Allswell Mattress Review

Allswell Mattress offers high-quality mattresses at an attractive price point and offers an outstanding trial period.

Firmness: The Allswell mattress may not be ideal for light sleepers or those suffering from hip pain who want some sinkage in their lower back area.


The Allswell is a hybrid mattress constructed using high-density foam for a firm surface, rating 7 on the firmness scale. Ideal for back and stomach sleepers up to 130 pounds, its compatibility with various mattress toppers provides additional plushness that could benefit side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds.

The Allswell Mattress features an impressive support system comprised of individually wrapped coils for optimal motion isolation, temperature regulation and edge support. Reinforced edge coils help prevent roll-off while its bounce feature makes changing positions throughout the night much simpler.

if you tend to sleep hot, the Allswell mattress could be just what you need with its thin comfort layer and polyfoam base that allows air flow throughout. it also works well for back, stomach, and stomach/side sleepers who weigh up to 250 pounds but may find side sleeping too firm since this bed won’t lift their hips enough and keep their spine properly aligned.

Light side sleepers may find the Allswell too firm for them as it doesn’t offer enough sinkage to alleviate pressure-prone areas of their bodies. Light side sleepers generally need something soft that conforms to their shoulders and hips – something this bed lacks.

Overall, the Allswell mattress is an excellent option for most back and stomach sleepers; however, light side sleepers or those experiencing significant shoulder or hip pain may find other mattresses to be better options. In particular, its springiness could cause discomfort in these areas.

Allswell mattresses have received rave reviews from many sleepers and consumers, thanks to its affordable price point, exceptional customer service, and comfortable construction. Some customers even own multiple Allswells for guest bedrooms! One downside may include an unpleasant plastic-y odor upon first opening; this should dissipate within 24-48 hours after unboxing the mattress.

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This Allswell mattress boasts a sturdy innerspring construction that’s suitable for most sleepers. With a 10-inch profile that includes supportive base layers on the bottom and comfort layers on top, its foundation layer contains individually-wrapped coils with reduced motion transfer while thicker coils around its edges provide robust edge support.

The Allswell uses memory foam infused with charcoal and copper gel to dissipate heat and wick away moisture, creating a comfortable night’s rest. Furthermore, its quick response makes this bed an excellent option for back and stomach sleepers who like switching positions throughout the night.

Light side sleepers may find this mattress to be too firm. Light side sleepers need sinkage at their shoulders and hips in order to reduce pressure points – something this mattress does not provide. Allswell mattresses are best suited for average weight stomach and back sleepers.

The Allswell mattress provides solid support for heavy sleepers as well. While its memory foam and quilted cover provide initial contouring support, its foundation layer of coils quickly takes over in providing significant spinal support.

Motion transfer should also be taken into consideration for anyone sharing a bed with someone. Memory foam has proven itself adept at reducing motion transfer; however, Allswell only features a few inches of memory foam on its top layer.

The Allswell mattress does not require a box spring, but does recommend using a solid or slatted foundation with no more than 4 inch-apart slats to maintain proper support for the mattress and prevent it from sagging over time. If using a box spring instead, Allswell recommends platform style metal slat foundation with metal slats no more than three inches apart to offer solid and stable support for this bed. It comes in twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes through Allswell’s website which comes complete with 100 night sleep trial where if not satisfied you can return the mattress for full refund or exchange within this timeframe for full credit back.


Allswell mattresses are an economical choice that offer hybrid feel mattresses at an accessible price point. While they do not provide as much support as more costly options, Allswell mattresses do a good job serving most sleepers who desire firm mattresses – back and stomach sleepers as well as side sleepers looking for firmness can benefit. Their medium firmness works well for back, stomach and side sleeping positions; however heavy side sleepers may find the Allswell too unyielding, leading to shoulder and hip discomfort.

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The Allswell uses individually wrapped coils and memory foam to isolate motion so you and your partner can experience a restful night’s rest. In addition, the mattress offers cooling features and thicker coils along its edges for superior edge support and boasts plenty of bounce – ideal for sexually active couples!

Allswell mattresses are manufactured in the US to CertiPUR-US standards for being free from volatile organic compounds and ozone depleters, and come with a 100-night risk-free trial period so if it does not suit you you can return it without incurring a penalty fee.

Allswell mattress materials are high-quality and offer great value for their cost. Their memory foam layer conforms to your body and adapts to movements, offering you a peaceful night’s rest. Furthermore, the mattress contains hypoallergenic materials to provide relief from allergies.

If you’re curious about trying an Allswell mattress, reading reviews before making a decision is key. You’ll want to get an idea of its performance over time and whether or not it sags. Most customers have reported that their Allswell mattresses stand up well under normal wear and tear; however some have experienced sagging after just several months of use.

Are You Thinking About an Allswell Mattress? Check Out These Alternative Options First | Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid is another hybrid mattress option worth exploring, made in America with medium to firm feel that’s suitable for most sleepers and priced affordably; plus its warranty covers abnormal wear and tear!


Allswell mattresses feature an industry-standard 10-year limited warranty and come with a 100-night sleep trial and free returns. In addition, Allswell offers White Glove delivery at an additional fee, which involves them bringing the mattress directly into your home while simultaneously taking away your old one.

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The Allswell hybrid mattress features two layers of foam and individually-wrapped coils to offer both comfort and support, while also preventing motion transfer. The top layer of gel memory foam offers quick response times to help with changing positions quickly, while pocketed coils prevent you from sinking too far into the mattress while offering bounce.

This mattress is an excellent option for back, stomach and combination sleepers due to its firmness that helps prevent hips from bowing in, which may lead to discomfort for these sleepers. Furthermore, its pressure relief alleviates shoulder and elbow discomfort. Unfortunately for side sleepers however, the soft comfort layer may not offer sufficient support in relieving pressure points from discomfort.

Due to its unique construction, this mattress does not need a box spring. Instead, its manufacturer advises pairing it with either a platform bed or a slatted foundation with no more than 4 inches between slats – though make sure that when selecting such an option the slats do not touch too closely together or you risk creating an uncomfortable surface on which your mattress sits.

The Allswell mattress can be found both online and at select Walmart stores across the US, where it ships for free within contiguous United States but requires an additional $50 fee to Alaska and Hawaii. White glove delivery service can also be added at an extra $149 fee to bring the mattress directly into your room, set it up, and haul away your old mattress.

The Allswell mattress boasts outstanding customer reviews and an attractively low price point, making it an excellent value choice. Customers have raved about its combination of memory foam and coils; many even purchased multiple Allswell mattresses for their homes! Customer service at Allswell was also widely lauded – many have even purchased multiple Allswell mattresses themselves!