Bear Mattress Reviews

The Bear mattress arrives vacuum-packed, rolled up and boxed. Due to its heavy nature and need for assistance when transporting from front porch to bedroom, make sure that you plan accordingly.

The company also offers an optional Celliant-infused cover which they claim helps users recuperate while sleeping by absorbing body heat and redirecting it toward encouraging blood circulation – this costs an additional $130.

What is Bear?

Bear Mattress Company provides direct-to-consumer mattresses designed to make high-performance sleep easier to achieve. Their collection offers various options designed with athletes and people with active lifestyles in mind.

The Bear Original bed is ideal for back sleepers who are light or average-weight, providing good spinal alignment without sinkage and providing responsive feel that allows easy position switching throughout the night.

Like other all-foam mattresses, the Bear Original may experience initial off-gassing upon opening its packaging, though any unpleasant odors usually dissipate within days. Furthermore, all foam components used are CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified for low volatile organic compound emissions; additionally this mattress features low density for an improved sleeping surface and temperature regulation.

Does Bear Sleep Cool?

Bear offers an innovative bed-in-a-box option with both GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certifications to reduce chemical emissions. When opening its packaging, there may be an initial slight off-gassing odor from its foam mattress; this should quickly dissipate after several hours.

The mattress’s top layer features soft, thick gel-infused memory foam that conforms to your body for pressure relief and support, as well as graphite-infused gel flecks to help channel heat away from you while sleeping.

The next layer is responsive transition foam with a firmer feel than memory foam above. This layer reduces sinkage and positions sleepers more “on” the bed rather than “in” it while also adding lumbar support. Finally, durable high-density polyfoam provides support and structure to complete this bed set-up.

Does Bear Sleep Comfortably?

The Bear mattress, handmade in America and designed to promote sleep and athletic recovery, is ideal for light to average-weight back sleepers looking for a firm surface to keep their spine aligned without excessive sinkage.

However, this mattress might be too firm for light or average-weight side sleepers who would benefit from a softer mattress to cradle their hips and shoulders more comfortably. Heavy stomach sleepers might wish to consider one of our memory foam mattresses instead.

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The Bear mattress is an excellent option for couples sharing a bed as its responsive motion-absorbing technology protects partners from disturbing each other when tossing and turning at night, especially those with sensitive hearing or eyesight. Furthermore, there’s a generous trial period as well as limited warranty coverage offered with it.

Does Bear Sleep Stable?

Bear Mattress’ top layer of memory foam contains graphite and gel particles that act as excellent heat conductors to help you sleep cooler. In addition, Celliant material from its cover promises to channel body energy for faster recovery and increased blood flow.

Foam mattresses may not be known for being particularly responsive to pressure, but our testers found that the Bear was responsive enough and easy to move around on, which should make it an excellent option for combination sleepers who change positions frequently throughout the night.

However, this mattress may not be ideal for people suffering from chronic pain or mobility issues due to its tendency for sinkage at the edges. If this is something that concerns you then perhaps one of our recommended mattresses for pain may be more suitable.

Does Bear Sleep Comfortably for Couples?

Bear Mattress offers quality foam mattresses at an economical price point. Their original 10″ all foam model features Greenguard Gold and Certi-PUR US certified materials, featuring graphite gel to regulate temperature and provide pressure relief, as well as Celliant weavings woven into its cover which promote blood circulation to help with muscle recovery.

This bed is ideal for athletes and active people who understand the significance of restful sleep for performance and recovery. Its top layer helps ease tension while firmer foam layers ensure spinal alignment.

Like most mattresses shipped in boxes, the Bear may emit an initial off-gassing smell upon first opening; this should dissipate within hours. The company offers an ample trial period, lifetime warranty, free shipping/returns, as well as giving back by contributing one percent of revenue to Good Sports charity.

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Does Bear Sleep Stable for Heavy Sleepers?

The Bear Mattress provides great support for back sleepers and promotes a healthier sleep environment with its cooling and pressure-relieving features, but may not suit all sleeping preferences; heavy people or those preferring firmer beds may find the Bear mattress too soft for their needs.

The original Bear is designed with a memory foam top layer infused with cooling technology and gel infusions for maximum cooling, even when overheated. Furthermore, there’s an adaptive transition layer of responsive foam which easily adapts to changing sleeping positions as well as high density support foam that offers strength and durability for its final support layer.

The Bear has decent edge support, although not as strong as hybrid mattresses with pocketed coils. This may make sitting or lying near the edge difficult. To address this problem, the company does offer thicker mattress pads.

Does Bear Sleep Comfortably for Light Sleepers?

Sleep is essential to living an active lifestyle, but getting good rest doesn’t need to require running hundreds of miles or lifting heavy weights to reap its rewards. Bear’s mattress offers relief in its form of its gel foam layer for soothing stress relief while its firmer layers ensure proper spine alignment.

The Bear Original bed responds well to movement, minimizing jolting and shifting associated with all-foam mattresses. However, its edges do sag slightly which could pose issues for those preferring firm, stable beds.

Side sleepers weighing up to 130 lb will find that this mattress provides great relief in their shoulders and hips, though if they weigh more, their hips may sink too far in and lead to discomfort over time.

Does Bear Sleep Comfortably for Heavy Weight Sleepers?

The Bear mattress is an all-foam bed designed to offer comfortable pressure relief for most sleepers, though heavier back and side sleepers may experience some stuckness due to its firmness. Unfortunately, stomach sleepers could experience jamming at their hips and shoulders.

The mattress’s comfort layer features graphite gel to regulate temperature and prevent heat retention, with dynamic polyfoam middle layers designed to provide support and mild compression as well as thick base layers providing stability and durability.

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The Bear mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they are free from ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals like mercury and lead, formaldehyde emissions, as well as certified by GreenGuard Gold to reduce VOC emissions.

Does Bear Sleep Comfortably for Light Side Sleepers?

The Bear mattress is ideal for side sleepers weighing under 130 lb who need pressure relief in their hips and shoulders, offering ample hip cradle. Heavyweight side sleepers may require something firmer that better cradles their bodies to reduce shoulder pain.

Mattresses made of innerspring coils may provide sufficient firmness and support for light back and stomach sleepers who prefer firm mattresses, keeping their spines aligned while they sleep. However, heavier back or stomach sleepers might need something with more stability such as hybrid or pocketed coil mattress designs.

The Bear mattress offers good cooling properties for an all-foam bed, particularly with its optional cover made with Celliant material, which converts body heat into infrared light to promote muscle recovery and circulation. Unfortunately, its motion isolation capabilities don’t live up to those desired for couples or co-sleepers.

Does Bear Sleep Comfortably for Light Stomach Sleepers?

Celliant is an additional cover material on Bear, designed to assist your body’s recovery during sleep. This feature works by absorbing your body heat, turning it into infrared light, and redirecting it back onto your skin – encouraging blood flow and contributing to recovery.

This bed features an innovative top layer of foam infused with graphite gel to absorb heat more effectively and promote even temperature regulation across its entirety. In addition, thermal conducting copper acts as a thermal regulator to further keep temperature at an even level across the bed.

The Bear is an ideal option for lighter and average-weight stomach sleepers, providing their spine is aligned and prevents excessive sinkage. Unfortunately, its firm surface may not offer as much support to heavier sleepers who require better motion isolation or edge support; hybrid models are much better options in these instances.