Puffy Mattress Reviews

The Puffy Mattress is an innovative bed-in-a-box made of memory foam that creates a cushiony sleep surface, perfect for sleepers who appreciate being enveloped by their mattresses. It comes in an easy and compact shipping box for maximum convenience!

The top layer of gel-infused foam works to dissipate heat for an ideal sleeping surface and also cradles your body for pressure relief.


Puffy mattresses feature multiple foam layers designed to maximize comfort. Their top layer, gel-infused memory foam, dissipates heat while providing cooling cushioning; two inches of humidity resistant foam designed to absorb moisture and promote airflow around the mattress follow; then there’s the 6-inch Core Support high-density polyfoam core that offers support and stability – it all adds up.

Puffy Mattress’s construction promotes spinal alignment and reduces pressure points, according to their own claim. Our survey data supports this statement with side sleepers citing significant pain relief as well as more relaxed shoulders and hips after using Puffy over other mattresses they had tested.

Sleepers will appreciate this bed’s medium firmness level of 5, which suits most individuals and sleeping positions. The deep contouring and soft upper foam layers help relieve pressure points around shoulders and hips for side sleepers, relieving pressure points in these areas.

However, this mattress may not be ideal for heavy back or stomach sleepers as its closely conforming foam layers could leave stomach sleepers feeling too sinky for optimal comfort.

The Puffy does a good job at limiting motion transfer, which ensures sleepers remain undisturbed by their partner’s movements throughout the night. This feature is especially valuable to couples sharing a mattress; many sleepers value its protection as a feature as well.

The Puffy provides above-average edge support for an all-foam mattress, though its edges aren’t quite as robust as some of the bed-in-a-box options we tested. This may pose problems for those who sleep near or sit up in bed for reading or viewing TV, though white glove delivery and mattress removal services may still be provided by certain retailers. Furthermore, no white glove delivery or mattress removal service is offered by Puffy; however if its edges do deform over time the company offers lifetime replacement warranties so the Puffy is an ideal option for anyone searching for comfortable yet long lasting sleep with lifetime warranties covering even wear and tear! Overall this mattress would make an excellent addition to anyone seeking comfort without breakage!

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The Puffy Mattress is a medium-firm bed designed to offer good pressure relief, cool comfort, and edge support. Crafted with CertiPUR certified foams free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals, its memory foams contour deeply around body curves for pressure relief, while evenly dispersing weight distribution across its surface – perfect for couples!

The top layer of cooling gel memory foam disperses heat while improving airflow to help the mattress stay cooler than traditional memory foam mattresses. The second layer, made up of climate comfort foam – humidity resistant yet firmer than memory foam – provides humidity resistance while supporting and stabilizing the mattress on a bed base. Lastly, 6″ high-density polyfoam at the base provides support while remaining stable on bed bases.

Like other all-foam mattresses, the Puffy Mattress can retain and trap heat. To counter this problem, they have infused its top memory foam layer with cooling gel. This prevents overheating while remaining comfortable even for people who generally find memory foam too warm.

One downside of the Puffy Mattress is its tendency to form permanent body impressions over time, or “sagging.” While this is normal in foam mattresses, some individuals may be bothered by it and its lifetime warranty covers any indentations greater than 1.5″ deep.

Puffy Mattress’s memory foam layers offer a soft and huggable sleeping surface ideal for all types of sleepers. Side sleepers will particularly appreciate its contoured memory foam layers; transition layers also assist in improving spinal alignment to avoid lower back arching that aggravates existing pain. Back sleepers should find it comfortable too; though very heavy individuals might sink too deeply into its top layers and create new hip or shoulder discomfort. Stomach sleepers need additional support than the Puffy can offer as this mattress might make their hip pain worse or cause new or worsen existing hip discomfort in their hips or shoulders.

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Motion Isolation

The Puffy mattress excels at motion isolation, effectively protecting sleep partners from disruptions caused by movement on their beds. This feature can be attributed to memory foam and polyfoam used within it – materials known for limiting vibrations and movement across its surface.

Mattresses made with cooling materials also offer added temperature regulation during the night, which is especially helpful if you struggle with controlling their body’s temperature while sleeping. But it should be noted that mattresses alone won’t do it – cooling bedding and sleepingwear may be needed too if this is an issue for you.

The mattress features a soft feel while still remaining sturdy enough for heavier individuals to receive adequate support and pressure relief from side sleeping, especially lightweight to average-weight people. Heavyweight individuals may find the soft feel too accommodating; prolonged time spent lying on their stomach could result in hip pain.

Back sleepers will find that the Puffy mattress provides enough support even for people weighing over 230 pounds, particularly smaller individuals as the weight distribution across its surface evenly distributes itself across it all. Heavier back sleepers, on the other hand, might benefit from switching up their mattress firmness depending on existing back issues.

The Puffy mattress is fairly long-lived for an all-foam mattress, though not quite as long-term-oriented as other memory foam options. This is likely due to its three-layer construction not providing as much airflow than some others do; thus increasing heat retention and risking sagging over time. Still, most foam mattresses typically last six or seven years before showing signs of indentation; additionally, Puffy offers lifetime warranties that cover indentations greater than 1.5″. As such, this mattress makes an excellent investment long term. For this reason alone it makes an excellent long term option!

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Pressure Relief

Puffy mattresses feature thicker-than-average foam layers that envelop and support your body for an exceptionally contouring sleeping experience. In addition, these layers offer pressure relief that may help ease back and neck pain. However, it may not be ideal for stomach sleepers since their hips sink in and may put too much strain on their spines.

Cooling Cloud Foam adjusts to your movements for a comfortable, stable sleep surface while also wicking away moisture and reducing heat to keep you cool. Next is 1.5-inches of gel-infused memory foam which contours around your curves for pressure relief and cooling support, followed by 7 inches of individually pocketed coils with high density foam rail for support and stability.

The Puffy Lux mattress is a medium-plush option that works well with most sleeping positions, especially side sleepers who weigh under 230 pounds. Back sleepers may find relief on it too; though firmer mattresses might provide better spinal alignment. Unfortunately, stomach sleepers shouldn’t use this mattress due to insufficient support preventing their hips from sinking too far into it and placing pressure on their lower spine.

The Puffy mattress’s construction and materials may not be the most durable, leading to indentations after just a few years of use. Luckily, however, the company offers both a 101-night sleep trial as well as a lifetime warranty covering indentations larger than 1.5″ or sagging that occurs within seven years.

Puffy Mattresses are proudly manufactured in the US using environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, and the company makes donations through its foundation that support children’s education and health. If you’re not completely satisfied after your 101-night trial period is up, return it for a full refund and have it donated directly to a local charity; pickup and delivery will be handled free of charge by Puffy’s logistics department. Their website features a handy tool that calculates shipping costs directly to your zip code.