Siena Mattress Review

The Siena Memory Foam mattress combines firm support with soft layers of memory foam for pressure relief, making it the ideal mattress choice for young sleepers. Financing options are also available.

Side sleepers suffering from hip pain will benefit greatly from the medium-firm Siena mattress, which offers relief to their shoulders and hips. Furthermore, its pressure relief features are ideal for average-weight back sleepers as well.


The Siena Mattress is a 10-inch memory foam bed featuring medium firm feel and an adaptable layer of gel-infused foam for pressure relief. Available in queen and California king sizes, its durable polyester cover incorporates polyethylene fibers woven into it to regulate temperature by wicking away body heat; in addition, its CertiPUR-US certification guarantees it to be free from harmful chemicals or additives.

This bed features a shift-resistant base layer to keep the mattress secure, followed by a 2.5-inch layer of polyfoam stability foam for support and cushioning, plus an adaptive gel-infused foam layer which adapts to your shape while absorbing excess body heat for restful nights of restful restful sleep.

This medium-firm mattress is an ideal option for back and stomach sleepers alike, offering sufficient support to keep the spine aligned and provide adequate mobility assistance for individuals living with disabilities. Furthermore, its dense foam won’t easily disturb couples sharing one bed.

If you prefer sleeping on your side, this mattress may be too firm. As it tends to sink in around your hips and shoulders, this mattress might not provide adequate support. But for light-weight side sleepers who favor lying on their sides, this mattress could be ideal.

Heavyweight back sleepers may find the Siena mattress too soft for their needs, lacking adequate lumbar support. We advise those in this category to take a look at our review of Nectar Memory Foam Mattress instead.

The Siena Mattress offers great value at its price range. With a simple design and durable materials that are suitable for young sleepers, its 180-night trial period and warranty give shoppers ample opportunity to test it before making their decision. Furthermore, this model boasts several cooling technologies uncommonly found among mattresses priced similarly.

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The Siena mattress is an excellent option for back sleepers who require a firm surface to keep their spine in alignment, thanks to memory foam conforming to its curves and relieving joint pressure. Furthermore, its medium firmness offers sufficient support for side sleepers cradling their hips and shoulders – while stomach sleepers may find this mattress too soft, leading to their hips sinking inward and creating an U-shape bend that strains their spine over time.

Mattresses should also feature sufficient edge support, making them essential if you share your bed with another person and/or like to sit on its edges in the morning. A strong edge support helps prevent your mattress from sagging over time while making it easier for you to roll out of bed in peace.

This budget-friendly all-foam mattress is an excellent fit for most sleepers, from young sleepers to couples sharing queen or king-sized beds. The foam construction isolates movement while simultaneously minimizing its effect on sleeping partners’ movements, helping you easily fall asleep and remain asleep throughout the night. In addition, its breathable construction keeps heat at bay during hotter seasons.

This mattress arrives conveniently packaged in a box for easy transport into your home and set-up. Sleepers tend to appreciate its slower-moving feel as it feels less like sinking into quicksand than sleeping inside it. This mattress features light layers of gel-infused memory foam for pressure point relief as well as airflow promotion that keeps you cool. Furthermore, its soft yet breathable cover woven from polyethylene weave wicks away moisture for cooling effects; plus it is CertiPUR-US certified meaning no harmful chemicals or off-gassing occurs. Additionally, financing options are also available with this mattress! Finally, financing options and warranties come complete!


The Siena mattress is a medium-firm model that provides ample support to most sleepers. Suitable for various sleeping positions and body weights, particularly lighter weight individuals due to its soft feel. Also suitable as an ideal choice for couples sharing beds as it isolates motion well.

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The 10-inch Siena mattress features three distinct foam layers topped by a knit polyester cover. The first adaptive gel-infused memory foam layer was specifically created to cradle your body, relieve pressure points and wick away excess heat while simultaneously keeping the mattress cool by drawing moisture away. Two inches of transitional support foam add some cushion to the sleep surface while its final 5.5″ polyfoam stability foam base layer secures your mattress firmly into place.

Like any bed-in-a-box mattress, the Siena mattress requires time and expansion before reaching its full potential, although this is common among most mattresses. A mild chemical odor, commonly referred to as off-gassing, should appear briefly while it occurs; this is normal and will disappear within 48 hours.

Siena mattresses are compatible with most standard bed frames and adjustable bases, and offer an option of an upgraded deluxe foundation for more stable platforms. Twin, queen, king and California king sizes are offered.

The Siena sleep mattress is an affordable choice for those who enjoy dense memory foam feels. Ideal for stomach sleepers who require firm support and relief from back pain, the Siena mattress comes equipped with cooling elements that provide cooling comfort as well as quilted covers to add an additional luxurious layer. Resident Home also has other brands which feature plusher touches or have luxurious features like cooling elements or quilted covers that have more of a “bounce”. They feature models up to 16 inches tall that come with generous 180-night trial periods as well as hassle-free return policies so you can try before making your purchase decision!


Siena mattresses may have less reviews than other brands on the market, but those who have reviewed them have given them high marks for durability. Their manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty against defects in materials or craftsmanship – another strong guarantee.

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Siena Sleep offers customers a 180-night trial period to test out the mattress in their homes and if they aren’t completely satisfied, will arrange to have it picked up and donated or recycled accordingly.

Sleepers who prefer their stomachs or backs will find this mattress both supportive and comfortable. The memory foam layer conforms perfectly to the body, offering outstanding pressure point relief and spinal alignment. While side sleepers may require additional time to adapt as there may not be as much cushion along their shoulders and hips than with other mattresses, those who favor stomach or back sleeping may find their night’s rest more fulfilling with this mattress than its competitors.

Couples sharing one bed can expect minimal motion transfer from this mattress thanks to its gel-infused memory foam and support foam layers that reduce movement. Edge support may be lacking; therefore it would be wise to invest in a mattress protector before sharing this bed.

Sustainability-wise, the manufacturer has taken great strides towards using eco-friendly materials in its mattresses. Their mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, which means that they’re free from ozone depleters such as mercury and lead content, formaldehyde or phthalates; furthermore their breathable polyester blend cover resists staining while remaining machine washable for easy care.

Overall, the Siena Mattress is an excellent value proposition for anyone searching for an affordable memory foam mattress. With its medium-firm feel providing support for most sleeping positions and high density memory foam providing exceptional pressure point relief and spinal alignment benefits. Furthermore, its warranty and 180 night trial period add considerable value. Just read carefully through any fine print to identify potential drawbacks; in most cases you’ll be able to return it after some months for a full refund; any queries? Get in touch with their customer service team directly!