Zinus Mattress Reviews

Zinus manufactures mattresses and bed frames in twin, full, queen, king and short queen sizes as well as 6-, 10- and 12-inch height options.

Memory foam mattresses provide exceptional motion isolation – an invaluable feature for couples that toss and turn at night – as well as temperature regulation.

What is Zinus?

Zinus mattresses provide four memory foam models and nine hybrid mattresses at competitive prices, all featuring Certi-PUR certification that guarantees they’re free from harmful chemicals and odorless; plus their 10-year limited warranties cover manufacturer defects only; this does not cover general wear-and-tear or stains.

Zinus utilizes various kinds of foam in its mattresses, with each model available in multiple thicknesses. For instance, its Green Tea mattress boasts a 2.5-inch layer of green tea-infused memory foam and ActivCharcoal to improve airflow and comfort; additionally it boasts 2-inches of gel-like foam which helps regulate temperature; finally it features 5.5inches of high density base memory foam which offers support and structure.

Zinus’ Green Tea mattress also features a knitted jacquard fabric cover with subtle variations in color and pattern, providing comfort without compromising breathability and antimicrobial protection for durability. Zinus suggests spot cleaning with mild detergent in warm water for best results; harsh chemicals could damage memory foam and invalidate the warranty.

At 360 Labs, our tests showed that the Green Tea mattress offered good overall comfort and pressure relief; however, its responsiveness wasn’t as great as some other memory foam mattresses we tested. Furthermore, its lack of edge support could pose issues for some sleepers.

Overall, the Green Tea mattress offers great value for its price. While suitable for all sleeping positions and positions (though possibly less ideal for stomach sleepers). Unfortunately, its lack of support may necessitate looking elsewhere.

The Green Tea mattress is an economical solution for couples. Though less firm than some alternatives, it still provides enough support and features exceptional motion isolation properties so you won’t feel your partner moving during the night. We do advise finding something else if romance is what’s important to you though!

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Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Zinus’ Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress is an all-foam bed designed with three distinct layers of CertiPUR-US certified foams, beginning with its top layer: a Jacquard knit cover featuring cooling gel which transfers body heat away from the sleep surface; followed by comfort and transition layers composed of 2 inches soft memory foam that conforms to body contours and reduces pressure points; followed by airflow foam which prevents sinkage while simultaneously offering hot air an outlet.

Zinus’ top layer mattress boasts a classic memory foam feel that suits most back and side sleepers who require pressure relief and spinal alignment. The slow response to pressure helps cradle your body for pain relief at hips and shoulders while green tea and ActivCharcoal infuse circulation, absorb moisture, neutralize odor and keep sleeping cool – plus there is also a soft fabric cover to keep you cozy at night.

This mattress may not be ideal for heavy people or stomach sleepers due to its foam core’s lack of springs to provide bounce. Heavier sleepers may fall through the top layers, leading to inadequate support that could potentially cause long-term body pain. 10″ and 12″ models should only be considered suitable for people weighing under 230 pounds while 8″ mattresses provide more petite support ideal for teens, college students or guest bedrooms.

Zinus mattresses can only be found online and come shipped in a box, compressed into a large bag for protection and with the bed compressed inside – great for budget shoppers! Zinus offers a 100-night sleep trial period and standard 10-year warranty; additionally they also provide White Glove delivery at an additional charge. Zinus is competitively priced compared to similar memory foam beds making them an excellent budget-minded purchase option.

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam

Zinus’ Green Tea memory foam mattress is an affordable bed in a box offering comfortable sleep at a competitive price. Ideal for light sleepers (under 130 pounds), back and side sleepers in need of pressure relief, contoured hug and pressure relieving capabilities; also suitable for couples as it isolates motion well.

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This mattress’s memory foam has been specially treated with green tea and activated charcoal to minimize off-gassing odors associated with memory foam mattresses, although a slight smell should dissipate within several days to a week.

Zinus mattresses employ four layers of memory foam and high-density poly foam for ultimate support and comfort. The 6-inch model contains one memory foam layer with 5-inch high-density poly foam beneath, while 8-inch and 10-inch models boast two memory foam layers with thicker top-level and bottom-level foam layers for an increased level of support and cushion.

These mattresses feature a firmness rating of medium, making them suitable for most sleepers. Unfortunately, however, these beds lack sufficient edge support so those needing plenty of space around their bed should consider hybrid or spring mattresses instead. Also note that soft structure mattresses may cause stomach sleepers to sink too deeply into their mattress surface.

People with chronic back pain should look elsewhere when considering memory foam mattresses as these tend to cater towards lighter bodyweights and don’t provide sufficient support for those over 230 pounds. Furthermore, hot sleepers should keep in mind that memory foam tends to trap body heat.

The Green Tea Mattress comes in standard twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes as well as a short queen size designed to fit an RV. For easier shipping and storage purposes, the mattress comes compressed in a box measuring 24″x 18″x 16″. We advise taking steps to allow the mattress to fully expand prior to sleeping on it as otherwise, an indentation could form.

Zinus Hybrid Memory Foam

Zinus mattress features a conforming memory foam feel to cushion pressure points and make for an ideal sleeping surface for most types of sleepers. Our tests found it had excellent motion isolation – making it particularly suitable for couples. Plus, its affordable pricing makes this bed-in-a-box option worth consideration.

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We conducted rigorous mattress tests, such as its ability to support heavier individuals and respond well to movement and heat, making the Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam our go-to mattress at this price point. Plus, there’s an impressive 100-night trial period and free returns!

This mattress boasts an upper layer that feels like a plush pillow top quilted into a microfiber cover, filled with green tea and ActivCharcoal to regulate body temperature and draw away sweat. Furthermore, 2″ of cooling gel memory foam conforms to your body to relieve pressure points before being joined by 4″ of high-density base foam that gives structure without sinking in too deeply into the mattress.

Zinus hybrid mattress differs from many others by featuring a traditional innerspring core instead of memory foam. The springs provide some bounce that makes moving around or changing positions easier, and also help dampen motion transfer between partners, so no one wakes up during shifts of position changes.

The middle layer is comprised of 3.5″ of airflow memory foam designed to allow cooler air into your mattress and keep you from overheating while supporting your weight and providing comfort. Finally, there’s 5.5″ of high-density support foam which keeps it from becoming too soft while adding structure and support to the overall mattress structure.

Zinus Green Tea Hybrid Memory Foam mattresses come in 10″, 12″, and 14″ depth models, each offering different firmness levels. The 12″ model offers plush medium firmness while 14″ is supportive medium-firm; therefore accommodating most sleepers. All layers in this mattress are composed of eco-friendly materials while its quilted cover adds an elegant aesthetic; taking off this cover may void fire safety certification and release fibreglass particles into your home environment.