Bigfig Mattress Reviews

The Bigfig mattress was specifically created with plus-size sleepers in mind. It is thick, durable, and extra supportive – three qualities needed by plus-size sleepers in their mattress.

Foam layers and individually wrapped coils offer excellent motion isolation and edge support to provide couples with a good night’s rest without disturbing each other. This mattress offers excellent motion isolation and edge support to allow couples to sleep soundly without disturbing each other’s restful rest.


The Big Fig mattress is specifically tailored for larger sleepers. As a hybrid mattress featuring innerspring coils and multiple comfort layers of high-density foam, gel foam and latex, the bed offers 120 nights of free trial sleep time with free shipping in both king and queen sizes.

The cover of the Big Fig mattress features 1″ of ThermoGel cooling foam. Below this layer lies cooling gel-infused latex foam. Following that comes two inches of memory foam. Additionally, its pocketed coil support layer helps prevent sagging over time.

High-density poly foam provides support and durability to a mattress while helping prevent off-gassing smells from seeping through. An 80 ILD high-density poly foam layer adds edge support by surrounding coils with support. Edge support should be given due consideration when purchasing heavier sleeping options as this decreases risk of rolling off of bed when lying near its edges.

Overall, the Big Fig mattress offers responsive pressure relief to most sleepers. The foam layers combine into a surface that springs back quickly after relieving pressure; this feature can especially aid those suffering from joint pain as it limits movement during the night and thus sleep can become easier for these individuals.

Average weight stomach sleepers will find ample hip support on the Big Fig mattress due to its firmness lifting their hips into line with their shoulders – helping relieve lower back pain and improve posture during their night of restful slumber.

Heavyweight back sleepers should find comfort on the Big Fig mattress due to its extra-firm construction and support of spine health. However, some might find its foam layers too firm; in such instances it would be wiser to opt for something softer like an option with lower firmness levels.

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Big Fig recently unveiled an adjustable base that can be purchased separately from its mattresses. Made of wood and steel, this base can support up to 1,250 pounds, including anti-snore and zero gravity positions pre-set for anti-snoring and zero-gravity positions, controlled via remote. Compatible with most existing mattresses, customers cannot return it and it comes with a 10-year manufacturer defect warranty against manufacturer fault.


An appropriate mattress for heavy people can have a dramatic impact on sleep quality and reduce back pain. According to one study, an ideal mattress would support the spine while relieving pressure from shoulders, hips and buttocks.

This bed features a hybrid construction with layers of breathable foam, cooling gel, pocketed coils and reinforced edges with high-density polyfoam to protect it against sagging. Additionally, its reinforced edges and high-density polyfoam reinforcement help safeguard its longevity and keep sagging to a minimum.

The top comfort layer consists of an aerated latex with gel infusion designed to keep the bed cool while remaining responsive and accommodating moderately to body contours. It is topped off by 1″ quilted ThermoGel foam for additional cooling support, followed by three additional 1″ polyfoam layers that provide sturdy support while strengthening pocketed coils for longevity.

These layers and pocketed coils can support up to 1,100 pounds, making it an excellent option for heavyweight back or stomach sleepers. Unfortunately, it may be too firm for lighter sleepers who need something softer for proper spinal alignment – particularly side sleepers who require softer mattresses for proper spinal alignment.

It is also not suitable for average-weight side sleepers as it won’t provide sufficient pressure relief in the hip area. Finally, this mattress shouldn’t be considered by those with back pain as it won’t provide relief to their lower back and neck areas.

Although the Big Fig mattress has received positive reviews, heavier sleepers may wish to explore alternative mattresses with more cushion and air flow for maximum comfort and cooling properties. This mattress from Sleep Like the Dead comes with a generous 120-night trial period and excellent customer service, making it an excellent option for people with questions or issues regarding their purchase. Furthermore, its edge support feature makes this bed an excellent pick for couples sharing beds. Poorly supported edges on mattresses pose a roll-off risk and limit how much room each sleeper has during the night. In contrast, Big Fig mattress offers solid edge support which enables sleepers to use all areas of their bed without the risk of rolling off of its sides.

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The Big Fig is a durable, supportive mattress made with plus-sized sleepers in mind. It can withstand distributed weights of up to 1100lbs and provides excellent edge support. It also features a 3″ layer of dense foam that improves perimeter support, making it great for heavier sleepers. Its sturdy construction can also prevent sagging over time. The Big Fig has been rated highly by customers and is backed by a 20 year warranty.

The foams used by the Big Fig are CertiPUR-US certified. This means that they don’t contain toxic chemicals and meet low VOC (volatile organic compounds) standards. They are also free of ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This means that you’ll get a high-quality mattress with reduced health risks and improved indoor air quality.

Users give the Big Fig high marks for comfort, support, and reduction of back pain and joint pain. However, the mattress is firmer than some smaller sleepers might prefer, and it can be too hard for side sleepers.

This mattress has a unique construction with a layer of gel-infused latex foam to promote cooling and contouring comfort. This layer is then followed by a 3 mini layers of high-density poly foam for added transitioning support and firmness. This helps to give the Big Fig its no-sag cushioning.

The Big Fig’s hybrid innerspring construction uses a combination of pocketed coils and memory foam to provide the best of both worlds. The coils provide structure, while the foam allows for movement to keep the body cool. The coils are individually wrapped, so they won’t lose their resilience over time like traditional mattresses do.

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The Big Fig is an eco-friendly choice, with the memory foam and pocketed coils being CertiPUR-US certified. Its foams are free of ozone depleters, and it doesn’t contain any PBDE flame retardants or mercury. The company also uses recycled materials in its cover and foundation. The mattress and foundation arrive compressed in a box, so there may be a slight off-gassing odor for the first few days, but it will dissipate quickly.


The Big Fig Mattress was specifically created for plus-size individuals and offers an innovative sleep surface consisting of specialty density foams combined with an innerspring core for maximum support, eliminating sagging. Furthermore, its good edge support and minimal motion transfer provide excellent quality of sleep – available in queen and king sizes respectively.

The mattress features a quilted cover containing 1″ of ThermoGel foam for cooling and pressure relief, as well as an airflow-promoting layer of gel-infused latex foam for a responsive feel. Furthermore, three high-density polyfoam layers protect against sagging while adding comfort – this mattress also includes pocketed coils to support heavier people without transferring motion transfer.

This mattress boasts an 8/10 rating on the firmness scale. Ideal for stomach and back sleepers, lightweight side sleepers may find this too firm; plus its foams and cover are breathable to make sleeping cool!

Big Fig mattress features a 20-year non-prorated warranty covering sagging, coil issues and other defects. They will repair or replace defective mattresses or foundations free of charge; however a valid proof of purchase must be presented in order to qualify for this coverage.

Big Fig offers an industry-leading 100-night sleep trial period and free shipping and removal service, giving customers ample time to decide if a mattress fits them.

The Big Fig mattress is an excellent option for anyone seeking a plus-size mattress with an excellent warranty and sleep trial period. While more costly than some competitors, this bed remains affordable to most consumers. Furthermore, its sturdy base allows easy assembly with preset positions for reclining, anti-snoring and zero gravity settings; additionally it includes an adjustable base so users can raise and lower both ends of their mattress simultaneously.