Lull Mattress Reviews

The Lull mattress features a 7-inch layer of polyurethane foam for durability and strength, helping prevent it from sagging over time and providing additional spinal support.

This bed-in-a-box mattress boasts a medium firmness level and should meet the needs of most sleepers. The 1.5-inch transition layer helps balance weight distribution and sinkage.


The Lull mattress utilizes both memory and poly foams for an optimal sleeping experience, featuring gel to dissipate body heat for cool sleep and 7 inches of durable foam that fosters support and prevents sagging at its base. Furthermore, this CertiPUR-US certified product is free from harmful chemicals – perfect for anyone concerned about chemicals leaking into their system during sleep!

The mattress comes in several different sizes, including twin, queen and California king. Assembly is straightforward and the box it arrives in is compact and portable – although upon opening there may be an initial chemical smell that should dissipate within 24-48 hours.

This all-foam mattress boasts a medium firmness that’s suitable for most types of sleepers. Its top layer uses gel to draw body heat away and promote cooler sleep, and its breathable cover helps improve airflow. At its base is 7 inches of high-density poly foam for support that prevents sagging; in addition, there’s a 7-inch transition foam layer to isolate motion making this an excellent choice for couples sharing beds.

Although the Lull mattress offers excellent comfort, it may not provide enough support for all users. For instance, heavy individuals may not find enough pressure relief or stomach sleepers may experience hip sinkage from using it.

If you are heavier, it might be beneficial to switch up your mattress in terms of pressure relief and firmness. Unfortunately, the Lull mattress doesn’t provide great edge support which may make sleeping on their side or resting their head against the edge difficult – this could result in rolling off, so best for people who prefer sleeping on their back or front.

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The Lull mattress is an all-foam mattress featuring a durable poly foam base layer for support and prevention of sagging over time, motion isolation and protection for couples sleeping together. Furthermore, this all-foam mattress sleeps fairly cool for its type – perfect for most couples and hot sleepers!

Transitional layer of premium foam is responsive and ensures proper body alignment for most types of sleepers, while its top layers feature gel-infused memory foam with a cooling cover for added breathability and softness.

Overall, the Lull mattress is an excellent choice for most individuals. It provides firm support for back sleepers without being so firm as to cause pain or discomfort; however, firmness levels may differ based on individual needs and sleep positions.

Side sleepers will particularly benefit from this mattress, which offers firm yet soft support to relieve tension on shoulders and hips. Unfortunately, stomach sleepers might find this mattress unsuitable since it might sink too deeply into hips and throw off spine alignment; additionally, heavier people (250+ lb) might struggle with its lack of rigidity.

Although the Lull mattress provides adequate edge support, its main competitors offer stronger options that may make getting in and out of bed easier for heavier individuals. As such, getting into or out of bed might prove tricky on this mattress.

As with other mattresses-in-a-box options, the Lull mattress comes compressed and rolled up into a box about the size of a mini fridge. After arriving home it should take one or two days for it to fully decompress and expand; you may also wish to purchase a mattress protector to guard against spills or other potential stains. It is advised to open it right away as leaving it sitting inside its packaging can interfere with its performance.


Lull Mattress is a direct-to-consumer retailer selling mattresses online with free shipping and an optional sleep trial period. Additionally, this company also offers pillows and bed frames. All mattresses can be used either with an adjustable base or traditional box spring.

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Memory foam layers in this mattress provide pressure relief for back and side sleepers alike, with its transition layer and poly foam core designed to support their weight and keep it properly aligned while sleeping. Furthermore, its highly durable construction should keep its performance at an exceptional level for many years; its breathable cover helps prevent overheating while you rest, as does gel infusion at its surface which prevents overheating while sleeping.

This mattress should suit most sleeper types, although heavier individuals or those with back issues may experience difficulty. Heavier back and stomach sleepers might find their hips sink into the mattress too much when lying back or stomach sleeping causing pain and discomfort in the morning – it might be better for these individuals to opt for a firmer mattress with coils as opposed to an innerspring one.

Light back and side sleepers should find this mattress suitable. Their smaller bodies won’t compress the thin comfort layer too heavily, providing excellent spinal alignment without too much pressure in their shoulders or hips. Furthermore, the poly foam should support heavier frames fairly well while minimising sinkage in the center of the mattress.

Combo sleepers need a responsive mattress that can adapt to their shifting sleeping positions during the night. The Lull Mattress’s balanced foam feel should make it easy for them to move about on it and switch sleeping positions easily.

On its website, the company states that their foam mattress is CertiPUR-US certified as low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This certification indicates it contains no formaldehyde, ozone depleters, heavy metals or flame retardants – with its 10-year limited warranty covering any material defects or workmanship defects other than normal wear-and-tear issues; however this warranty does not cover softening over time, sagging more than 1.5 inches, physical flaws in fabric stitching or physical flaws in fabric stitching/fabric.

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The Lull mattress is one of the most cost-effective all-foam boxed mattresses on the market. Offering an ideal balance of comfort and support, this all-foam mattress can accommodate back or stomach sleepers, couples, light to medium weight side sleepers and combination sleepers who switch positions throughout the night. Returns are easy with no minimum or maximum return periods necessary; plus it ships free and fast within 1-4 business days to all 50 US states!

Though less costly than some competitors, the Lull still features high quality construction and materials. Furthermore, its unique features such as good motion isolation and cooling properties make it stand out; additionally it boasts excellent edge support – something often lacking from memory foam mattresses.

Lull mattress-in-a-box brands don’t usually require box springs; rather, their mattress works with standard or slatted bed frames and adjustable bases to meet environmental responsibility standards. Furthermore, Lull is part of both Sustainable Furnishing Council and Mattress Recycling Council, demonstrating its commitment to environmental responsibility.

The original Lull Mattress is a medium-firm bed constructed with three layers of high-quality foam: 1.5 inches of gel memory foam for comfort and pressure relief, 7 inches of poly foam core providing stability, support, and finally 10 inches of high density poly foam as a foundation layer.

Like all foam mattresses, the Lull Mattress initially has a faint chemical scent when first unboxed – this process, known as off-gassing, should dissipate within 24-48 hours. Customers have reported an excellent return policy and found customer service extremely friendly; additionally Reddit users and active military personnel frequently purchase this mattress as it offers 20% discounts – it’s nice that some have access to additional assistance affording it! In addition, active military personnel and veterans may qualify for special pricing; though this discount might not apply universally! This special perk gives those need extra help affording mattresses access to extra savings!