Kingsdown Mattress Reviews

Kingsdown offers an expansive selection of mattresses – both foam and air pocket models – through their BedMATCH system, helping shoppers find one to meet their body type.

Most Kingsdown mattresses provide excellent support for both spine and neck, relieving pressure points effectively while simultaneously offering cushioning support. Unfortunately, however, they tend to sag faster than other brands.


Kingsdown mattresses are tailored to provide exceptional levels of comfort and postural support, thanks to expert sleep artisans handcrafting each mattress using cutting-edge sleep science techniques. Each Kingsdown mattress undergoes stringent quality assurance testing in order to meet each individual’s specific requirements for support accuracy.

Kingsdown offers two luxurious mattresses collections from their Silent Partner Fontaine and Prime Ownington collections, respectively: Silent Partner Fontaine is a hybrid mattress consisting of foam and springs while Prime Ownington utilizes more traditional pocket coil technology. Both collections can accommodate sleeping environments from twin up to California king sized, making them suitable for most sleeping arrangements.

Most Kingsdown mattresses are constructed using premium materials and feature an increased coil count, creating a firmer feel. Furthermore, these natural sleep-inducing materials come equipped with multiple firmness options. Furthermore, Kingsdown utilizes its BedFIT system to determine tailored support needs.

Value Luxury and Modern Hybrid mattresses from this company provide options that cater to a range of budgets, making them popular choices among those searching for a comfortable but reasonably-priced mattress option. Unfortunately, some users have reported issues regarding durability and sagging with these models.

Kingsdown mattresses feature hybrid designs with thick layers of memory foam or latex for optimal comfort, along with zoned pocket coils for tailoring firmness using BedMatch technology. At an attractive price for the materials used, many customers have raved about how initially comfortable their experience has been.

However, some buyers have experienced issues with the durability of these mattresses in less time than expected. Some customers reported sagging in the middle of the mattress while others experienced back pain as a result of either its foam compressing over time or because innersprings weren’t adequately supported by its frame.

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An additional concern with mattresses is their hardcovers being difficult to keep clean and prone to staining, so a protective mattress protector may be useful in protecting against staining and spills. Flipping periodically also helps retain shape by helping the foam keep its form and prevent overstretching.


Kingdown offers an extensive selection of mattresses, from innerspring, hybrid, foam, and air pocket supported beds – in all sorts of firmness levels – at competitive prices. Their BedMATCH in-store system lets customers try various mattress options and recommends one based on body type. Customers have reported good initial comfort with Kingdown materials used in its designs at competitive price points – however some owners claim their innerspring beds begin sagging after three years’ use; something common among innerspring brands and likely to lead to back pain.

Mebane Mattress Company was established in 1904 and currently operates out of Mebane, North Carolina. They specialize in producing traditional innerspring and hybrid mattresses in both two-sided and no-flip styles; Diamond Royale, Passions, Sleep To Live, Downtown Abbey models all include combination of tufted covers made with wool and silk as well as cooling foam layers while Vintage Luxury mattresses boast Artisinal Comfort layers such as Joma/Alpaca wool layers along with latex support zones that tailor support.

Kingsdown also offers the BodyPerfect bed, an intelligent air mattress that adapts to your body and moves with you while sleeping. Furthermore, their BedMATCH system uses 18 statistical measurements and calculations to match you up with the ideal mattress.

As with other innerspring mattress companies, Kingsdown provides a limited warranty valid for the first three years of ownership and has a 90-day sleep trial to allow potential buyers to test out their beds prior to purchasing one. Unfortunately, their warranties aren’t as generous as some other mattress brands’ offerings.

Kingsdown mattresses typically range in thickness from 10-16 inches, making it difficult for shorter individuals to access and get out of the bed easily. Furthermore, these heavy mattresses can make moving or lifting them challenging.

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Kingsdown mattresses come in various styles and firmness levels to meet any need, featuring high coil counts handcrafted from natural materials. Some models feature the IntelliMax system which offers personalized support to various sleep positions. Cotton, alpaca wool, genuine horsehair, latex foam are some of the fabrics and materials offered; plus these mattresses also provide motion isolation if your partner’s movements disturb you in bed.

The company’s warranty policy can be somewhat perplexing. While they provide a 10-year warranty, this won’t cover damage from accidents or other events; instead, replacement will only occur due to defects in material or craftsmanship; additionally they do not cover stains or odors from your mattress if there is an issue; for more details contact your retailer.

Kingsdown mattresses offer one of the best features available – motion isolation. Their foam layers absorb movement to reduce disruption to both you and your partner’s restful slumber – especially important if either of you is light sleeper. Unfortunately, some customers have reported lack of edge support on this model of mattress.

Kingsdown mattresses boast CertiPUR-US certification to guarantee they are free from toxic chemicals and other potentially harmful substances, plus being made in North America, which is important to some consumers.

The Kingsdown Silent Partner Fontaine mattress is an excellent medium-firm mattress option. Offering soft yet luxurious feel with excellent back support, its hypoallergenic foam layer ensures restful nights knowing you are sleeping on a healthy mattress.

Kingsdown Cottesmore mattresses feature medium firmness and come equipped with either a box spring or foundation. Available in both queen and king sizes, this luxurious look mattress boasts premium cotton fabric as well as being heavy for most standard frames and costlier than many alternatives – though you will require a high-quality foundation to support it properly.


Price and availability for Kingsdown mattresses will depend on where you shop. Online retailers typically carry them, while brick-and-mortar stores may carry some models as well as luxury sleep specialists offering them. Whichever retailer you decide on, check their return and warranty policies thoroughly prior to making a decision; some retailers may even provide sleep trial periods during which time you can try out a mattress in your own home before returning it if it does not suit you!

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Kingsdown offers an impressive range of luxury mattress options designed to accommodate every lifestyle. Their premium mattress series boasts innovatively designed beds that combine natural materials and exquisite handcrafting for exceptional sleep quality, featuring some that come equipped with heavy gauge center zones to offer optimal support and conformability, as well as six-sided foam encasement systems to reduce edge roll-off.

Kingsdown offers a selection of firmness options and an innovative diagnostic tool, BedFIT. This tool helps find your ideal mattress based on your body type and sleep patterns. Their luxury mattress collections feature hybrid designs featuring various comfort layers like cooling performance fabrics and pressure-relieving foams; some feature zoned foam designs for targeted lumbar support for added support.

Their mattresses feature high coil counts for optimal support, temperature-regulating technologies and memory foam with enhanced resiliency. Their mattresses are highly customizable to meet individual sleeping habits – you can select your firmness level from among a range of choices that best match up to you – while their innovative construction combines both memory and latex foam for enhanced support.

Some of their luxury mattresses feature advanced technology, like the BodyPerfect mattress which uses real time adjustment to align spine and posture while sleeping, featuring an inbuilt sensor to monitor sleeping movements and provide personalized support. Some models are compatible with adjustable bases as well. Their mattresses are known for quality construction and craftsmanship and most owners report initial comfort upon purchasing them; however some customers experience durability issues over time that leads to sagging over time.