Shifman Mattress Reviews

Reviews provide consumers with an efficient means to assess if a mattress will suit them; reviews allow consumers to assess support & motion isolation features as well as any potential long-term issues.

Shifman mattresses provide high quality at competitive price points, including some exclusive designs offered at Bloomingdale’s. Their double-sided beds feature natural cotton fill and premium foams such as Joma wool for superior support and comfort.

Handmade Collection

The Handmade Collection mattresses are exclusively sold at Bloomingdale’s department stores and feature layers of cotton, wool, latex and even horse hair in some models. Available in firm, plush and cushion firm firmness options with traditional innerspring coils double offset for improved responsiveness to body weight and shape; 8-way hand tied box springs as well as Firma Edge support systems help strengthen edges of each mattress further enhance their comfort level.

Although these mattresses come at a relatively high price point, some customers have reported issues with long-term support. Therefore, it’s wise to conduct your own research and compare warranty terms between similar products as well as return/exchange policies – some brands provide more accommodating policies.

One of the key characteristics of these mattresses is their use of natural cotton in their construction. This material provides breathability and cooling properties, keeping you feeling relaxed throughout the night. Plus, cotton requires little to no maintenance!

Another highlight of these mattresses is their use of an exclusive technique called Sanotufting. This technique creates a buttonless tuft which locks together luxurious upholstery layers and innerspring coils, providing a more restful sleeping experience for users. It helps prevent shifting and bunching during use which could otherwise lead to shifting materials shifting or bunching when sleeping on it, thus leading to less restful nights of restful slumber.

Shifman mattresses are handcrafted by skilled artisans from Newark, NJ and have been produced since 1893. Known for their durability and comfort.

Shifman mattresses are an excellent option for anyone in search of a luxurious and high-end mattress. Handcrafted using various materials, these luxurious mattresses come in various sizes and firmness options to meet individual preferences. However, their price point can make them less appealing; DreamCloud mattresses offer an economical alternative with their risk-free 365 night trial period, giving ample opportunity to test out whether this product meets your requirements before making your final decision.

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Hotel Collection Classic

Shifman and Macy’s have joined forces to offer The Hotel Collection Classic mattresses from Shifman Sleep Systems. These two-sided mattresses feature layers of cotton, memory foam, traditional innerspring or individually wrapped coil support systems and hand craftsmanship with luxury materials like cashmere thrown in as an added treat – however these mattresses tend to be quite costly when compared with alternatives available online and many reviewers have reported issues with lasting support.

This mattress combines premium materials with natural fibers that have thermoregulating abilities such as cotton and New Zealand wool, providing sleepers with optimal temperatures to ensure a restful night’s rest.

These natural fibers are woven into the mattress’s cover along with a premium quilted blend of cotton and sateen, helping regulate sleeper temperatures and prevent moisture build-up within. Furthermore, it features hypoallergenic qualities which resist dust mites and bed bugs as well as featuring premium latex for relieving pressure points on the body while aligning your spine properly.

Another key feature of this mattress is its breathable cover, made from cotton and cashmere blend fabric. Cotton breathes well to prevent heat retention in the mattress and ensure a cooler surface to touch, while it also has the benefit of outlasting synthetic materials in terms of durability.

As well as cotton and latex layers, this mattress features a high-density foam core to provide additional support to ensure comfort and durability of this mattress. Furthermore, this layer helps minimize motion transfer so your partner’s movements won’t disturb your rest at night.

This mattress is an exceptional option for anyone searching for long-term comfort and support, making this investment worth your while over time. While more costly than other available choices on the market, this one will deliver superior sleep experiences over many years to come.

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Metropolitan Collection

The Metropolitan Collection offers a luxurious innerspring mattress, boasting layers upon layers of cozy natural materials such as cotton, New Zealand wool and natural latex sourced sustainably from around the globe. Furthermore, this collection can accommodate adjustable bases while boasting premium features like hand tufting and eight-way hand-tied box springs for maximum comfort and support.

Shifman Mattress stands apart from online mattress companies by producing its products at its factory in Newark, NJ. This allows Shifman to offer an expansive selection of mattresses as well as various accessories and sleep support systems.

Shifman Mattress has established long-standing relationships with retailers such as Benjamin T. Moyer Furniture of Sunbury, PA and Bloomingdale’s department stores; each store currently features 14 Shifman mattress sets in their galleries for over 83 years!

Shifman Mattress seeks to increase its visibility through digital advertising and social media marketing. They started this program three years ago, with great success on Facebook ads and keyword searches; with these successes under their belt they plan on increasing investments here.

Alongside online marketing, the company plans to explore other creative methods of promoting its products. One such initiative already exists with New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis who acts as brand ambassador.

Shifman mattresses generally earn high marks among customers who review them, yet some have reported durability or longevity issues, and also find them expensive compared to euro top and hybrid options that are readily available online.

Shifman mattresses offer luxurious handmade mattresses designed to deliver an incredible sleeping experience. Crafted by world-class artisans using traditional craftsmanship techniques such as eight-way hand-tied box springs and natural materials like cotton and cashmere for maximum comfort, Shifman mattresses come equipped with two sides so they can be turned over and used both ways for optimal sleeping comfort.

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Masters Collection

Shifman Mattress Company began handcrafting luxury mattresses and box springs in Newark, NJ since 1893. Today they provide an array of mattresses available through mattress retailers as well as department stores like Macy’s Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus exclusively. While Shifman prides itself on hand craftsmanship, some sleepers have expressed doubt about its durability and long-term support.

Bill Hammer, president of Shifman Mattress, recognizes that running a family-owned business with 126 years of history poses two ongoing challenges for him – safeguarding its legacy of quality while developing innovative products and programs to meet consumer demands today. To meet both demands successfully, his approach entails working closely with retailers partners to develop stronger merchandising stories in both Masters and Quilted collections.

Shifman recently unveiled its revamped Masters Collection at High Point Market to select dealers, and received positive responses from consumers looking for something luxurious but step-up ready. Retailers were delighted by how shoppers responded to this innovative collection that includes new features and options.

Shifman also unveiled its Quilted Collection, with up to 47 pounds of natural cotton upholstery layers and a heavy-steel Bonnell innerspring unit featuring grid top box spring construction – providing consumers with access to its luxurious feel without exorbitant prices.

The newly launched Masters Collection includes three mattresses in Master size: Hampshire and Cambridge mattresses both featuring 390 coils per queen mattress. Both also include hand-stitched borders as well as elegant finishing touches like handles that are embroidered, hand-stitched and tufted to the edge of each mattress for additional elegance and durability. All three feature 10-year limited warranties.

Shifman mattresses employ premium natural cotton as the primary upholstery material. Cotton was one of the original cool fabrics, naturally wicking away moisture to keep you cooler during sleep and helping absorb and disperse movement throughout the bed. Other Shifman materials include memory foam and latex offerings as well as traditional innerspring construction materials.