Casper Select Mattress Reviews

Casper Select foam mattress is ideal for those looking for moderate firmness, available at Costco at an extremely budget-friendly price point.

Lightweight back and stomach sleepers should find comfort with the added support provided by Zoned Support, however heavy side sleepers may experience pressure on their shoulders and hips.


The Casper Select mattress is an all-foam bed featuring a medium feel, ranking approximately 5-6/10 on the firmness scale. This makes it suitable for back, stomach, and side sleepers alike, relieving pressure from sore spots with its Zoned Support layer for uninterrupted restful slumber without pain upon awakening. Plus its open cell foam top layer helps release heat while air circulates allowing you to remain cool throughout the night!

Hypoallergenic and sewn using polyester, cotton, rayon and lycra fabrics to provide an exceptionally comfortable touch, this pillow is hypoallergenic for added peace of mind.

This mattress is an excellent option for back and stomach sleepers, while side sleepers weighing over 230 pounds may find it too soft. They require more supportive mattresses that will prevent their shoulders from sinking too far inward, leading to shoulder pain or numbness in their arms and hands.

Lightweight back sleepers will appreciate the support in their lumbar area provided by this mattress’s Zoned Support layer, while heavier sleepers might find it too soft and sink too deeply into it around their hips, potentially placing strain on their spine and creating discomfort.

The Casper Select can help alleviate back pain and improve spinal alignment by relieving sore spots with its zoned support layer and plush foam layers. Furthermore, its plush feel alleviates stress on hips and shoulders as well as providing relief to hips and shoulders from stress related tension. Lastly, this mattress makes an excellent option for stomach sleepers seeking firmer mattresses that won’t sink too deeply and put undue strain on their lower abdomens.

Casper Mattress is an excellent option for couples sharing a bed, as it isolates movement while offering adequate support to heavier sleepers. Plus, its cooling technology means you won’t wake up feeling sweaty! However, make sure the bed frame you choose is sturdy; Casper states that placing this mattress on non-wooden slats, wood slats spaced more than 4 inches apart or box spring will void its warranty.

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The Casper Select mattress is an economical version of its namesake Casper mattress sold exclusively at Costco. While this mattress might lack some of the premium feel associated with higher-end beds, it still provides exceptional support and represents great value. All its foams have been CertiPUR-US certified as being free from ozone depleters and low VOC emissions for added peace of mind.

The top layer of this mattress is composed of breathable open-celled poly foam that helps dissipate heat and prevent overheating, with an easily removable cover to facilitate cleaning. Furthermore, its exceptional motion isolation capabilities mean you won’t be disturbed by your partner snoring during the night. This mattress makes an excellent choice for couples as its support keeps both sleeping partners from tossing and turning during sleep time.

Casper Select provides a soft to medium-firm feel, ideal for back, stomach, and side sleepers alike. However, light and average weight side sleepers may find it too firm; this could result in shoulder pain and numbness in arms and hands. Heavy side sleepers should opt for something firmer; alternatively they could choose one of their mattress models that offers greater support instead.

Casper’s foam Zoned Support layer is responsible for its firmness, providing spinal alignment for back sleepers while relieving pressure points in hips and shoulders. While its thickness should meet most people’s needs, some larger people have reported excessive firmness as well as insufficient support in shoulders and hips.

Edge support is another key consideration in selecting a mattress, as its edges must prevent you from rolling off of it. While Casper Select provides adequate edge support, its performance in this regard does not compare favourably with coil or hybrid mattresses.

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The Casper Select is designed with temperature regulation in mind and sleeps comfortably for most people, making it the ideal mattress choice. Because full off-gassing may take some time, place it in an adequately ventilated room when it arrives and open any windows to speed up its off-gassing. As with other Casper products, the Select is covered by their 100-night trial period and 1-year warranty policy.


The Casper Select mattress, sold exclusively at Costco, features four layers of premium foam with an innovative Zoned Support layer to provide excellent pressure relief. Furthermore, its medium feel design makes it suitable for stomach and back sleepers alike.

The mattress offers excellent motion isolation, meaning that movement doesn’t transfer between sides of the bed; this feature is particularly important for couples sharing one bed. Furthermore, heat transference between partners is reduced significantly – another key feature when sharing beds.

Though it does not feature the classic memory foam feel of many mattresses, this mattress still feels very responsive and provides plenty of bounce. However, it should be noted that off-gassing takes time – we recommend leaving the mattress in an area with ample ventilation for several days; you may speed this process by opening windows or turning on fans.

Like other all-foam mattresses, the Casper Select does an outstanding job at absorbing movement – which is especially essential if sharing a bed with someone or pets. Furthermore, its noise-reducer properties make it an excellent option for apartment and condo residents.

Edge support should also be considered when searching for the ideal mattress. While Casper Select provides reasonable edge support, we suggest investing in a mattress protector as an added layer of defense against potential spillage or punctures.

The Casper Select mattress is an outstanding value among premium all-foam mattresses with an accessible price point. Offering exceptional support, comfort, and isolation – but perhaps not ideal for those experiencing shoulder or hip pain – it provides exceptional support, comfort, isolation. However, be aware that its warranty only extends up to 100 nights before returning it with no fee; Costco additionally provides a 10-year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects or any issues.

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Costco offers an amazing value with their Casper Select mattress: it provides an all-foam mattress with an ideal medium feel and balance of comfort and support. Soft top layers add bounce, while the firmer support layer helps align your back for proper alignment. Furthermore, this mattress is CertiPUR certified against harmful chemicals and emissions for your peace of mind.

Casper Select features an open-celled poly foam that is soft yet responsive, helping dissipate heat and keep the mattress cool. Beneath this layer is 1.5-inches of gel memory foam to provide pressure relief to sleepers. Finally, its firmest layer-7.5inches high density support foam- supports the comfort materials above it.

On a scale from 1-10, Casper Select ranks 7 out of 10, meaning that it provides adequate support for most sleepers. If you tend to prefer firmer mattresses however, this might not be your ideal option.

As is common with foam mattresses, the Casper Select will have an initial smell upon purchase; it is important to keep this in mind when considering this bed. The scent should dissipate after several weeks of use.

As with other mattresses sold exclusively by Costco, the Casper Select is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee – meaning if it doesn’t meet your expectations during its 100-night at-home trial period, simply return it. Otherwise, its 10-year limited warranty ensures it can’t go wrong!

Note that the Casper Select mattress must only be used on a firm, sturdy bed frame; using it on wooden slat or traditional box springs voids the warranty. Furthermore, only specific bases are recommended by Casper; be sure to speak to your retailer prior to purchasing for more information on what this may entail. Casper offers white glove delivery service which includes setup and removal of old mattress/foundation for just $149 additional charge or included as part of purchase price.