Saatva Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Saatva uses durable materials and construction to ensure this mattress will stand the test of time – it should last 10+ years without noticeable sagging.

Latex layer provides responsive feel of mattress. It should not sink too deeply, making it easier for couples to move around and shift positions easily. Zoned coils also ease transition from interior to perimeter of mattress.


Saatva offers its hybrid mattress in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Each mattress boasts a 10-inch high mattress topped with an organic wool layer of three inches that encases three inches of GOTS-certified Talalay latex for cooling and support, as well as one or more quilted gel memory foam layers with one being water resistant and the rest antimicrobial to reduce bacteria or mildew growth. Each size also comes with its own water resistant cover to avoid moisture build-up as well as antimicrobial treatment to inhibit bacteria or mildew growth – something each size provides.

This medium firm mattress provides a supportive experience suitable for back, side, and combination sleepers alike. Most stomach sleepers up to 230 pounds should find sufficient support from its medium firmness; heavier individuals may experience more sinkage nearer its edges.

Heavier sleepers should consider investing in a firmer mattress from Loom & Leaf or Saatva’s luxury firm version to avoid excessive sinkage. While these are great choices for most heavy sleepers, some lightweight side sleepers and some heavier back sleepers may find them too firm.

Because this mattress combines both foam and coils, it is highly responsive, helping sleepers switch positions easily while supporting movement rather than absorbing it. As such, the Saatva may make for an excellent choice for couples seeking healthy sexual relations.

The Saatva Hybrid Mattress features low off-gassing, and its breathable layers should quickly flush away any unpleasant odors that arise when opening it. Should any noticeable scents occur upon opening your mattress, make sure it sits in a well-ventilated room for several days until odors dissipate on their own.

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The Saatva Hybrid Mattress is an ideal choice for couples that require differing firmness levels or those experiencing back pain. Its hybrid construction combines latex and coils with memory foam for contoured support that makes this ideal for combination sleepers who shift positions throughout the night, as well as providing outstanding edge support so you can sit up in bed without falling off its sides.

This medium-firm mattress should provide sufficient support for most sleepers. The top layer of ventilated Talalay latex conforms to your body shape while still feeling responsive and bouncy; this helps avoid that sinking feeling many experience on other mattresses, plus this hypoallergenic layer promotes air circulation.

Base Layer. Tempered steel coils encased in high-density foam help prevent sagging and extend durability of this mattress, and this zoned layer conforms to your body, offering more supportive feel nearer the edges of the mattress.

Memory foam layers and steel coils come together to offer this mattress strong lifting capacities, so it can accommodate heavier individuals well. However, lightweight side sleepers may find that sinking too deeply into it leads to pressure buildup.

The Saatva Classic mattress offers three firmness levels – Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm – so most sleepers should find their ideal match. Saatva also provides a 365-night home trial period and lifetime limited warranty so you can try out your mattress in your room of choice before committing. Finally, white-glove delivery service makes the experience hassle free.

Pressure Relief

This mattress is an excellent option for back sleepers as it aligns the spine while alleviating pressure points. Additionally, its medium firm feel makes it suitable for side sleeping as it cushions shoulders and hips while still supporting the body cradling its contours. Thanks to a combination of memory foam and coils, Saatva Hybrid offers outstanding pressure relief overall.

The breathable comfort layers work to regulate temperature and keep sleepers cool during the night, while the responsive coil support core enables sleepers to move easily across their mattress without sinking in or experiencing sinking or sagging. Furthermore, high-density foam rails on its perimeter allow sleepers to sit up or lie down without feeling restricted or trapped in bed.

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Heavier sleepers may experience more sinkage with some mattresses; however, the Saatva Hybrid was designed to accommodate all sleepers regardless of weight. With capacity to support up to 600 pounds per sleeper per side and being resistant to wear and tear more efficiently than comparable mattresses at this price range, couples who share one mattress will likely appreciate its support.

Saatva stands out from other mattress-in-a-box brands by manufacturing its beds themselves and shipping them out with white-glove delivery and setup services. Once your mattress has been created, it typically takes nine-29 days for inspection before delivery and setup can occur – you will then be given an appointment timeframe with four hour window for your appointment.

Edge Support

The Saatva mattress boasts some of the finest edge support among mattresses in its price range. It consists of high-density foam rails, which work in concert with its coil support layer to prevent memory foam layers from sinking too far in and causing sagging over time – providing comfortable sleep right up to the edge while decreasing chances of rolling off it.

Saatva Hybrid Mattress boasts some of the best edge support on the market, making it an excellent option for combination sleepers who tend to switch sleeping positions throughout the night. Furthermore, this mattress provides excellent bounce, making it easy to change positions on its surface without feeling trapped or unstable.

The Saatva mattress also does a fantastic job of keeping you cool at night, thanks to its lack of memory foam which often traps heat and leads to overheating; and its use of numerous springs with breathable fabric for enhanced breathability. This feature of this mattress helps prevent it from overheating during the night, making it suitable for most sleepers and making it especially suitable for people suffering from hot flashes as it won’t trap body heat and cause sweating. This mattress offers an unprecedented 365-night trial and lifetime warranty, adding immense value and helping you decide if this mattress is right for you. In addition, they also provide white-glove delivery – meaning a team will come directly to your room to unbox and remove your old bed at no additional charge!

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Sex Performance

The Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress boasts premium materials that make it suitable for most sleepers. Its quilted cover and natural latex, zoned pocketed coil support base, and other layers all contribute to a well-rounded experience. Furthermore, being non bed-in-a-box it eliminates off-gassing time or in-home setup procedures as you get your new mattress home quickly!

Saatva mattresses feature a top layer crafted of New Zealand wool and organic cotton quilted into a soft quilted composition with antimicrobial qualities to promote airflow while simultaneously controlling body temperature. It makes an excellent choice for hot sleepers.

Beneath the quilted layer is a 3.0″ slab of hole-punched latex foam with a zoned design. This soft layer was designed to contour to your body for pressure relief, and features an infusion of gel that helps dissipate heat buildup.

This layer is slightly softer than an innerspring core mattress but still offers substantial support, making it an excellent option for back and stomach sleepers alike. Furthermore, its responsive surface won’t sink too far when sitting or lying on its edges.

The zoned pocketed coils in the Saatva Hybrid mattress are highly durable, and won’t deflate or sag over time. Furthermore, their quiet operation is ideal for couples seeking peaceful night’s rest.

The Saatva Hybrid mattress earned top scores in our NapLab sex performance test, scoring highly for bounce, responsiveness, edge support, noise levels and cooling properties. In addition, it provided excellent pressure relief and cooling benefits but may be too firm for light side sleepers or cause pain for heavier people.