Casper Mattress Reviews

Casper is one of the premier bed-in-a-box brands, shipping their mattresses directly to your door in an easily transportable package for setup.

The original mattress also does a fantastic job at minimizing motion transfer, which makes it ideal for couples sharing beds or those who sleep with pets who move about during the night.


Comparative to other mattresses on the market, Casper Original costs less. It features fewer layers and a softer overall feel that make it suitable for side, back, combination sleepers as well as lighter-framed individuals. Made of memory foam for good pressure relief yet lacking responsiveness when it comes to movement like coil or hybrid mattresses would.

The top layer of this bed features a proprietary form of polyfoam with thousands of perforations to increase airflow, as well as breathable pocketed coils to dissipate heat and keep users cool during sleep. Many sleepers appreciate these features; in particular those who get hot during the night. Unfortunately, however, some users reported an overwhelming chemical scent during initial off-gassing periods of the mattress.

Casper mattresses tend to offer a balanced medium feel that offers both support and pressure relief. Their flagship mattress, the Original Casper, fits this mold. While it is suitable for most body types and sleeping positions, heavy stomach sleepers may find its softness uncomfortable; its softness may cause hips to sink too deeply and put undue strain on their spines.

If you prefer firmer mattresses, Casper has several other options that might suit. The Casper Nova is a mid-level model suitable for most sleepers – stomach and back alike. It features firmer foams in the lower back and shoulders to aid spinal alignment, but offers softer feels in other parts. You can purchase it both online or at select Target stores; and is shipped straight to your door, making set up easy.


The Casper Original mattress offers a medium feel. The top layer features perforated breathable foam to promote airflow and keep the bed cooler, with memory foam conforming to your body and relieving pressure points in its middle layer, plus high density polyurethane foam providing support and preventing sagging as its base layer – all layers certified CertiPUR-US free from ozone depleters and formaldehyde emissions.

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The ideal comfort level of a mattress depends on a person’s weight and sleeping position. Lighter back sleepers usually prefer mattresses with a softer surface feel while heavier individuals typically find more support in firmer beds. Casper mattresses feature a medium feel which should provide comfortable support to both light and heavy back sleepers alike.

Side sleepers should also find great satisfaction with the Casper mattress. The softness of its foam layers helps relieve shoulder and hip pressure while its Zoned Support layer offers added lumbar support – making it an excellent option for side sleepers suffering from back pain. Unfortunately, heavy stomach sleepers may find the Casper too soft; their bodies could sink too deeply into it which could dislocate their spines.

Casper mattresses are an ideal choice for couples, as they feature excellent edge support – this makes getting in and out of bed much simpler; no rolling off of the edge needed! Furthermore, these beds boast low motion transfer – ideal for sleeping alongside someone who tosses and turns throughout the night.


The Casper Original Hybrid mattress features three layers of polyfoam for ultimate support, including zoned support. The top layer, known as Airscape memory foam, has thousands of perforations designed to promote airflow and disperse heat away from you while conforming to your body and relieving pressure points. A middle high-density foam provides foundation support while its bottom standard density layer prevents sinkage or sagging. All three foams in this mattress are CertiPUR-US certified as being free from ozone depleters or other chemicals.

This mattress boasts excellent edge support, making it the ideal option for anyone who prefers sleeping on the side or who shares a mattress with a partner. Furthermore, its motion isolation properties help prevent your partner’s tosses and turns from disturbing your sleep during the night.

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One thing holding back this mattress from being considered one of the best is its ineffective performance for heavier individuals, including individuals weighing more than 230 pounds who may experience excessive sinkage at the center of the mattress and possibly misalignment in their spines.

Although Casper mattresses are fairly durable, their construction still makes them less so than hybrid or coil mattresses due to their fewer layers of foam. Although Casper can last up to seven years on average, its trial period might not suit those looking for long-term support from their bed.


Casper mattresses have earned themselves an excellent reputation for reliability. The company provides a 100-night risk-free trial period and 10-year warranty, so that consumers can test out if their mattress suits them perfectly; should anything go amiss, Casper will come pick it up free of charge!

This company has also been widely recognized for their outstanding customer service. Customers often praise how easy and fast it is to buy and set up their mattress, with some users noting how quickly their new one arrives and that they can begin using it immediately. Unfortunately, however, some users may complain that there is not enough support for heavier people.

Another frequently reported mattress flaw is insufficient comfort foam, leading to pressure point problems for heavier individuals. This is often a concern with mattresses with less than 4″ of comfort foam; to remedy the situation, purchase one with more comfort foam.

The mattress also offers very limited edge support, presenting problems to those who prefer sleeping or sitting at the edge. One user noted that when they sat down on it, part of it collapsed under them – this might be beneficial in some ways but uncomfortable or unsafe in others.

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This mattress is ideal for people seeking a medium firm feel. Its construction includes three memory foam layers – starting with its comfortable top layer that features thousands of perforations for breathability; followed by zoned support layers featuring various degrees of firmness to provide targeted support; and finally by its solid foundation that prevents sinkage or sagging – as well as base foam – offering excellent foundation support against sinkage or sagging.

Customer Service

Casper offers an innovative approach to mattress sales: they offer a 100-night risk-free trial period and limited 10-year warranty; unlike other mattress companies with similar offerings, Casper mattresses may only be returned if defective; additionally they have an impressive policy which allows donors to donate them if it does not suit. It’s a great way to save money while giving back.

Casper mattresses are an excellent option for people who are busy and don’t have time to wait in a showroom or deal with deliverymen. Their website is user-friendly and their mattresses arrive in an easily manageable box that can easily be opened and setup on beds – perfect if you live in apartments or don’t have access to a truck!

Casper mattresses feature an efficient design featuring three foam layers: poly foam for comfort, memory foam for pressure relief, and support foam to prevent sinking and sagging. Each mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, guaranteeing it contains low levels of volatile organic compounds without emitting formaldehyde or other ozone depleters into the atmosphere.

Many customers were delighted with the ease of buying and receiving their Casper mattress. One user noted that it arrived in an easily opened small box, taking less than an hour to put its cover on. Another said the mattress initially gave off an unpleasant chemical scent when first unboxed but eventually dissipated after two days in an air-conditioned environment.