Diamond Mattress Reviews

Diamond Mattress offers an assortment of mattress models in various firmness levels. Furthermore, the company provides an outstanding return policy and warranty options.

As one example, they offer hybrid construction featuring nested pocket coils to isolate motion so it doesn’t disturb sleep partners’ movements.


The Diamond mattress was developed with various features to provide maximum comfort and support, including firmness levels ranging from soft to firm and an edge support system for stability. Furthermore, this mattress offers a lifetime warranty and 101-night trial period, made from eco-friendly materials with plenty of customization options.

One of the key considerations when purchasing a mattress is identifying your exact support needs. Finding an adequate amount can help prevent back pain and improve posture while sleeping, with The Diamond mattress providing support in all areas including spine, neck and shoulders – plus it has an edge support system to prevent sinkage over time.

Consideration should also be given when searching for the ideal mattress when it comes to temperature regulation. The Diamond Mattress employs various cooling technologies – including gel memory foam and copper-infused convoluted foam – that help regulate temperatures on its sleeping surface, helping reduce heat retention while increasing airflow across it. These innovations contribute significantly towards keeping sleep comfortable on any mattress surface.

The Puffy Diamond mattress is a hybrid mattress featuring multiple layers to provide comfort and support. The top layer consists of alpaca wool and fiber for softness and temperature regulation; two inches of memory foam cushion sleepers while zoned three-inch polyfoam provides more support; the mattress core contains 7.5 inches of foam-encased pocketed coil innersprings while high density foam wraps around its perimeter to provide enhanced edge support.

Diamond mattresses are made using various materials to accommodate all types of sleepers and meet their unique needs. All materials used in their construction have been certified as eco-friendly and free from off-gassing chemicals; furthermore, our designs strive to maximize air circulation between layers for increased breathability to reduce overheating and sweating.

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The Puffy Diamond mattress is specifically designed to minimize motion transfer, so you can enjoy uninterrupted restful nights even with an active partner. This feature is achieved using memory foam layers which absorb motion and minimize vibrations.


Diamond Mattress only uses premium-grade materials in their mattresses and bedroom products. All materials come with manufacturer warranties to guarantee long-term quality. Using traditional handcrafting techniques combined with cutting edge technology, they create mattresses that are both comfortable, durable, and affordable – using natural flame retardants such as gel-infused foams to keep coolness under control while including features like edge support that improve stability.

Rally Collection mattress allows customers to select firmness level, core type (foam or zoned pocketed coil), and cover features – enabling them to find one that perfectly meets their needs and budget. In addition, Rally also offers bed bases, foundations and essential oil diffusers.

The mattress’s construction includes multiple layers, such as a 7 1/2-inch layer composed of pocketed coils and high-density foam for stability, motion isolation, body-contouring support and body contouring properties. Furthermore, there’s an infused layer of diamond degree foam with graphite to wick away excess moisture.

HRX layer of this mattress features tall pocketed coils for both support and reduced motion transfer, keeping you cooler over time and helping prevent any sagging over time.

As well as these layers, the mattress also contains an edge support layer to enhance stability and prevent sagging around its edges. CertiPUR-US certification verifies that none of their mattresses contain harmful chemicals or VOCs that might affect health and comfort.

Diamond hybrid mattresses are excellent choices for side and combo sleepers. Offering a medium-firm feel that’s both bouncy and supportive, these hybrid mattresses also boast excellent edge support ratings that make them suitable for those who like sleeping at the edges of their bed.

One downside of these mattresses is inconsistent support for heavier people, as they can sag over time. But the company offers warranties against sagging and visible indentations over 1.5 inches as well as offering a 100-night risk-free trial so customers can experience it themselves and determine whether or not it is right for them.

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Diamond mattresses come with the company’s Forever Warranty, covering construction, materials and quality for up to 100 years of ownership – much more generous than newer companies that usually only cover for up to three years of ownership or only include partial coverage on returns/exchanges/shipping costs for returns and exchanges. Additionally, this warranty also covers shipping costs associated with returns/exchanges of returned/exchanged mattresses.

Diamond Mattress offers warranties on its entire Rally collection (both foam and hybrid mattresses), which includes Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King and Cal King sizes. In addition to warranties, the company provides a 100-night sleep trial to determine whether or not its mattress meets customers’ needs and preferences; this feature can especially help customers unsure about making their purchase as it allows them to try the product out first before committing.

Many customers rave that the Diamond Mattress is comfortable and durable, as well as boasting outstanding edge support – essential components of quality restful sleep. In addition, there’s no overwhelming off-gassing smell upon delivery – an important consideration as off-gassing can cause headaches or cause significant discomfort for many consumers.

The Diamond Mattress stands out from other mattresses with its ability to regulate temperature. Sleeping on an overly warm or too-cold mattress can interfere with comfort levels and lead to poor quality restful slumber; to combat this problem, the Diamond Mattress uses breathable fabrics and gel-infused memory foam layers in its construction which help keep it cool through the night.

Diamond Mattress offers high-quality mattresses at competitive prices, making it worth considering for anyone searching for an ideal bed at a price they can afford. Their longstanding presence in the industry demonstrates their superior value products while remaining cost competitive with other brands. In addition, they provide additional accessories like pillow protectors, bed foundations and essential oil diffusers that enhance sleep experience even further.

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Are You Searching For a Mattress? Reading reviews is an effective way of learning more about different mattresses and brands as well as hearing what other people think of the product they purchased. With Diamond Mattress’s selection of memory foam or hybrid mattresses, there are options sure to meet all your needs.

Established in 1946, Affirm Sleep Products has long been dedicated to helping sleepers enjoy restful nights and improved health. Their mattresses are made with top-quality materials that offer varying firmness options that suit different sleeping styles and preferences. Plus, Affirm has affordable financing solutions available so that customers can achieve restful nights without breaking the bank!

The Puffy Diamond Hybrid mattress is an American-handcrafted luxury-plush mattress made with CertiPUR-US foams and luxurious alpaca wool for superior temperature regulation and luxuriously soft cushioning zones. Additionally, there are 5 targeted cushioning zones and springy latex with coils which provides responsive support, creating a high performance hybrid mattress suitable for anyone who enjoys plushness but requires responsive support as an alternative to memory foam mattresses.

Diamond Mattress’ Transformation mattress is another highly popular offering from their collection, featuring high-density base foam for an authentic bed-feel. In addition, its gel-infused memory foam layer offers pressure relief while the zoned polyfoam layer adds additional support. Finally, its hybrid construction helps isolate motion so your partner’s movements won’t disturb you during sleep.

The Transformation mattress features a medium-soft feel and comes in various firmness options – from ultra-firm to medium. Made with long-wearing materials and covered by a lifetime warranty, customer service representatives at Transformation are always on-hand to answer any of your queries and provide helpful tips on getting the most out of your mattress purchase process. In addition, their generous return policies and warranty options help make purchasing less of a stress.