Emma Mattress Review

As with other bed-in-a-box brands, Emma provides an extended 100 night trial and 10-year warranty (subject to conditions). Their mattress comes compressed in the box but quickly expands upon opening.

Trustpilot reviews for Emma Original are generally positive, though a few comments focus on firmness and delivery issues. Customers who find their mattress too firm may contact the company to receive an additional free comfort layer.


The Emma mattress is a hybrid mattress constructed with both breathable and memory foam layers, including 1.5 inches of open-pored Airgocell foam that promotes breathability and cooling, combined with slow-reacting memory foam for contoured support and balanced cushioning of your body.

The middle layer of a mattress features proprietary foam designed to keep sleepers cool while responding quickly to pressure, combined with seven ergonomic zones of pocket springs for weight distribution support. Furthermore, an anti-slip cover layer helps prevent layers above from shifting during sleep.

As with the original, this hybrid mattress provides superior pressure relief for back and stomach sleepers alike, while providing some bounce to relieve side sleeper’s aches and pains. Unfortunately, however, it does not feel quite as soft than some other mattresses; light side sleepers may find it too firm. Heavy sleepers should request a free comfort layer in order to soften up their mattress experience.

Although both Emma Original and Hybrid Comfort mattresses provide good edge support, they may not provide as solid of support as some other hybrid models. This could pose an issue for those who like sleeping near or on the edge of the bed or wanting to sit up in bed. Noteworthy is also how strong edge support increases longevity of any mattress over time.

Trustpilot reviews were predominantly positive, but some customers did vent frustration over delivery/return policies or firmness issues with the mattress we tested. Firmness can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as weight, shape and size as well.

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This mattress arrives compressed in a box and requires several days to fully expand. When it’s ready, there may be an initial off-gassing odor from new materials which should subside within three to four days.


The mattress features six layers, all designed to provide optimal support and comfort. The bottom layer consists of high-density poly foam infused with gel for additional support and durability; memory foam conforms to your body to relieve pressure points; while Emma’s ultradry fabric helps regulate temperature while also wicking away sweat from sweaty bodies. The mattress can accommodate two people at the same time comfortably.

Our test sleepers found the Emma Original to be an ideal combination of softness and support, thanks to its memory foam layer conforming to their hips and shoulders while its poly foam support core kept their bodies aligned. Furthermore, its thicker edges prevented any excessive sagging that is common with memory foam mattresses – although sleepers over 230 pounds or who roll around during their night may feel safer on a firmer mattress.

Emma mattresses, like all Emma mattresses, are shipped compressed in a box, complete with an easy cutting tool and care booklet filled with helpful hints for cleaning and maintaining them. Unboxing usually takes between one to two hours but for optimal results allow it to fully expand overnight.

Lifting and moving a mattress requires strength, especially if your home contains stairs. If you feel anxious about handling it yourself, opt for White Glove delivery instead at an additional cost; one of our service members will set up your new bed while taking away the old one for you.

Some new mattresses may emit an unpleasant odor when first unboxed, this is normal and caused by off-gassing – when a vacuum seal breaks, organic chemicals enter the air through leakage into your room’s ventilation system and release into it. As long as there’s sufficient ventilation in your room, any noticeable odor should soon disappear.

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Emma offers its customers an enticing 200-night sleep trial period to test out if their mattress meets your individual needs and preferences. This trial gives plenty of time to decide if a particular mattress suits you well; an invaluable service that eliminates risk when purchasing new beds! If unsatisfied, simply contact customer service and they will arrange for its return or refund.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is one of the Emma mattress’s greatest strengths, thanks to three thick layers that work in unison to block movement from affecting other ends of the bed. This feature makes it especially helpful for couples sharing sleeping space as movement between partners can often disrupt sleep and make sleeping difficult.

The combination of breathable cover and ventilated foam helps promote airflow to help you stay cool through the night. Airgocell provides pressure-relief, while UltraDry Original contributes breathability and regulates temperature regulation for improved breathability and temperature regulation. Furthermore, this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that it meets stringent health and environmental standards.

Back sleepers will appreciate its firmer feel, which promotes optimal lumbar support. However, heavier back sleepers may find the mattress too firm. On the other hand, side sleepers should appreciate how it provides plenty of lift for hip alignment.

As for the rest of the bed, Shift Core is composed of durable memory-hybrid material designed to alleviate pressure points across your body. An intermediate layer made up of visco-elastic memory foam distributes weight optimally while conforming to unique contours on your body; finally a durable yet breathable comfort foam base layer completes the piece.

Emma Mattress stands out with its exceptional edge support, an essential feature for many sleepers. With reinforced edges to prevent it from sagging over time – something which often happens with foam mattresses – Emma stands out.

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This mattress stands out due to its easy assembly and setup. As it comes packaged in a box, assembling your Emma mattress takes just minutes; simply unroll it, remove plastic wrap, and put it onto your bed frame – this whole process should take less than five to ten minutes and comes with both a generous trial period and 10-year warranty to protect you against potential risks.


The Emma Original mattress is a medium-firm bed designed to offer adequate support to all sleep positions while striking an optimal balance between softness and firmness. Additionally, its gel layer helps isolate motion transfer well while sleeping cooler than many all-foam mattresses due to its convoluted support core design. Although heavier than many memory foam beds (weighing approximately 58 pounds for queen sizes), its handles allow it to be moved around easily once set in its place.

The company provides free shipping within the continental US, has a 365-night trial, and 10-year warranty policy. Furthermore, they provide regular discounts throughout the year as well as having a special sale section on their website.

Overall, Emma boasts an outstanding customer rating with 76% of Trustpilot reviews being marked as excellent or very good. Reviewers like how easily it conforms to their bodies, providing outstanding support for back pain sufferers while remaining comfortable for all sleeping positions.

Some customers have noted that their mattress is slightly too soft, although this seems to be common with foam mattresses overall. Others have noticed an initial scent known as off-gassing which quickly dissipates.

Some reviews have noted that Emma Original mattresses tend to sag over time, which is common with all memory foam models. If sagging concerns you, hybrid models which combine pocket springs and memory foam may provide better durability – overall though this all-foam mattress would suit most sleepers well.