Novilla Mattress Reviews

Novilla mattresses come in multiple sizes and feature a 100-night trial period with free returns.

Customers adored this mattress’s comfortable design. Customers found it soft yet supportive, and appreciated how its layers worked together to support their body while creating a neutral spine alignment.


Novilla Mattress offers superior comfort at an unbeatably competitive price point, boasting high-grade materials and an extra layer of adaptive polyfoam, making it suitable for all sleeping positions and body types. Plus, with an outstanding 10-year warranty and more features than most comparable mattresses of this price range.

Novilla offers hybrid mattresses that combine foam and pocketed coils, offering the feel of hybrid mattresses at an economical price point. Their site provides further details regarding construction, warranty/free trial information, delivery options and more. Novilla currently has two sizes of hybrid mattresses to suit different budgets (king and queen).

Novilla Bliss mattresses are among the most cost-effective memory foam and gel-infused mattresses on the market, available through retailers like Amazon or directly through Novilla online stores. While 12-inch versions tend to cost slightly more, Novilla often provides discounts which can cut their costs significantly.

This mattress boasts four layers of foam, including a layer of gel-infused memory foam to mitigate heat retention. In addition, airflow and air-circulation layers promote breathability to create an environment-friendly mattress that remains odorless and healthy over time.

Novilla mattresses offer another advantage by arriving conveniently packed in a box that can be delivered right to your doorstep without any complications or delays. Each mattress fits neatly inside one such compact box – approximately the size of a carry-on suitcase for easy transportation from room to room.

Novilla customers have often expressed disappointment with its delivery process; however, recently it has seen significant progress. The company has worked to make it more reliable, offering an order tracking system as well as offering more durable mattress covers to prevent rips and tears in delivery processes.

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Novilla Bliss mattress features a 4-layer all-foam system with its top layer made up of gel memory foam for weight distribution and pressure point relief, transition layer polyfoam for stability enhancement, dense base foam for durability enhancement, soft feel rayon cover that keeps things cool during sleep time and is hypoallergenic against pet dander and allergens – perfect!

This medium-firm mattress is suitable for most sleeping positions, including side and back sleeping. Its foam construction combines comfort and support, making it suitable for those with lower back pain; however, heavy individuals may not receive sufficient spinal support from it; and its slow reaction time makes changing positions challenging.

Novilla mattress boasts of motion isolation features due to its memory foam and polyfoam layers, which absorb body movements for minimal disruption during restful slumber. Couples sharing beds may find this suited for their needs as well. Furthermore, its edge support makes this model particularly suitable for sleeping close to its edges.

The Novilla mattress is CertiPUR-US certified to ensure you can rest easy knowing it’s free from harmful chemicals and off-gassing, and also designed to keep you cool all night with its breathable bamboo rayon cover and open cell and egg crate designs that promote airflow.

The Novilla mattress is relatively affordable among other all-foam mattresses and provides great value for the money. Additionally, it includes a 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty to let you try before buying it. However, please be aware that initial use may produce an odor; this is normal but should dissipate quickly if persists in your room – an air purifier might also help in this instance.


Novilla mattresses feature several layers of foam to provide breathability and comfort, beginning with contouring memory foam infused with cooling gel to reduce heat buildup and ensure you sleep cool. This layer also serves to ease weight onto air circulation foam below, which helps provide superior support and stability. Lastly, thick and firm base foam provides superior support and stability, and come in various sizes suitable for any bed frame or type. They’re hypoallergenic too – protecting against mold, pet dander, dust mites, allergens as well as machine washing mattress cover!

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The Novilla mattress is an ideal choice for side sleepers. With its medium firmness level providing ample pressure point relief in shoulders, hips and lower back. Plus its all-foam construction provides good motion isolation to prevent sagging over time – perfect for couples sharing one mattress!

Novilla mattresses generally receive rave customer reviews; however, some customers have noted that it takes longer than expected for it to fully expand when initially unboxed due to its innerspring system needing time to decompress than foam-only beds. Some customers also reported top layers compressing more rapidly than expected over time.

Novilla mattresses are made with top-grade materials and offer outstanding value for the price. Available in multiple sizes with a 10-year warranty, Novilla also provides a 120-night sleep trial with free returns.

Novilla Bliss mattress provides excellent motion isolation for light sleepers or couples sharing a bed, helping reduce any disturbance caused by partner movements during sleep. Memory foam and successive layers of polyfoam help absorb movement to minimize disturbance caused by your partner. In addition, its firmer polyfoam base enhances stability and durability.

Novilla Bliss mattress offers affordable hybrid mattress with excellent edge support at an attractive price point. Its firm construction allows it to suit most body types including heavier ones; however, stomach or back sleepers seeking additional spinal alignment support may find other mattresses more suitable.


Novilla mattresses are crafted of high-grade materials designed to withstand wear-and-tear, at an extremely competitive price point. Customers can order directly through online retailers. Most owners report being pleased with the durability of their beds, believing they will withstand time well; some buyers, however, have reported difficulties decompressing.

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Novilla Bliss mattress features four layers of memory foam which work together to deliver unparalleled pressure relief. The gel-infused layer conforms closely to the body, redistributing weight evenly while mitigating pressure points and maintaining spinal alignment. Meanwhile, polyfoam layers promote airflow while providing a sturdy base. With its medium firmness level suited for back sleepers as well as side sleepers and heavier individuals.

Novilla’s motion isolation capabilities surpass most mattresses within its price range, enabling many owners to rest peacefully without feeling their partners move or get in and out of bed during the night. They also enjoy its hybrid bounce which allows them to move freely between positions throughout their sleep time.

Though Novilla mattresses are known to provide good motion isolation, some owners have reported their mattresses gradually losing shape and feel over time. Furthermore, top layers have compressed leading to loss in support. This may be caused by poor ventilation in the bedroom or other factors.

Novilla mattresses are an economical and reliable choice, providing great value for the money. Their reasonable pricing and outstanding customer reviews make Novilla an attractive option for anyone in search of comfortable sleep. Many buyers have reported using their Novilla mattress to relieve back pain or other symptoms associated with chronic sleep disorders.

Novilla mattress is an economical memory foam mattress featuring four layers of foam and a high-density base support layer, and comes compressed in a box, needing only a few hours to expand fully before unboxing it from its packaging. Flipping should not be performed, as doing so may damage its memory foam layer.