Avocado Green Mattress Reviews

Customers give the Avocado Green mattress high marks. Most find it responsive and cool-feeling with strong edge support.

Back sleepers tend to appreciate the Green’s lumbar support. Lightweight, average-weight and heavyweight side sleepers find an optimal combination of softness and support in its pillow top design.

The organic and hybrid Green is soft and lively due to the pocketed coil layer in its base/support layer.

It’s Eco-Friendly

If you prefer natural and earth-friendly products and are looking to purchase an organic mattress, the Avocado Green Mattress should be on your short list. This company is committed to eco-friendly practices such as recycling steel in innerspring coils and working with Climate Neutral to offset more carbon than they produce; although these practices may increase production costs slightly but have an indirect positive effect on the environment.

The company also uses natural latex mattresses, an environmentally-friendly material. Latex provides highly durable yet naturally breathable sleep surfaces to keep sleepers cool at night and is available in different sizes and firmness levels to meet individual sleeper needs.

Customers who have purchased the Avocado Green Mattress have reported it is comfortable, providing great support for back and stomach sleepers as well as ample pressure relief for side sleepers. Furthermore, customers have noted its good level of edge support as well as ease of movement on it; those experiencing hip pain have found this mattress beneficial as its 8″ layer provides zoned lumbar support.

While most sleepers appreciate the Avocado Green Mattress, it might not be right for everyone. Lighter side sleepers and those preferring soft or medium soft mattresses might benefit more from another organic/hybrid model that provides more cushioning or pay an additional $400-600 (depending on size) to add a pillow top add-on that cradles shoulders and hips more closely.

Other potential drawbacks of the Avocado Green Mattress include its higher cost than some alternatives, and that it may take longer for it to break in than usual. If interested, those wishing to test out an Avocado Green Mattress for one year and return it if not completely satisfied for a full refund; alternatively they can extend this warranty up to cover indentations of one inch or greater as well as physical flaws in material or manufacturer defects for one additional year; customer support can also be reached through chat, email, phone call and experience centers located in California and New Jersey for these options as well.

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It’s Comfortable

The Avocado mattress utilizes natural materials and an organic cotton cover to promote airflow, keeping you cool at night and wicking away moisture to reduce heat build-up – ideal for hot sleepers or people suffering mild-moderate back pain. Furthermore, this mattress is certified GREENGUARD Gold by UL Environment to meet stringent chemical emissions standards while being free from VOCs like formaldehyde emissions.

The Avocado Green Mattress comes standard with a firm feel, but a pillow top can soften it to medium firm for added contour and support for most back and stomach sleepers.

Side sleepers generally prefer softer surfaces as their bodies place additional strain on their shoulders and hips, though the Avocado does feature zoned coils which target these pressure points, the firmness could still prove too much for light to average-weight side sleepers, potentially leading to shoulder pain in the long run.

Stomach sleepers require a firmer mattress in order to keep their hips in a neutral position and the Avocado should provide plenty of support and firmness; however, heavier or obese individuals may find its firmness too firm and raise.

Back and neck pain sufferers could also benefit from the Avocado mattress’s superb spine alignment capabilities. Sleeping on it each night keeps the spine in an ideal position while its zoned lumbar support relieves any pressure on your lower back.

The Avocado’s responsiveness makes it a fantastic option for couples or combination sleepers who frequently switch positions throughout the night. Additionally, its motion isolation and edge support capabilities are good, though limited mobility may restrict some individuals.

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If sagging is an issue for you, the Avocado offers a 25-year warranty that covers indentations 1.5 inches or larger. To minimize sagging further, we advise using a high-performance foundation or platform bed and rotating your mattress regularly to help combat its development.

It’s Responsive

An adjustable mattress makes changing positions at night easy, which is essential for some types of sleepers. The Avocado Green mattress stands out by using organic latex in its construction as well as having a high density 1.0” layer of organic foam for structure and support.

Comfort layers on an Avocado Green mattress feature soft eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and wool, both made of eco-friendly materials. A natural latex cover adds extra cushion for even greater comfort, with optional pillow top add-ons available for extra softness. You can select either firm or medium firmness options depending on your firmness preference.

The 8.0” support layer features a zoned system of pocketed coils for optimal support and firmer feel, with wider, higher gauge coils in the upper and lower thirds for firmer support and denser, higher gauge coils densely packed for extra assistance in the center third. Furthermore, this mattress comes complete with reinforced edges for increased stability and durability.

Back and stomach sleepers alike will appreciate the Avocado Green mattress’s excellent lumbar support and soft-than-average firmness level for pressure relief, while heavier side sleepers may require something firmer in order to prevent shoulder pain.

Many customers love the Avocado Green mattress for its firm support and cooling properties; however, some find it too firm or lacking cushion. Furthermore, some have reported that over time it sags causing discomfort and reduced sleep quality.

The Avocado Green Mattress is an eco-conscious solution with comfort and support that’s still affordable compared to its pricier competitors. Take advantage of seasonal sales like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Black Friday for deals or use their 365 night sleep trial period and see if the mattress works for you.

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It’s Cooling

As a hybrid mattress, the Avocado Green features traditional zoned support coils made of organic cotton, natural latex, and wool – perfect for back sleepers looking for great lumbar support as well as the ideal softness/sinkage balance. Heavier side sleepers may find its elevated and firm surface too firm though.

This mattress provides a cool sleeping surface thanks to the natural materials it is constructed from, such as organic cotton and wool that help regulate temperature while natural latex provides a soothing cooling feel. Furthermore, this mattress does an effective job of isolating motion – something especially valuable for lighter sleepers or those sharing beds with tossers and turners.

In terms of responsiveness, the Avocado Green hybrid mattress surpasses expectations due to the use of bouncy latex that keeps the mattress from becoming overly stiff or unresponsive; making this mattress ideal for combination sleepers who tend to move around a lot at night.

Overall, customer reviews for the Avocado Green mattress have been generally positive. Customers praise its support and comfort levels as well as its responsiveness and ability to regulate temperature. Many reviewers also appreciate its eco-friendly features and brand values that it represents.

One issue some buyers have experienced with the Avocado Green mattress is an initial off-gassing smell when first opening it, which may be slightly overwhelming to some users. However, this odor should quickly dissipate once sleeping on it for several nights – it also features an exceptional warranty with free shipping/returns/recycling programs; all fantastic features to look out for when searching for their ideal mattress!