Big Fig Mattress Reviews

Big Fig’s plus size mattress design takes into account everything that heavier people desire in a mattress: excellent motion isolation, strong edge support and hip pain relief.

Big Fig’s hybrid design incorporates foam and coils for optimal support, eliminating sagging over time. Cooling technologies such as ThermoGel fabric and gel-infused latex to keep hot sleepers cool throughout the night are also included to keep everyone comfortable.


The Big Fig mattress is a firm mattress designed specifically to support larger frames. Constructed from layers of actively cooling and breathable foams to support your weight and alleviate pressure points such as hips and back. Furthermore, its pocketed coil system helps strengthen it against motion transfer while its top layer quilted with ThermoGel fabric keeps you cool while sleeping.

Back and stomach sleepers alike will appreciate this mattress’s firmness as it offers ample hip and spine support, thanks to its pocketed coils which also prevent sagging associated with all-foam mattresses. Shoulder pain can also be addressed effectively thanks to multiple foam layers that prevent pressure build-up while latex and poly foam cushions cushion their shoulders; though light sleepers may find this option less suitable.

Side sleepers will also find relief on the Big Fig mattress from shoulder and hip pain, thanks to its medium-to-firm feel that is designed specifically to meet their needs. Plus, its high density edge foam will keep them from rolling off even when sleeping close to its edge!

This mattress is highly resilient, able to support up to 1,100 pounds, and it comes with an industry-leading 20-year warranty. Featuring thick coils and reinforced foam edges for long-term performance.

The Big Fig mattress comes packaged in a box for ease of transportation around your home or apartment, taking only a few hours to expand in its box before further developing on your bed foundation. Lifting and carrying are advised. White glove delivery services may offer setup as well as old mattress removal for an added fee.

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As with all new mattresses, the Big Fig may produce an initial scent when unboxed; this process is known as off-gassing and will gradually dissipate as the mattress breathes in its environment. We advise waiting a few days before sleeping on it in order to allow its aromas to subside.


The Big Fig mattress is an innovative hybrid bed designed to offer maximum cooling. It uses breathable foams, gels, and pocketed coils to keep you at an ideal sleeping temperature throughout the night. Plus, its quilted mattress cover contains ThermoGel technology which absorbs sweat into a cool refrigerant – helping prevent body impressions that would indicate poor durability!

This mattress is highly responsive, which makes it a good option for people who change positions often during sleep. Furthermore, its edge support helps heavier sleepers avoid the roll-off feeling and its firmness rating of 8 out of 10, which means less likely sagging over time.

Heavyweight Sleepers

The Big Fig mattress’s firm feel makes it the ideal solution for people weighing more than 230 pounds, as its upper layers offer comfort while the bottom layer offers enough support to promote proper sleeping posture and promote restful night’s rest.

Back and stomach sleepers alike will appreciate this mattress because its firmness can lift hips to prevent back pain while offering cushioned support to chest and shoulders. All-foam mattresses may sink too deeply into your body and lead to unnecessary pain.


The Big Fig mattress is an excellent option for couples, due to its strong edge and motion isolation properties. With its layered construction and high-density foams, its design prevents one person from moving around the bed easily while simultaneously protecting partners from rolling into each other.

The Big Fig Mattress stands 13 inches and is constructed of multiple layers of actively cooling and breathable materials. Its cotton/wool blend cover features ThermoGel technology for cooling sleep. Next is gel-infused latex foam which offers responsive feel while improving airflow; finally there’s 1″ poly foam which adds support and durability before there is an inner core with pocketed coils at its base to evenly distribute weight distribution and reduce pressure points like hips or spine.

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Big Fig mattresses are specifically tailored to larger people and built to last, boasting a 20-year warranty – twice that of typical mattresses! Their coil and foam construction makes the Big Fig less likely to suffer sagging or body impressions.

In addition to its long warranty, the Big Fig mattress also boasts strong edge support and motion isolation, essential features for sleepers who share beds or have mobility issues. Furthermore, its top layer – composed of breathable knit fabric with ThermoGel technology that helps regulate temperature regulation and dissipate heat – keeps its mattress cool for all types of sleepers including side sleepers and back sleepers alike.

Big Fig Mattress stands apart from traditional mattresses by not off-gassing – which refers to when new mattresses release offensive smells, potentially irritating sleepers. But that won’t be an issue with Big Fig because its not roll packed and made in America – plus, delivery direct to your door eliminates waiting periods!

Big Fig mattress provides traditional innerspring support while its top layer of latex foam adds a pillow-top sensation, making this combination an excellent option for back and stomach sleepers, providing ample support in both positions. Furthermore, it’s ideal for heavier individuals seeking a firmer mattress without sag or alignment issues.

Big Fig mattresses may be too firm for lighter sleepers. While more costly than other options, Big Fig mattress are perfect for heavier people seeking durable and supportive support from a mattress. Regular promotions on their website make the Big Fig more cost effective; check the green discount box on Big Fig website regularly to see what promotions may be running and don’t forget their 120 night sleep trial to try before making up your mind!

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The Big Fig mattress boasts layers of foam and coils to offer support and comfort, with medium firmness for individual support up to 550 pounds or couples up to 1,100 pounds per bed size. Furthermore, this hybrid mattress comes complete with an anti-sag base layer which prevents sagging while adding durability.

The Big Fig mattress boasts a plush, soft knit blend cover designed to dissipate body heat and regulate temperature, while its foam layers feature gel-infused memory foam perforations that promote airflow for cooling purposes. Furthermore, an adjustable base can be set into various preset positions – such as flatness, anti-snoring or zero gravity – making this mattress both versatile and comfortable.

This mattress is ideal for heavy back and stomach sleepers as it provides excellent lumbar support that will relieve tension on hips and shoulders. However, average-weight and lighter side sleepers may find this too firm a mattress.

Heavy sleepers require a thick and firm mattress that can support their weight without sinking under their own weight and creating body impressions. The Big Fig mattress is thick yet sturdy – the perfect combination for supporting heavier sleepers.

The Big Fig offers superior edge support. Its edges are reinforced with high-density foam to prevent them from collapsing when someone sits or lies down on them. This mattress also boasts an impressive responsive feel, meaning it quickly returns to its original form after pressure has been released from it. This feature is crucial in prolonging its longevity since a mattress with poor responsiveness will soon sag and form body impressions faster than one with responsive qualities. Big Fig mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty that protects against manufacturer defects and other issues that might occur throughout their lifecycle. In addition, customers who aren’t entirely satisfied can take advantage of a 120-night sleep trial period and free shipping, giving them ample time to return it if it does not suit them.