Purple Hybrid Mattress Review

Purple’s revolutionary Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid mattress is popular among sleepers. However, not every sleeper finds it ideal. That’s why Purple offers a 100-night at-home trial to give potential buyers an opportunity to test out the bed for free before making up their mind.

The grid can provide excellent support for back and side sleepers alike, while giving stomach sleepers sufficient cushioning along their shoulders.

GelFlex Grid

Purple mattresses utilize a gel-like Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid that conforms to sleepers’ movements while providing pressure relief, making them suitable for all sleeping positions and helping prevent that feeling of being trapped in bed.

High-density foam surrounds the grid to provide edge support, making it more suitable for sleepers who like to sit up in bed, as it gives the mattress more of a solid feel than some foams which may sink under weight.

Purple Grid hybrid mattresses feature more responsive gel-flex grids than other options on the market, quickly responding to changes in sleepers’ positions as they shift throughout the night and providing an ideal surface for combination sleepers who switch positions during their restful nights. Their breathable construction keeps your mattress cool since this top layer material serves to wick away moisture from sleeping surfaces rather than foams, keeping the mattress cool overall.

Purple mattresses stand out from their peers with its distinctive approach to selling. Their showrooms are small, and staff do not earn commission from sales; this approach helps ease pressure from shoppers and can make purchasing easier overall.

Some individuals may find the Purple Grid mattress too firm, particularly heavier sleepers with shoulder pain. Luckily, however, its contours around shoulders and support curves take pressure off of them; but for lighter or average-weight individuals suffering shoulder discomfort it might not provide enough firmness and support; in these instances a traditional-feel mattress might be more suitable – most Purple mattresses offer generous 100-night trial periods and 10-year warranties to allow people to try them before making a final purchase decision.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer

The Purple Mattress features the company’s innovative GelFlex Grid as its top layer, providing a 2-inch cushion of cushiony softness designed to dissipate body heat and promote pressure relief on hips and shoulders. Furthermore, this grid can flex to allow more of your weight to sink in where necessary.

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This material stands out as it is composed of hyper-elastic polymers that stretch much further than typical foam mattresses. If cut through from the side, this material appears like latticework resembling latticework reminiscent of latticework in architecture. Furthermore, The Grid mattress contains eco-friendly materials without harmful toxins or harsh chemicals for maximum comfort and performance.

Interested in knowing more about this innovative material? Check out our article on what is a Hyper-Elastic Polymer. The Purple Mattress’s Grid technology was an integral factor in its impressive performance during our tests.

Below the Grid lies a layer of 7.5-inch pocketed coils that form the foundation for the Purple Hybrid Mattress. Each individual coil is wrapped individually in fabric for additional pressure relief across the mattress surface. Furthermore, its base features a thick poly foam layer to add durability and help keep you cool throughout its use.

The Purple Mattress and Hybrid Mattress are great choices for all kinds of sleepers, particularly those experiencing back pain who prefer firm mattresses to support their spines. Heavyweight back sleepers may experience too much sinkage through the top Purple Grid layer while side sleepers might not find sufficient shoulder support and would likely benefit more from a softer hybrid mattress.

High-Density Foam Encasement

Purple’s smart grid layer differs from typical memory foam mattresses in that it doesn’t trap heat or have the sink-in feel that some sleepers dislike. Instead, its quick response to pressure relief helps relieve pressure in key body areas like shoulders and hips while providing support elsewhere – making the mattress both bouncy and supportive, ideal for back sleepers or those who switch sleeping positions regularly.

A hybrid mattress features a layer of 7.5-inch high pocketed coils which is suitable for a range of sleeping positions, providing optimal support to most sleepers and sleeping positions. Overall, its firmness level stands at 6.5 out of 10, making it suitable for most individuals and sleeping positions.

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Motion isolation features of this bed ensure that neither partner will be disturbed by each other’s movements in the night, which helps couples who share beds to achieve restful restful restful slumber for both of them. This feature prevents disruption to restful restful slumber so each can get what they need from sleep.

The mattress cover uses a combination of polyester, viscose, and Lycra to provide softness and stretch, as well as breathability throughout the night. This material keeps sleepers cool throughout their nights. In addition, hybrid mattresses tend to feature stronger edge support than all-foam models allowing users to maximize usable surface area easily while getting in and out of bed more easily.

Good Edge Support

Purple’s mattress utilizes a thick 7.5-inch pocketed coils layer for excellent edge support and to create a stable feel, helping you remain on the mattress when sitting or moving around. Furthermore, its design limits motion transfer which may be an issue for some individuals.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid does a wonderful job cradling the body, helping reduce pressure points and make you feel weightless. This feature can be particularly helpful to back and stomach sleepers who can experience discomfort from excess pressure on these parts of their bodies.

Purple mattresses are designed to feel cool to the touch, making them an excellent option for people sensitive to heat or sweat. Unlike all-foam mattresses, which trap heat while sleeping and can leave you feeling sweaty in bed, this mattress does not trap heat and cause sweaty nights.

Our tests demonstrated that the Purple Hybrid Mattress excelled when it came to motion isolation and edge support. It did an outstanding job of maintaining its shape while dispersing movement across its surface evenly – an important feature for people sharing beds with partners or pets. Furthermore, this mattress demonstrated excellent results at preventing motion transference even with heavy people lying on it!

The Purple Hybrid Mattress is an excellent option for back and stomach sleepers who prefer firmer mattresses. Additionally, it performs very well for side sleepers weighing under 230 pounds – particularly those who fall within our 10-point firmness scale’s ideal range for most side sleepers. Unfortunately, however, heavier side sleepers or those who require very firm beds may not find this mattress suitable.

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Motion Isolation

This hybrid mattress excels at limiting motion transfer, making it the ideal solution for couples who tend to move around during the night. The 5.0” layer of poly foam compresses easily against body contours to limit how much motion can be felt by sleepers on other sides of the bed; in turn, its support layer contains 7.5” pocketed coils that individually encased within their fabric casing are individually pocketed in order to reduce pressure points and limit bounce.

The Purple Hybrid mattress is an ideal option for combination sleepers and those experiencing back pain, as its sturdy coil base layer offers excellent spinal support and sturdy edges make getting in and out of bed simpler.

Though the Purple Hybrid does an outstanding job of minimizing motion transfer, its superior motion isolation capabilities come from our recommendation of the original Purple which pairs its Purple Grid with two layers of poly foam for firmer support and better pressure relief for side sleepers.

Both mattresses offer a 21-night trial period in which you can return it if it does not suit you, yet be wary of reading any fine print to prevent voiding of their 10-year warranties.

The Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier mattresses are among the softest in their lineup, making them suitable for most sleepers. Their 7.5″ pocketed coils provide sufficient support for all body types; finding your ideal match should not be an issue with either model. Unfortunately, however, stomach sleepers might find the Purple Hybrid uncomfortable due to insufficient cushioning – likely caused by its GelFlex Grid providing sufficient firmness but not enough cushioning – for relieving pressure points in this area of their bodies.