Puffy Lux Mattress Reviews

The Puffy Lux is a soft mattress designed to provide ample support for side sleepers, and back sleepers alike may benefit from its lumbar alignment feature.

Motion isolation is excellent, so that neither partner will feel the other toss and turn during the night – an important feature when sharing a bed.

Memory Foam

The Puffy Lux Hybrid offers multiple layers of memory foam in addition to its coil base layer for increased contouring and cooling while offering bounciness and additional support.

The Puffy Lux features two memory foam layers made with open-cell foams designed to regulate temperature and keep you cool through the night, with its third layer comprising gel-infused memory foam to further decrease heat and promote cooler sleeping conditions. However, its considerable contouring may impede airflow around your body and trap heat; although this might not be an issue for most sleepers.

Puffy mattress offers another impressive feature – its ability to reduce motion transfer between you and your partner. Pocketed coils at the base help isolate movements so both of you can enjoy a peaceful night’s rest – an important benefit for couples sharing beds that struggle with finding mattresses with enough support to limit movement transfer.

The Puffy Lux offers excellent edge support, which is essential for sleepers who tend to roll out of bed or lie near the edges of their beds. Firm memory foam and extra foam reinforcements help the mattress support heavier people compared to its previous mattress which had poor edge support and was uncomfortably uncomfortable for heavy people. This mattress marks a marked improvement over its predecessor which offered poor edge support that was uncomfortable even for heavier individuals.

Although the Puffy Hybrid’s premium materials and outstanding edge support make it an excellent option for most sleepers, heavier stomach sleepers may not get sufficient pressure relief from it. Heavyweight back and side sleepers will sink deeply into its memory foam layers over time – leading to spinal alignment issues with time. If this sounds like you, why not check out our roundup of best mattresses for back and side sleepers instead? However, the company offers a 101-night trial period during which time if it’s not right for you they will even cover its return shipping charge while making charitable donations with charity instead if that option doesn’t suit?

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Gel-Infused Foam

Puffy claims its breathable memory foam and hybrid construction will keep sleepers cool throughout the night. A layer of gel-infused memory foam regulates temperature while its top two comfort layers feature open-cell foam for contouring while cooling – both features provided by Puffy.

The company adds an additional layer of Climate Comfort foam that wicks away moisture to keep the mattress odorless. Furthermore, its bottom layer features a Grip Base Cover to secure itself to foundation or bed frame to stop shifting during sleep.

At our tests, the Puffy Lux Hybrid scored highly on motion isolation and edge support; however, its responsiveness scores weren’t as impressive. This suggests that it may feel spongy or springy and won’t respond quickly enough to body weight compared to other mattresses; making life challenging for combination sleepers who change positions during the night or couples sharing one mattress.

While the Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress provides excellent body contouring, it may not be ideal for back or stomach sleepers due to insufficient support of lumbar area or alignment of spine, potentially leading to lower back pain. On the plus side, however, side sleepers will find relief as this mattress helps alleviate pressure off hips and shoulders.

This mattress’s top layer comprises a 1.5-inch layer of proprietary Cooling Cloud foam infused with gel to reduce heat build-up and increase airflow, and also features two inches of Climate Comfort poly foam that are both designed to help the mattress maintain an ideal sleeping temperature – though my testing revealed this was not as cooling than similar technologies-based mattresses.

Puffy mattresses arrive rolled up and should take several hours to fully decompress before unboxing them. Initial smell may persist for several days after unboxing; however, according to Puffy they should dissipate over time. Furthermore, free shipping, 101 night sleep trial period and lifetime warranty are included with their purchase.

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Puffy offers a 7-inch system of pocketed coils in its bottom layer that provide both bounce and structure, surrounded by high-density foam for strength and support. This layer also helps minimize motion transference – making this mattress suitable for couples sharing a bed.

This mattress is soft to the touch, making it an excellent choice for back and side sleepers who wish to avoid pressure point pain and maintain spinal alignment while experiencing plush, comfortable rest. Plus, anyone seeking plush, luxurious feel should also give this mattress serious consideration.

Side sleepers in particular will appreciate how well the mattress cradles their hips and shoulders, with memory foam layers providing plenty of cushioning to prevent their bodies from sinking too deeply into their mattress.

As this mattress is so soft, however, it doesn’t provide sufficient support for heavier individuals. Heavyweight side and back sleepers could find themselves sinking into its foam layers and experiencing morning soreness as a result of sinking further into its cushiony layers.

Memory foam layers also do a fantastic job of limiting motion transfer, meaning your partner won’t wake you during the night from moving around on their mattress. For firmer mattresses with greater edge support and additional benefits for couples, check out our list of best mattresses.

The Puffy Lux Mattress can only be purchased directly through its company website and comes in a box for shipping, offering customers a 101-night trial period to try it and return for a full refund if not satisfied with it.

As is to be expected with most beds-in-a-box mattresses, there may be some off-gassing upon initial delivery of this mattress. But rest easy knowing it has low VOC emissions and no harmful substances; making sure your health remains safe with this mattress! It has earned CertiPUR-US certification. This mattress contains no harmful substances or chemicals which means your safety can always be ensured!

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The Puffy Lux Mattress cover is soft and breathable, which helps the bed remain cool. However, due to the five inches of dense foam underneath the cover, some sleepers may experience overheating (although other factors such as room temperature, pajamas or sharing can play an impactful role). Although their proprietary “Cooling Cloud” foam cooling layer aims to alleviate this issue somewhat effectively compared with competing technologies from other brands.

This mattress excels at contouring to your body and providing pressure relief, earning high scores in our tests. Furthermore, its excellent support of spinal alignment earned it our highest GH Institute rating for back sleepers.

Puffy’s foam layers help limit motion transfer, making this mattress ideal for couples that tend to move around during sleep. As this hybrid mattress does not offer as much bounce as some all-foam models do (hence its lower test score in bounce), while still performing admirably in terms of pressure relief, cooling, and noise – which accounts for 60 percent of its GH Institute rating score.

The Puffy Lux offers an excellent trial period and lifetime warranty, but customer service can be hard to access during business hours. We attempted both calling and emailing to ask basic questions but never heard back from the company.

This mattress arrives free to your doorstep rolled up in a box that may be heavy to carry around by yourself. Therefore, we advise enlisting help from friends when moving it into your bedroom and onto a frame or platform – and then giving it time to decompress before using.

This mattress is an excellent choice for light side sleepers as its soft surface conforms to their shoulders and hips, helping alleviate joint pain on sensitive areas like shoulders and hips. Stomach sleepers should consider opting for firmer mattresses which keep their hips elevated to promote proper spinal alignment and ensure optimal spinal health.