Therapedic Mattress Reviews

Therapedic provides various mattress models with warranties. Specific details will depend upon which mattress model you purchase; check their website or visit a nearby store to determine availability of Therapedic mattresses.

The Therapedic innerspring collection is perfect for people who prefer traditional spring mattresses. Their selection includes twin to king-sized options.

They offer a variety of models

Therapedic has an assortment of mattresses designed to meet individual sleep needs and preferences, from innerspring, hybrid, specialty mattresses for people living with certain conditions and over one hundred retail stores across the US. Their most popular hybrid line includes Bravura and Tommy Bahama hybrid models; Eco Gel 2 and Pure Touch models may also provide assistance based on your special requirements. Founded in 1957 and with over one hundred retail locations nationwide. Therapedic was founded in 1957 and offers innerspring, hybrid, specialty mattresses with specific conditions as well as specialty mattresses designed specifically to help individuals suffering with specific medical conditions or living with specific medical conditions. They were established in 1957 by founder, Roberto Antonio Ramella who created their hybrid line featuring Bravura and Tommy Bahama hybrid models. Eco Gel 2 and Pure Touch models can provide extra assistance when needed by those suffering special conditions requiring assistance based on individual requirements – also offered are special needs mattresses to support those in need such as Eco Gel 2.

The Innerspring collection offers five mattress models, such as Back Sense, Bravura and Innergy mattresses. These innerspring mattresses utilize traditional coils for support while being covered by layers of comfort foam for maximum durability and support. It is the ideal option for people who like a springy feel when sleeping; available at various retail locations with prices that may differ depending on where it is purchased.

The Innergy 2 hybrid mattress from Therapedic is another popular model, featuring medium firmness and offering pressure relief, cooling, and support features. Constructed using nested pocketed coils combined with latex, copper, and BioH Gel memory foams – its aim is to offer comfortable sleep with proper spinal alignment.

The Eco Gel 2 and Pure Touch mattresses from Therapedic feature environmentally friendly materials. Both beds are hypoallergenic, contain antimicrobial materials, are suitable for most sleep positions and offer medium firm feel comfort. Both models can be found at many retailers as well as online.

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Although Therapedic mattresses tend to receive positive customer reviews, some customers have experienced issues with durability and sinkage – including sagging and the sensation that too much material is pushing back in to support their bodies. Furthermore, several innerspring models from Therapedic have been observed sagging after only several years of use.

Although Therapedic mattresses have their share of critics, many find them an excellent option. Their mattresses can be found at numerous retail stores for an affordable price and compatible with most types of bedding including box springs and platforms – though be warned that using different foundations may compromise comfort levels of this mattress brand.

They offer a warranty

Therapedic mattresses are built to last, with warranties that rival other mattress brands. Their warranties typically last 10 years or more depending on your model and will replace or repair if any workmanship or material defects arise; the warranty covers materials as well as labor. Furthermore, Therapedic offers trial periods so you can decide which mattress best meets your needs.

The Therapedic mattress collection offers innerspring, hybrid and specialty beds to meet every need. Their innerspring models include BackSense and PureTouch which provide traditional feel with bounce. Plus they are available in an array of sizes including king and queen as well as different firmness levels!

Therapedic also offers hybrid mattresses like the Bravura and Tommy Bahama for maximum comfort, using edge coil units for support and a plush BioH gel latex core that offers soft cushioning. Furthermore, these beds are known to keep sleepers cool by keeping air circulation flowing freely – perfect for people who tend to overheat while sleeping!

Beds designed specifically to support those suffering from back pain can provide stability and comfort while alleviating symptoms. Furthermore, they’re lighter than most mattresses on the market making them easier to move around while often being more cost-effective options available on the market.

If you are shopping for an innerspring Therapedic mattress, be sure to investigate its return policy carefully before making a purchase decision. Without returns allowed by retailers, finding one suitable may prove challenging – therefore making for an unwise purchase decision that could leave you without comfort for some time!

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The Therapedic Agility mattress is their latest offering and features direct shipping of mattresses directly to consumers in a box. This medium-firm mattress combines layers of memory foam and latex with micro-coils in its core for an inviting bouncier feel that may last longer than an all-latex option.

They aren’t available online

If you’re shopping online for a Therapedic Mattress, take a look at their hybrid mattress line. These mattresses feature encased coils combined with up to four layers of foam and latex layers and come equipped with NatuVerex copper covers that promote better breathability as well as antimicrobial protection – these sizes range from twin through king size.

You can find Therapedic mattresses both at traditional mattress stores and some select third-party retailers, although most products from Therapedic aren’t currently available online for purchase. Their Agility hybrid does offer a sleep trial option but only in store is this feature offered – other models do not provide this.

Therapedic mattresses are specially crafted from high-grade materials to maximize restful sleep, offering various firmness levels and feels to suit every sleep style. Their four mattress collections include specialty models designed specifically to meet specific needs or preferences.

Their B-Calm Hybrid Mattress uses CBD-infused quilting and memory foam to ease muscles and promote relaxation, and to reduce pressure points – an important consideration for those struggling with insomnia.

Other popular Therapedic mattresses include the Bravura and I-Comfort models. These beds utilize innerspring systems combined with foam and coils to provide support for all types of sleepers. Their designs offer plenty of bounce and spring, as well as adequate motion control; however, these beds may not last as long.

If you’re shopping for a Therapedic innerspring mattress, make sure you compare prices before making your selection. Different retailers sell similar mattresses at different costs so be sure to visit several retail stores directly in order to secure the best offer.

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Another frequent criticism of Therapedic mattresses is their short lifespan; customers report seeing their mattress sag after just a few years and noisy springs over time. Furthermore, these beds do not isolate motion well so your partner may toss and turn all night long.

They are expensive

Therapedic has been around since 1957 and remains an affordable source of innerspring, hybrid, and latex mattresses that offer good value. Their mattresses are known for staying cool during use as well as offering pressure relief with support features as well as providing great motion isolation properties.

The company offers several collections designed to cater to different sleep preferences and body types, including their Innerspring collection, Hybrid collection, Specialty collection and Tommy Bahama collection. Each of these offers different mattresses with various unique features ranging from eco-friendly options like Eco Gel 2 and Pure Touch to premium construction and design.

For those in search of something a bit more luxurious, Therapedic’s Tommy Bahama line provides an ideal midpoint between traditional mattress offerings and higher-end luxury options such as Saatva. These mattresses feature quality pocketed and micro-coils to align the spine, non-toxic eco-friendly “Floating Foam”, increasing airflow for better comfort, plus four different styles such as normal, euro top pillow top and innerspring plush options.

Therapedic offers the Bravura hybrid mattress, featuring an enhanced perimeter coil-encased unit for improved edge support and stability, along with dynamic comfort features like soft gel-infused memory foam, cooling copper gel nanocoils and responsive latex. Many customers find the Bravura to be the ideal balance of comfort and support.

Although Therapedic mattresses are widely considered high quality, some consumers have complained about durability and sinkage issues. Common complaints involve sagging which causes back pain or discomfort; others have noted springs creaking or squeaking when sleeping, creating another distraction when trying to sleep.

Unfortunately, issues with Therapedic mattresses are relatively rare; however, their warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials – but for your own protection it is advisable to read carefully over their terms and conditions prior to making a decision.