Aireloom Mattress Reviews

Aireloom mattresses offer luxurious sleeping experiences. Handcrafted from top-quality materials, these luxurious mattresses provide unparalleled pressure relief.

These mattresses use natural and organic materials. Their zoned micro coil design and foam layers have been tailored specifically to accommodate different sleeping positions.

This mattress is also an excellent solution for allergy sufferers, thanks to its foam construction which offers excellent motion isolation.


Aireloom mattresses tend to be more costly than competitors, yet offer luxurious and quality that many consumers are willing to pay extra for. The brand is well known for creating luxury hybrid mattresses made up of memory foam layers and coils; each mattress is handcrafted by skilled artisans for an extraordinary experience.

Luxetop mattresses are known for focusing on durability and offering an array of options tailored specifically to each sleeper, such as their Luxetop M1 mattress with its layer of Talalay latex and microcoils for long-term support and cooling properties. Ideal for anyone seeking hybrid mattress with pressure relief and cooling features of both hybrid and foam mattresses.

Luxetop beds feature rotating features to reduce wear and tear on mattresses, helping prevent sagging over time and ensure optimal rest for years to come. Furthermore, each bed is handcrafted using only premium quality materials so you can rest easy knowing you will get a restful night’s rest every time!

Preferred collection recently saw an update with two additional designs available in multiple firmness options – Luxetop and Streamline models are perfect for those seeking luxurious firm or upgraded plush seating, while Streamline features 16/15/16 gauge coils to provide optimal support.

The Preferred collection from Aireloom provides the most cost-effective option when looking to buy an Aireloom mattress. Still crafted by hand, but featuring a more minimalist design ideal for those concerned about memory foam offgassing or sagging over time, as well as being covered by an impressive 10-year warranty as evidence of their quality and durability.


The Aireloom Mattress Company uses natural materials such as cotton, wool and latex in their mattresses for optimal sleeping comfort and temperature regulation. Furthermore, these hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria materials also promote restful nights’ rest thanks to breathable designs that minimize heat retention and moisture build-up – meaning you can find one tailored to you! Additionally, all sizes and shapes of Aireloom’s mattresses can be found online so you can find exactly the mattress for you.

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The company’s mattresses are handmade in the US and feature a classic handmade feel, using high-quality materials such as individually wrapped coils and layers of foam for optimal support. Furthermore, each mattress comes with a trial period and warranty protection; be sure to research delivery/return policies of various retailers prior to making a purchase decision.

Aireloom mattresses are constructed using all-natural materials and premium latex for a luxurious feel. Their assembly requires painstaking craftsmanship in layering each natural material and premium foams carefully for an airy experience that relaxes muscles and relieves pressure. Plus, Aireloom’s all-natural materials are antimicrobial to avoid heat buildup.

The Luxetop Design mattress from Sleep Innovations features memory foam, latex, and hybrid models to meet different sleeper preferences. Its softest option, the Luxetop Design mattress combines memory foam and latex in its comfort layer for maximum support of body contouring while relieving pressure points. Durable and supportive of spine alignment. Latex offers more of a bouncy yet uniform feel compared to memory foam.


Aireloom mattresses stand out from mass-produced models with their custom handmade construction that ensures a consistent sleep surface and long lifespan of up to 15 years when properly used. Though some users have reported sagging over time, this could simply be caused by shifting materials inside rather than their quality being compromised over time.

California-inspired style and luxury feel characterize California-made mattresses from this brand, often described as “Rolls Royce of beds”. Each mattress features intricate hand-made details made with quality cotton yarns such as Joma(tm) wool. Furthermore, premium materials like Joma(tm) wool as well as proprietary premium foams make these beds standouts in terms of craftsmanship and handiwork.

Aireloom offers a wide selection of comfort levels, from plush to luxury firm and extra-firm. Their Preferred Collection provides more options, featuring multiple layers of premium foams and latex that conform to body curves while micro coils conform to them for extra support and conforming comfort. Furthermore, these layers wick away moisture to maintain optimal temperatures during sleep for a cool night’s rest.

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Other models feature softer feels, with cotton/wool/silk blend fabrics being used as the top layer fabric. For instance, the Latex Marbella features a 1.5″ layer of plush quilting foam on top of its tempered steel coils and cotton tricot material for comfort and support.

All these fabrics are naturally breathable, which helps the mattress remain cooler – an especially critical consideration in hot climates or by heavy sleepers. Aireloom mattresses can be purchased from select retailers; most offer trial periods and warranties, although their specific terms can differ depending on where you purchase the bed; oftentimes manufacturer warranties cover delivery/return policies while retailer return policies can differ as well. If you want an idea of how these mattresses feel before making a purchase decision, visit your local City Mattress store so you can experience one for yourself!


Aireloom mattresses feature luxurious fabrics and materials to deliver a restful night’s rest. Their outer quilt encases layers of silk, Joma wool and cashmere to provide a breathable hypoallergenic cover, while their inner mattress uses cotton tricot backing with hand-tufting capabilities and their latex core provides comfort while decreasing heat buildup.

These mattresses come in various firmness levels to cater for different sleeping preferences and motion transfer issues; making them an excellent option for couples.

These mattresses are constructed using premium latex that is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and breathable for an incredible bouyancy experience that relaxes muscles while relieving tension. Furthermore, natural materials help prevent heat build-up and humidity build-up for a comfortable night’s rest.

Aireloom mattresses provide more than a comfortable night’s rest; they also assist with relieving back pain by encouraging proper spinal alignment. Their unique lumbar zone design is engineered to distribute pressure evenly across the bed and ease strain on spine and hips.

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Aireloom mattresses can be found at many retailers, including Macy’s. Many stores provide sleep trial periods so customers can try them in person prior to making a decision about purchasing. You can search the company website to locate stores near you.

The Aireloom mattress is handmade, covered by a lifetime warranty from its manufacturer and comes with a 100-night sleep trial to give customers time to experience it before committing. This option makes purchasing high-end luxury mattresses much less intimidating.


Aireloom mattresses come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers any material or craftsmanship defects, should you experience any. Should any arise, contact the company directly for help; or return it back to where you purchased it from if not completely satisfied.

Bloomingdales stores offer these mattresses, making it easier for you to try them before making a decision. Bloomingdale’s handcrafted mattresses feature luxurious layers of high-quality materials for optimal comfort; you can select between different firmness levels until finding one that meets all of your personal requirements.

These mattresses don’t just provide an exquisite sleeping experience – they also offer excellent back and neck support. Crafted with zoned micro coils and latex layers that offer exceptional back support and comfort, as well as hand tufted designs which pre-compress upholstery materials to reduce body impressions and eliminate sagging.

Aireloom mattresses stand out as one of the few manufacturers who utilize eco-friendly materials in their production, using organic and natural materials like Certi-PUR US foams as well as organic fills that reduce chemicals released into the environment. Additionally, this company utilizes Certi-PUR US foams and other natural components in its mattresses to ensure they’re safe for the planet.

One great advantage of these mattresses is their compatibility with an existing box spring or foundation, fitting seamlessly into any standard size bed frame and available in several different sizes to meet individual needs. In addition, their design ensures no issues related to heat retention.