Saatva Classic Mattress Reviews

The Saatva Classic hybrid mattress provides firm support for back sleepers while still being comfortable for side and stomach sleepers. Furthermore, its reinforced perimeter ensures excellent edge support.

Hybrid mattresses with foam and coils tend to be more breathable than all-foam models, such as the Saatva Classic we tested, providing cooler sleeping conditions for most sleepers.


Mattress comfort depends on many variables, including sleep position and weight. Saatva mattresses are tailored to meet various body types and sleeping styles – with Plush Soft offering ample pressure relief for petite side sleepers while Luxury Firm provides more support for heavier individuals. No matter which sleeping position is desired; Classic is an excellent choice with ample lumbar support.

This mattress begins with a 3-inch euro pillow top made of plush fibers and polyfoam. Next comes a layer of natural latex zoned to offer lumbar support and improve motion isolation, followed by memory foam to add pressure relief while neutralizing the feel of steel coils underneath it.

Finally, TechRadar recognized the Saatva Classic for its use of high-density foam at its perimeter for improved edge support – this feature being especially important for heavy sleepers as it prevents them from sinking through their mattress and placing unnecessary strain on their spines. As a result, TechRadar listed this mattress among their list of innerspring mattresses best suitable for heavy people.

TechRadar’s lab analysts found the Saatva Classic bed to be very comfortable overall, boasting comfort layers similar to all-foam mattresses such as Nectar and Brentwood Home beds.

The bed provides some of the highest edge support in its class, enabling users to comfortably rest up against its edges without feeling like they’re rolling off. Even TechRadar’s lightest sleepers were able to get adequate rest.

This mattress’s only drawback is its non-removable cover, which could create difficulty when cleaning the bedding. Even though its fabric has been treated with Guardin botanical antimicrobial treatment to prolong freshness and good looks, for maximum long-term benefits use a mattress protector in addition to having it professionally laundered regularly.

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Temperature Regulation

If you weigh over 230 pounds and are a back sleeper, the Luxury Firm Saatva Classic may be an ideal fit. It provides enough support to keep your spine properly aligned as well as cozy comfort to ensure an excellent night’s rest. Stomach sleepers may also find this mattress comfortable; however it should not be expected to provide as much of a classic memory foam hug experience; rather it does contour to provide contouring in the lumbar region without as much of a hug experience than other mattresses do.

This mattress’s encapsulated coils offer plenty of bounce without squishing your body like memory foam does, making this mattress more responsive than its competitors and helping keep the temperature down by not trapping heat as easily. In addition, its plush Euro pillow top helps alleviate pressure points for an overall comfortable sleeping experience.

Another aspect that sets this mattress apart from its competition is its motion isolation properties. This mattress boasts superior motion isolation compared to most memory foam mattresses and comparable high-response poly foams, with most material recovered within 0.5 seconds and fully recovered within 0.8 seconds. It also boasts quick recovery times; most material being recovered within just over one second and all recovered within two seconds after impact.

When it comes to warranties and trial periods, the Saatva Classic provides one of the longest trial periods and warranties available – one year with lifetime coverage – making this mattress one of the best ways to find out whether or not it fits you best.

One of the hallmarks of Saatva Classic’s great advantages is that it doesn’t come in a box; rather, you receive free white glove delivery and setup service right in your room of choice. This service can be especially helpful if you are worried about lifting heavy mattresses yourself; additionally, this mattress is delivered flat rather than vacuum-packed and rolled so as to preserve its premium design; plus it has an extended return policy with only a $99 return/exchange fee attached.

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Saatva mattresses feature durable dual innerspring layers, extra-strong coils in their base layer, and strong construction that won’t sag or lose shape over time. Each mattress comes backed by an impressive lifetime warranty and works with most bed types; for optimal results it should be placed on a solid foundation (no box spring required) such as wood-slatted platforms with horizontal slats spaced less than four inches apart or adjustable bases without center supports that can damage it.

Alongside its breathable design, quilted Euro pillow top and Lumbar Zone quilting provides much-appreciated pressure relief to many sleepers. A layer of high-density memory foam adds comfort, while at the base recycled pocketed coils react to your movements by contouring to your body – increasing back support while decreasing motion transference.

Though not boasting as much foam as some mattresses, the Saatva Classic remains extremely comfortable. Our lab analysts and survey respondents both reported having an enjoyable sleeping experience on this model; most reported sleeping more comfortably at an ideal temperature than they did on all-foam mattresses from other companies.

Few users have reported an initial odor with this model mattress; however, this should dissipate quickly once broken in and other users have reported minimal off-gassing.

Saatva Classic mattresses feature exceptional edge support, due to a thick layer of polyfoam surrounding its perimeter and high-density foam rails which create a firm surface which makes navigating between sleeping positions much simpler than modern mattresses.

Saatva takes great care in satisfying its direct-to-consumer customers, offering free White Glove delivery that includes setting up and unboxing of its mattress in your bedroom and taking away all packaging. Plus, they offer 365 night trial periods and lifetime warranties; should you not fall in love with your mattress after an initial $99 processing fee refund is issued back.


Saatva mattresses are built to last, and the Classic is no exception. Crafted using high-density poly foam and 12.5 gauge recycled steel coils, the Classic should remain sturdy without sagging over time – its lifetime warranty provides added peace of mind should any issues arise; should any issues occur, adding a mattress topper may help reduce or stop them altogether.

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Saatva’s Euro pillow top mattress features not one, but two layers of quilted coils to provide additional support and pressure relief. The bottom layer consists of individually wrapped 14.5-gauge coils which contour to your body’s contours, with Lumbar Zone quilting for improved spinal alignment (and thus why we rank Saatva among the best mattresses for back pain).

TechRadar conducted our TechRadar bounce test and the Classic performed excellently, boasting responsive feel and rapid recovery time. Within 0.4 seconds it had mostly recovered while full recovery occurred by 0.8 seconds–faster than most memory foam mattresses and comparable with high-response poly foams.

Saatva Classic Mattresses can fit most bed types; however, for optimal support they recommend upgrading to either a metal platform bed or wood-slat foundation with center support and center slats – important components that help prolong mattress lifespan and avoid sagging. In addition, Saatva suggests rotating head-to-foot three or four times per week and flipping every three months to promote even wear and tear across its surface.

If you want to experience the Saatva Classic for yourself, they offer an impressive 365-night trial period – one of the longest in the industry. If it turns out the mattress isn’t what you expected, they’ll collect and donate it directly to a local charity instead, or change its firmness level as per your request.

If you love memory foam but can’t afford its premium prices, the Saatva Classic may be your solution. This mattress offers a more traditional experience while still providing enough cushion to ensure a good night’s rest. Featuring several comfort features to alleviate stiffness or roughness while remaining supportive enough.