Sealy Mattress Reviews

No matter your sleeping preference – side sleeper who prefers soft surfaces or back sleeper seeking firm support – Sealy has mattresses to meet them all! Their collection features innerspring, memory foam, hybrid models with multiple sizes and firmness levels available.

Mattresses produced by this company can be found both online and at many brick-and-mortar retailers; each retailer’s return policies vary accordingly.


Sealy mattresses provide a range of options to meet the sleep needs of their users, whether you prefer firm or soft mattresses for back, core, hips, shoulders and neck support. Their Posturepedic technology combines sleep science with guidance from orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors and osteopaths for targeted support throughout the night.

The hybrid mattress styles offered by this company combine foam and pocketed coils. Some models, such as those in their Optimum line, also include special cooling features to help regulate temperatures more effectively – for instance, an infused memory foam layer promotes temperature regulation by liquifying and releasing heat accordingly, helping eliminate overheating that often causes sleepers discomfort.

All Sealy mattresses are manufactured in the US and feature Posturepedic technology to offer targeted support, but there are some differences among mattress lines: Essential offers basic coil-only styles while Performance and Premium offer memory foam and hybrid options with different firmness options.

Hybrid mattress styles from this brand not only offer exceptional comfort, but they are designed with additional support to prevent sagging for those weighing 250 pounds or more. This extra support has helped prevent some mattresses from sagging.

Our heavier test sleeper was pleased to find that the memory foam layer contoured to his body and provided support for his weight, as well as keeping him cool while sleeping, thanks to gel technology and air flow features in its layer design. He did, however, feel some additional pressure on his neck in certain positions.

If you’re considering purchasing a Sealy mattress, carefully examine its warranty and return policy. While some retailers charge fees for processing returns, typically you can exchange for one that better suits you within 90 days (which gives you maximum value for your money), or receive full reimbursement in some instances.

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Sealy mattresses consistently receive rave reviews from both customers and experts for their superior comfort. Available in inner spring and memory foam formats, Sealy offers something suitable for every sleep position and body type – for instance the Posturepedic Hybrid mattress provides targeted relief of back pain as well as ample hip and shoulder support.

The mattress features both traditional coils and memory foam layers that conform to your body. Additionally, its coils are covered with soft quilted fabric while cooling gel foam helps keep the bed cool and responsive; there’s also DuraFlex Coil Edge System which adds additional support around its edges for increased durability.

Sealy mattresses excel when it comes to motion isolation, meaning one partner can move or roll around in the middle of the night without disturbing their partner. I conducted an experiment whereby I dropped a 10-pound steel ball from three different heights on to my mattress – I found that it did an outstanding job of isolating this movement!

Posturepedic Hybrid mattresses provide excellent motion isolation and are constructed using CertiPUR-US foam that meets indoor air quality and environmental standards. This is of particular significance because foams that do not meet these specifications may emit dangerous toxins while you sleep.

Quilted fabric on this mattress has been specifically engineered to be hypoallergenic, making it easier for users with allergies. Available sizes for purchase include twin, full, queen, king, split king and California king – as well as two hybrid options that combine latex and foam for even greater comfort.

The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid mattress can be found at retailers such as Mattress Firm, Hudson’s Furniture, Macy’s and Sears Home Appliances; additionally it comes with a 90-night sleep trial period, allowing returns and exchanges free of charge as long as the mattress has not been used or altered in any way.


When shopping for a mattress, you want to be certain that its manufacturer will stand by its product for at least seven to 10 years. That’s why you should evaluate a company’s warranty before making your decision – though some providers can be less than forthcoming about explaining or upholding their policies against consumer claims.

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Khasat, a customer of Sealy who purchased his mattress from Costco in 2016, noticed brown marks that weren’t present when delivered. After reporting them to both Costco and their insurer Homeserve, Homeserve promptly sent back his mattress directly back to Sealy.

The retailer conducted an inspection and determined that the marks on the mattress weren’t caused by any defect in design, construction, or materials of it; rather they were caused by staining on its fabric cover. When Sealy denied his request based on staining alone, our senior director of consumer advocacy Dwayne took up his cause on his behalf to reach out directly.

Khasat requested assistance, so a representative agreed to review her case and contact her with a solution; however, his resolution wasn’t satisfactory to Khasat; instead they proposed replacing the mattress for $1,000, an acceptable offer considering it had become defective.

Sealy mattresses can be purchased through multiple platforms, including its website and brick-and-mortar stores like Mattress Firm. Sealy also partners with retailers such as Macy’s, Hudson’s Furniture and Ashley HomeStore to sell its products nationwide – and with its Retail Finder on the company website you can even locate stores nearby that carry a particular Sealy model!

Sealy requires customers to submit to binding arbitration in the event of a disagreement with their mattress purchase, meaning you give up your right to sue in court or have a jury trial and class actions and representative suits. You can learn more about how arbitration works from their website.


Sealy Mattress Company is one of the largest mattress brands and offers numerous collections that meet different sleep styles and budgets. Each mattress incorporates Posturepedic technology – their signature support system designed to target pressure points while sleeping – making its mattresses ideal for pressure relief during sleep.

Your cost for a queen-size Sealy mattress depends on its model and size selection; prices typically range from $399 to $1,999. These prices reflect various specifications such as materials used, thickness of each mattress and any additional add-ons or features included with it. In addition to its traditional innerspring and memory foam models, Sealy also offers hybrid and FlexGrid collections.

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Sealy does not sell mattresses directly to customers, but works with retailers such as Kane’s Furniture, Macy’s and Ashley HomeStore to offer its products. You can use Sealy’s website’s retailer finder tool to locate one nearby that carries its products; additional charges may apply depending on which retailer has your product in stock. It may even be possible for Sealy mattresses to be delivered right to your door!

Sealy mattresses feature a limited 90-day trial period compared to most competitors’ 1-year trials; however, you may return or exchange your purchase if it does not meet with your satisfaction for any reason.

As is typical for manufacturers, Sealy invests heavily in research and development to ensure its products meet the highest quality standards, which has earned the brand rave reviews from both consumers and experts alike. This investment can be seen through Sealy mattresses’ consistently positive customer ratings and reviews from experts and users alike.

This brand offers mattresses in many sizes and options for you to select the ideal mattress that matches your bed frame and sheets. They include twin long, full, queen, king split king and California king sizes that give you flexibility in finding something to meet your sleeping needs.

Sealy mattresses also include some level of cooling technology for added comfort when living in warmer environments where summer months can become unbearably hot. This feature is especially important if your climate features heatwaves during the summer season.

Sealy mattresses tend to receive positive reviews, though the company does have some drawbacks that should be noted. Most notably, their more costly mattresses may not offer enough value to justify their higher prices – for example, Naturals Hybrid may be ideal for lightweight sleepers; however, its lower-quality materials don’t justify its steep price.