Amerisleep Mattress Reviews

Amerisleep mattresses are well-built and represent excellent value, though slightly more costly than comparable all-foam or memory foam beds. Furthermore, they boast an exceptional warranty and trial period.

All their models feature the Refresh cooling cover designed to draw away excess heat and promote healthier sleep, while hybrid models add layers of coils for additional pain relief.

Bio-Pur(r) Foam

The Amerisleep AS3 hybrid mattress combines Bio-Pur memory foam with pocketed coils to offer comfort and pressure relief for light to medium sleepers. The memory foam features plant-based oils instead of petrochemicals, with an above average density of 4 pounds per cubic inch for extra support and breathability. In addition, Surface Modification Technology helps minimize heat retention for improved breathability.

This mattress features a 3” Bio-Pur memory foam layer in its top layer that’s five times more breathable than traditional memory foam and offers great comfort. Infused with Celliant to improve circulation and help relieve pain. Below that sits 2″ Affinity transition foam that’s more responsive than other transition materials to give a great feel.

Following this layer is a 7.5” pocketed coil layer for additional support and motion isolation, boasting an increased rate of response than other spring types – perfect for light and moderate sleepers who often wake up with back pain.

There is also a 7” layer of Bio-Core base polyfoam that acts as the final foundation, resisting sagging over time and partially made from recycled plastic bottles, helping reduce waste.

As with other Amerisleep mattresses, the AS3 hybrid mattress features a 20-year warranty and free shipping. Available in various sizes and can be purchased either online or at Amerisleep retail stores, it will arrive to your home via box delivery with minimal effort needed for assembly.

The Amerisleep AS2 mattress is ideal for side sleepers due to the Bio-Pur memory foam conforming to your body, while offering pressure relief in hips and shoulders. Unfortunately, however, its memory foam may cause your spine to tilt out of alignment if used as a stomach sleeping surface.

Bio-Core(r) Foam

Amerisleep stands out from other foam mattress companies by using Bio-Core foam made of plant material in some models of their mattresses – an eco-friendly material derived from plants which reduces petroleum usage during manufacturing processes while offering softness and flexibility that allows sleepers to move around freely on the bed without feeling trapped or constrained by rigid memory foam mattresses.

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Amerisleep mattresses incorporate HIVE technology – an exclusive layer of foam designed to increase breathability, cooling, and pressure relief – into their designs. HIVE technology uses giant rollers to form unique patterns within the foam that redistribute pressure points across your body for greater comfort and support.

Amerisleep offers two hybrid mattresses – AS2 and AS3 hybrid mattresses – featuring this innovative layer of foam: they combine Bio-Pur memory foam as the top layer, HIVE technology for transition layer, and 7′ thick Bio-Core polyfoam for support core. Both AS2 and AS3 models make ideal choices for back and side sleepers alike.

Amerisleep mattresses combine Bio-Pur and Bio-Core foams with their Refresh cooling cover for an excellent night’s rest. This unique fabric contains 13 thermo-reactive minerals which draw heat away from the body to promote restful restful nights of restful slumber.

Amerisleep mattresses come packaged in a box for convenient home delivery and feature a 100-night risk-free trial period with 20 year warranties available on each purchase. Plus, those who keep their mattress can take advantage of free returns and refunds should they choose to keep it!

Amerisleep’s AS3 model is their best-selling mattress with a medium feel suitable for back and stomach sleepers alike. Its top layer of Bio-Pur memory foam offers some body contouring while the transition layer responds slowly to pressure relief, as designed. Finally, at its base is 7” of Bio-Core polyfoam which has a density of 1.5 PCF and an ILD rating of 35 for added support and pressure relief.

Celliant(r) Foam

Amerisleep Mattress Reviews’ Celliant(r) Foam is packed with 13 thermoreactive minerals designed to improve sleep quality. This foam absorbs your body heat and transforms it back into infrared energy that can relieve pain, improve circulation, promote relaxation and induce restfulness. Furthermore, its breathable design helps regulate temperature for more restful nights rest.

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Celliant memory foam can be easily removed for cleaning, while 7 inches of dense memory foam serve as the core and are durable enough to resist sagging over time. A 2-inch transition layer made up of basic poly foam softens up the firm feel while increasing airflow for cooling purposes – these two components together add comfort without losing support, with three inches of Bio-Pur(r) memory foam serving as a top layer. Overall, Amerisleep AS3 mattresses make for great choices for side, back, or combo sleepers looking for medium comfort without losing support – not to mention people used to sleeping on traditional innerspring beds who want some additional benefits of foam beds!

Amerisleep mattresses have proven themselves reliable for both durability and longevity, offering owners peace of mind through a 20-year warranty protecting against early sagging or other defects. Furthermore, their quiet sleeping surface typically suits any level of comfort for owners.

Amerisleep offers an attractive return policy and free shipping, making them an easy choice for customers who may be uncertain of buying their mattress online. Headquartered in Arizona with multiple physical showrooms where customers can test out mattresses before making a decision, Amerisleep also boasts an established online mattress history as well as offering long sleep trial periods – two more factors making Amerisleep an appealing option when searching for your next mattress purchase.

Amerisleep mattresses typically produce a light initial odor that should dissipate quickly. Some owners have reported their Amerisleep mattress is firmer than expected; depending on the model this could pose issues for those who prefer softer beds.


Amerisleep mattresses feature a blend of traditional memory foam, Bio-Pur foam, and Celliant fabric – with the latter featuring embedded minerals which convert body heat into far infrared energy to improve blood circulation and muscle recovery. Furthermore, Amerisleep mattresses are breathable so as to remain cool to touch for those who tend to sleep hot or have issues regulating temperature regulation. This feature is especially advantageous when dealing with hot sleepers who can benefit from temperature regulation issues.

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The AS5 mattress by Sleep Innovations is their signature model, offering ultra-plush cushioning suitable for side sleepers of slimmer body types. Not recommended for back or stomach sleepers, the AS5 still provides ample cushioning and pressure relief – although back sleepers should consult a professional before making their purchase decision. They also offer all foam and hybrid options as well as firmer models specifically designed to accommodate heavier sleepers.

Amerisleep Organica is an eco-friendly hybrid mattress with a 13″ profile that boasts Talalay latex layers on top of pocket coil systems for cooling and bounce, ideal for combination sleepers or those suffering from allergies or those who are sensitive to chemicals. Its cooling and bouncy surfaces also make this mattress suitable for people sensitive to chemicals.

Amerisleep mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial period and free shipping, plus they will pick up and return your old mattress for a small fee. If you aren’t entirely satisfied with your purchase, you may exchange or return it within 30 days for a full refund – there will no further fees or returns after this point!

As we conducted performance tests of these beds, we discovered they slept cool while providing adequate support to most users. They featured average sinkage while conforming nicely to our testers’ bodies – although some competitors did offer more responsiveness or bounce. Furthermore, their edges provided sufficient cushion for some individuals when lying on them – an important consideration when purchasing a mattress for this use case.

Amerisleep mattresses tend to be priced above average due to the quality of materials and performance, yet can often be purchased on sale during holiday seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Furthermore, discounts may also be available through promotions by Amerisleep itself during such events as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.