed is ideal for back sleepers who enjoy a firm yet supportive mattress, while side sleepers looking for pressure relief will find this bed equally suitable.


As part of our assessment of mattress comfort, we conduct tests that examine its ability to conform and support our bodies while still permitting enough movement. To accomplish this test, we apply pressure to its surface before releasing it quickly enough so we can see how fast it reverts back to its original form – this allows us to assess how effectively the mattress isolates motion as well as prevents any sagging or compression over time.

The Purple mattress excelled in our conformance and movement tests. We found that its grid layer did a fantastic job cradling the body while supporting natural curves, making it suitable for back and side sleepers alike. Furthermore, its pressure relief performance was stellar with its top layer collapsing under pressure to alleviate weight off of it; highly responsive when changing positions too – adapting quickly enough to move with you before springing back into place quickly when required!

Purple mattresses are highly durable and an excellent option for people of heavier weight. Their GelFlex grid was specifically created to withstand significant pressure, with thick top foam layers designed to prevent it from collapsing under too much weight. Furthermore, this mattress boasts excellent edge support – which is especially essential when sleeping on one’s side!

Are Purple Mattresses Good for Back and Stomach Sleepers? The original Purple mattress is suitable for back and stomach sleepers alike due to the GelFlex grid’s adequate pressure relief in these positions. However, heavier people may find their hips sink too far into it which could put pressure on the lower spine, potentially leading to lumbar pain. Average-weight side sleepers would benefit more as their compressing of the gel grid provides cushioned support between shoulders and hips for enhanced support and cushioning.

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For heavy people, I suggest looking into the Purple Premium or Luxe collections which offer hybrid models with more supportive coil systems that may better meet your body type. Purple mattresses can be purchased both online and at physical retail locations nationwide, offering 100 night risk-free trials as well as 10 year warranties against manufacturer defects or sagging.


Purple mattresses offer a reliable cooling option that’s built around hyper-elastic polymer that works to regulate your temperature while you rest. Their top layers feature grid-like patterns containing cube-shaped pockets designed to push air away from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

The mattress cover was specifically created to promote breathability. Featuring a responsive knit blend that’s soft to the touch yet air permeable enough for cooling during sleep, its thin profile ensures it won’t interfere with heat-regulating properties of Purple grid underneath it.

Purple mattresses are not only designed to breathe easily; they’re also intended to move with you during the night thanks to hyper-elastic polymer in its top layer that has a bouncy feel to offset pressure points on the body and quickly return back to their original forms, helping reduce motion transfer if sharing bed with someone.

Customers tend to love the Purple mattress for its cooling and comfort features, yet there are a few considerations you should keep in mind before making your decision to buy it. As with most bed-in-a-box models, the Purple is heavier than most others and may prove challenging to carry up stairs in apartments or condominiums; therefore, for added peace of mind consider asking for white glove delivery when placing your order.

If you are a heavy sleeper, the Purple mattress might not offer as much support as needed. This bed is best suited to lighter individuals without significant back or neck problems who don’t require firmer mattresses for stomach or chest sleeping positions.

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The Purple mattress is an ideal choice for back and side sleepers looking for a medium-firm feel, though heavier side sleepers who require firmer mattresses, or those experiencing lower back pain may not find it suitable.

Pressure Relief

Though most sleepers will find comfort with any mattress, some may experience pressure points during the night. A Purple Mattress stands out by offering unique features to alleviate pressure points and allow users to sink in, cradling curves and relieving pain in areas like shoulders and hips thanks to a layer of gel polymer in its topmost comfort layer, known as Purple Grid; this unique material remains firm until enough pressure is applied when it collapses to provide support and relieve pressure points.

This layer also aids with cooling by drawing away body heat. As such, this mattress was one of the most breathable I tested, making it an excellent option for hot sleepers.

Purple mattress comfort layers begin with two inches of Purple Grid, an innovative hyperelastic gel polymer material designed to conform to different sleeping positions and conform with body contours. This layer is enhanced with soft responsive foam for additional comfort and a classic sleeping experience; all three materials are then wrapped up by an edge support layer of foam for optimum sleep quality.

Next comes a three-inch piece of Premium Comfort Foam to add another level of support. This denser foam helps promote spinal alignment. Finally, there’s four inches of high density polyfoam as the foundational base layer that holds everything together.

Purple offers mattresses in sizes ranging from twin to California king. Delivered right to your door via free shipping within the contiguous United States and with free returns and returns included, its 101-night sleep trial with no time limit offers free returns as well. It even comes with a 10-year limited warranty! Plus there’s even a 10% discount available for health care professionals, first responders, veterans of military service and truckers – which makes Purple even more competitively priced than ever!

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Purple’s unique smart grid layer offers support to you where it’s most needed, creating an exceptionally responsive mattress ideal for combo sleepers who switch sleeping positions throughout the night.

Purple’s unique layer is also exceptional at isolating motion transfer, meaning your partner should not notice every time you shift positions or get in and out of bed. This feature can be especially beneficial to couples who may have different sleep preferences or who live with pets that could disrupt restful slumber.

The grid layer does an exceptional job cradling your body, which makes the Purple Mattress perfect for back sleepers. Back sleepers tend to experience greater lower back discomfort than side sleepers; so having a mattress that provides contouring support is absolutely vital; during our tests, Purple Mattress was outstanding at providing this for back sleepers in all three sleeping positions.

Even as an all-foam mattress, Purple excels at offering edge support when compared to hybrid and innerspring mattresses. This is made possible thanks to a foam border surrounding its GelFlex Grid that adds extra support along its edges.

Our testers found that the Purple Mattress boasted slightly above-average ease of movement, which measures how well a mattress allows users to move around on it. Thanks to a combination of smart grid layer and high-density polyfoam foams that allow it to return quickly after being compressed by sleepers, making it easier for switching positions than most all-foam mattresses.

The Purple Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that it contains low VOCs and odors when opening the box. While many foam mattresses have an off-gassing period that lasts 24 hours or so, our testers found the Purple Mattress smelled less strongly than other beds they’ve tried and dissipated more quickly.