Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress provides great value for money. At 14 inches in height and with five internal layers of foams and springs, its medium firm feel makes this an excellent option for most sleepers.

These pillows provide excellent pressure relief for side sleepers, relieving tension in their hips. Furthermore, their excellent motion isolation capabilities should prevent bed-sharers from being disturbed by each other’s movements during sleep.


Dreamcloud hybrid mattresses provide luxury without premium prices, featuring memory foam, traditional foam, and covered springs to provide an ideal sleeping surface for most sleeping positions. Plus they don’t produce off-gassing odors while decompressing (though you may notice slight ones initially); additionally they come with a one year sleep trial period, lifetime warranty coverage through Affirm, regular sales financing through them as well.

Dreamcloud Premier is a medium-firm mattress featuring six layers of foam and spring coils, including its pillow top which is constructed of soft cashmere blend fabric quilted for extra comfort. Next comes cooling gel-infused memory foam which provides pressure relief while cushioning high-loft memory foam conforms to the body and reduces motion transfer, followed by sturdy support layers to prevent sinkage of this mattress. Lastly, there’s the foundation layer which supports all layers above it to prevent sinkage of this medium-firm mattress.

This mattress is suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers due to its firmer feel; however, strict side sleepers may not find this mattress an appropriate match due to its firmer structure. With responsiveness and pressure relief for those suffering hip or shoulder pain as well as its coil-based core’s ability to isolate movements while offering solid edge support if sleeping near the edges is key, this mattress will certainly prove its worth over time.

Though the Dreamcloud Premier may feel slightly softer than its original it doesn’t feel as cool due to layers of memory foam which trap heat, leading to overheating and sweating. Furthermore, it lacks cooling technologies such as hole-punctured latex that are found in some of the top hybrid mattresses on the market.

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Dreamcloud Premier mattress is ideal for light back and stomach sleepers who prefer medium firm mattresses, providing support with its supportive build and pressure relieving foam layers to maintain spinal alignment for reduced back pain. Heavy back/tummy sleepers might require another mattress.


DreamCloud hybrid mattress features a medium-firm feel that should appeal to most sleepers. Crafted from high-grade materials such as quilted cashmere cover and CertiPUR-US certified foams, individually wrapped coils offer durability and support while its foam base provides breathability and pressure relief. In addition, an all-foam version – DreamCloud Original – provides contouring comfort.

The responsive surface of this bed will enable you to change positions easily while supporting your spine during sleep, making it suitable for most types of sleepers, though not necessarily those experiencing hip pain. Softer foams and springs will alleviate some pressure on hips but you may still feel discomfort; additionally, this mattress offers excellent support for back sleepers as well as being comfy enough for stomach sleepers.

One important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a mattress is that it does not need a box spring. You may use alternative foundations like slatted frames, platform beds or adjustable bases instead. Your bed will come compressed in a box and take 24-48 hours to fully expand outward. A new mattress smell is completely normal and can be minimized by purchasing a protector mattress cover.

DreamCloud mattresses are produced in the US; however, their parent company was sued by the Federal Trade Commission in 2023 for misleadingly advertising that all DreamCloud mattresses are made here. The lawsuit is ongoing; therefore DreamCloud has since suspended production of its mattress line.

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattresses provide excellent value for the price, and offer generous 365-night trials and lifetime warranties, along with financing options through Affirm. Additionally, customer service via telephone and live chat are excellent; additionally sustainable practices and materials that are eco-friendly are employed as part of their commitment. Finally, DreamCloud mattresses outperform other hybrid options at similar price range.

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Dreamcloud performed admirably during our tests of durability and longevity, outscoring most of its rivals in this category. Additionally, they offer an extended trial period and lifetime warranty; Affirm financing makes their mattress an attractive option for consumers who wish to pay less upfront while spreading out costs over time.

Dreamcloud mattresses feature an infusion of cooling gel memory foam to help control temperature while cashmere fabric helps wick away any excess heat, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable all night long. Furthermore, Dreamcloud mattress boasts excellent edge support that makes it effortless to get in and out.

Dreamcloud mattress provides good motion isolation and will not disrupt the movements of your partner during the night. In addition, Centi-PUR certification ensures it emits low VOC levels; however, you may notice some initial new mattress smell during its first few days or weeks.

Dreamcloud mattresses feature a thick pocketed coil system at their core that ensures solid support, and will last 10+ years before needing replacement. Furthermore, all Dreamcloud products are covered by a lifetime warranty which demonstrates how confidently manufacturers stand behind their products.

Dreamcloud’s medium-firm feel works best for back and stomach sleepers, while it may be too firm for side sleepers who require additional pressure relief in their hips and shoulders.

At Dreamcloud Mattress, we conducted an edge support test by placing a 56lb weight on its edge and testing its response. No compression took place indicating there would be no risk of rolling off during sleep – a good sign for those who frequently shift toward their mattress edge during their nightly rest.

DreamCloud and Premier versions both feature strong edge support. A double-row rim of thicker coils reinforces the perimeter, preventing sinkage or sagging near edges and making bedtime easier for couples who like sleeping close to the edge of their mattress or those with mobility issues who find it easier when they can utilize all surface area of their mattress.

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DreamCloud mattresses are some of the more cost-effective luxury hybrid mattresses on the market, boasting incredible edge support and durable construction that should stand the test of time. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty to provide peace of mind! Available in various sizes including queen that should fit most bedrooms; shipping within continental US free; white-glove delivery available at additional cost.

DreamCloud Mattress sells its mattresses both directly to customers online and through high-end retail stores, but also offers bedding collections including sheets, pillows and duvets made of high-quality materials with breathable weave designs for cooling comfort. Their SmartfilTM fibers combine with 20% modal for temperature regulation – without needing an additional box spring! Furthermore, DreamCloud mattresses don’t require box springs and can even be used on traditional wood or metal frames or platform beds without issue.

The DreamCloud Mattress is an innovative hybrid mattress with its own distinct construction. Rather than traditional memory foam models, its construction consists of both memory foam on top and pocketed coils beneath; this combination provides optimal balance of comfort and durability – hybrid mattresses tend to last 10+ years!

Hybrid mattresses combine the advantages of both foam and innerspring mattresses, and make an excellent option for those who appreciate memory foam without its associated issues such as heat retention and movement transfer. Dreamcloud’s many firmness levels offer options tailored specifically for light sleepers.

The 8.5 inch core layer features individually wrapped pocketed coils to reduce motion transfer and maximize airflow, which is particularly helpful for couples sharing a bed. The mattress offers medium firmness at 6 out of 10, so should accommodate most sleepers; heavy sleepers may require something firmer.