Brooklyn Bedding Plank Mattress Reviews

The Plank Firm from Brooklyn Bedding is an affordable natural latex hybrid mattress with both firm and extra-firm sides that performs exceptionally in our tests, with minimal sinkage, high motion transference, fast response and good bounce characteristics. It ranks highly for our tests with minimal sinkage, excellent motion transference, fast response and outstanding bounce properties.

Quilted top layer of extra-firm side mattress offers subtle cushioning for sleepers who prefer traditional firm mattresses, while at the same time limiting mattress sagging and providing good edge support.


This mattress’s firm feel makes it suitable for back and stomach sleepers who favor firm mattresses, while side sleepers may find other options more comfortable due to not enough contouring to provide relief for hips and shoulders. As one of the firmest options we’ve reviewed, Brooklyn Bedding also offers the Plank Firm Luxe hybrid version as another alternative that may provide soft surface options.

The firm side mattress’s top layer features thin quilted polyfoam that adds softness and feels slightly cushiony, followed by two inches of firm Supreme Response Comfort Foam that acts similarly to latex foam in terms of responsiveness to movement. Finally, 6-inch TitanCaliber coils offer pushback support for average-weight and heavier sleepers.

This mattress is a flippable hybrid design, offering two firmness options on one bed. The firm side boasts an 8-8.5 out of 10, while its softer side has earned 9 out of 10, giving you plenty of opportunity to try both sides and see which is ideal for you.

Both sides of the mattress feature strong edge support, so you can sit or lie near them without fearing you might roll off of bed. This feature can be particularly beneficial to those with limited mobility as they can use it to get in and out more quickly.

This firm mattress provides ample bounce, while being lacking the same level of sinkage as some other mattresses. While this could be seen as negative by some sleepers, its lack of sinkage also helps prevent motion transfer between partners throughout the night and keeps you feeling less likely to feel their movements while sleeping.

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The firm side provides good contouring, but doesn’t do an exceptional job of supporting the hips and lumbar area for back sleepers due to the lack of a thicker comfort layer providing cushioning or sinkage as necessary for those with more intense needs. Luckily, the softer side provides this support more efficiently making it an excellent option for back sleepers over 130 pounds.

Contoured Support

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are created in their own factory, giving them access to superior grade materials at reduced costs that are passed directly onto consumers. Their dual-sided all-foam Plank Mattress comes equipped with both firm and extra firm sides – perfect for people who prefer firmer sleep surfaces.

Plank Mattress’ firm side features a one-and-a-half-inch layer of natural Talalay latex that is well known for its bounciness, responsiveness and cooling properties. In addition, there is two inches of high density support foam on this firm side for contoured support and resilience improvement.

Although firm side mattresses are excellent choices for back and stomach sleepers, they may not be appropriate for people who prefer sleeping on their sides. Their firmness level and lack of sinkage could cause hip and shoulder discomfort for side sleepers over 130 pounds who prefer this position.

The extra-firm side of the Plank Mattress shares many similar construction characteristics with its firm counterpart, but features thinner layers. It has a.75-inch quilted top layer and two inches of high-density support foam which contours to your body curves for pressure relief and sinkage reduction, with exceptional edge support and minimal motion transfer rates that makes this an excellent choice for couples.

Both firm and extra-firm sides of this mattress boast excellent heat regulation. Both can effectively dissipate body heat while keeping temperatures within an 88 degree temperature range throughout the night. An optional cooling top panel can be sewn onto either side at an additional cost to help regulate sleep temperatures using phase change material that feels cool to touch while helping regulate your temperature while sleeping.

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The Plank Mattress’s strong bounce and great edge support makes it an excellent option for couples sharing one bed. Additionally, its exceptional motion isolation means you are less likely to be disturbed by your partner’s movements while sleeping – though its lack of softness might make sex harder on this mattress.

Temperature Regulation

The Plank Mattress’s firm side rates at around 7 on the firmness scale, making it suitable for back sleepers but may be too hard for stomach or side sleepers. Thanks to its flippable design, however, you can find your ideal firmness level!

The Plank Mattress is a memory foam mattress featuring two firmness options – one reversible firm side and an extra-firm side. The firm side utilizes TitanFlex memory foam crafted into 2-inch layers for superior support and contouring capabilities as well as reduced motion transference.

Dense construction also contributes to temperature regulation. Material conducts and disperses heat efficiently across the sleep surface, keeping you cool as you rest. A quilted top layer provides airflow for further cooling; an optional cooling panel constructed using phase change material fabric adds even further cooling capabilities.

Our performance tests showed that the Plank Mattress delivered on its promise, with minimal sinkage, exceptional edge support, and an abundance of bounce. Couples who share beds will likely appreciate its responsive feel and reduced motion transfer; it makes an ideal option.

This mattress offers medium off-gassing when first removed from its box, taking between four to six days for full off-gassing to take effect. To speed up this process, place the unboxed mattress in an adequately ventilated room for at least 24 hours without closing up its cover before placing back inside its original package – this allows airflow and facilitates quicker sleeping experiences!

The Plank Mattress may cost more than other all-foam mattresses, but its unique reversible design and flippable sides could make up for that cost for some sleepers. Plus, specialty sizes may be difficult to come by with other all-foam brands; additionally, for an additional fee you can add a cooling GlacioTex cover which reduces skin temperature on contact, further increasing comfort while aiding those with sensitive skin. Finally, Plank offers both a 120-night trial period as well as 10-year warranty coverage!

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Overall Rating

The Plank Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is a dual-sided firm mattress with two distinct sleep surfaces, perfect for back or stomach sleepers who prefer firm beds over soft foam options. Rated highly by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), its firmness makes it suitable for those suffering lower back pain and looking to improve their sleeping posture.

This mattress boasts an exceptional customer satisfaction rate and offers a 120-night risk-free trial period and 10-year warranty. Maintenance is made easier as its fabric cover can be removed for machine washing; furthermore, this mattress boasts superior edge support with minimal bounce; making it an excellent option for couples or those sharing their bed with pets.

Though the Plank mattress provides adequate pressure relief, its contoured features don’t go far enough in relieving key body pressure points – particularly for side sleepers who may require more hugging to alleviate pressure at their hips and shoulders. Heavier users may struggle with extra-firm side; however back sleepers over 230 pounds should find this mattress suitable.

The Plank is an ideal choice for sleepers looking for firm mattresses, offering exceptional temperature regulation by dissipating body heat evenly through its layers. Breathable fabric used in its cover helps further disperse heat build-up while phase change molecule technology helps sleepers remain cool throughout their night’s rest.

Although the Plank does not provide as much motion isolation as hybrid designs, it still does an effective job at isolating movement, making it ideal for couples sharing beds, light sleepers and those disturbed by partner movement.

One major downside of the mattress is that it does not offer adequate lumbar support, failing to curve enough around the spine to release pressure off it and relieve pressure points on the spine, potentially resulting in lower back discomfort for those suffering with backache.