Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

Heavy back sleepers should find ample support on this mattress, thanks to its dual layer structure. It features soft foam layers intended to cushion pressure points while its firm pocketed coil base helps ensure spine alignment.

Lighter sleepers should find this mattress equally accommodating, particularly models without a pillow top. But your shape could impact its feel.


Firmness of your mattress is one of the key determinants when it comes to sleeping quality, and will have an impact on both how well and when you wake up. Firmer mattresses tend to offer more support, which will alleviate back pain more effectively; additionally, firmer mattresses have longer durability than soft ones.

Beautyrest offers several mattresses of varying firmness levels to meet every sleep need and budget. Their hybrid models combine innerspring and memory foam layers for enhanced support and comfort, while others boast pocketed coil systems designed specifically to address body types that need targeted support. No matter which beautyrest mattress you select, its high-quality materials will guarantee years of enjoyment.

If you prefer side sleeping, look for a Beautyrest mattress with medium firmness level and solid edge design to ensure easy getting in and out of bed without hitting its edges or experiencing any drooping issues that might otherwise occur with other mattresses.

Beautyrest Black Hybrid or Beautyrest Black mattresses will offer back and stomach sleepers alike the utmost support. Both models are rated at five on the firmness scale, featuring hybrid designs to keep you cool during the night and equipped with lumbar support wires to increase back support while relieving pressure off shoulders and hips.

Beautyrest hybrid mattresses feature breathable polyfoam and charcoal-infused memory foam for an optimal sleeping surface, ideal for people who move positions during the night. Infused with copper to reduce heat transfer, these features make the Beautyrest hybrid mattress an excellent option for couples sharing beds.

As another benefit of these mattresses, they don’t produce an off-gassing smell when new. This is thanks to CertiPUR-US certified foams which do not contain ozone depleters, PBDEs, heavy metals, formaldehyde or phthalates – and have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

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Beautyrest offers hybrid mattresses in multiple firmness levels for sleepers who desire both memory foam and pocketed coils in a mattress, providing a great combination of feel and cooling system features.

The Black Hybrid standard mattress stands 13″, featuring multiple thin foam comfort layers atop supportive pocketed coils for pressure relief and support across back sleepers, stomach sleepers and side sleepers alike. Available both as standard version as well as upgraded Cooling + Comfort upgrade with gel memory foam for an immersive pillow-top feel.

Sleepers prone to overheating will find the Black Hybrid mattress helpful as its cooling features help it remain comfortable through the night. Its cover features cool-to-touch phase-change material, while memory foam layers and pocketed coils feature cooling gel which helps prevent overheating by providing air circulation through them and encouraging natural airflow. This cooling system works effectively by allowing breathability for increased airflow in and around your mattress.

Though the Beautyrest Black Hybrid boasts an excellent overall rating, it may not suit all sleepers. Due to its firmer feel than most hybrid mattresses, it may be too firm for people who prefer soft or medium mattress textures. If unsure if this mattress will meet your needs, take advantage of their 100-night trial offer and test out whether this mattress fits.

Pillow-top mattresses provide you with the cozy sensation of being enveloped by soft cushioning that contours to your curves and responds quickly to body weight and pressure. However, these models tend to be more expensive than their non-pillow-top counterparts.

When purchasing a pillow-top beautyrest mattress, consider one with a cotton-polyester blend for greater breathability during sleep and to keep you cooler at night. Furthermore, pay attention to its thickness, durability, resiliency and return policy as well as warranty terms – it would be ideal to opt for one offering at least a 10-year limited warranty as this will give greater peace of mind than most warranties on similar models.

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The Beautyrest hybrid collection boasts a pocketed coil support system, pressure-relieving foams and sustainable fabric technologies for medium comfort levels and comes in various sizes to meet most frames, foundations and bases. Customers typically rate initial comfort as being excellent while price value scores may also be satisfactory; however, some have reported durability issues.

The Black mattress is an ideal solution for couples seeking a supportive and long-lasting mattress. Featuring T3 pocketed coil technology – which comprises three steel strands wound into one coil to reduce motion transfer and provide exceptional resilience – memory foam on top of these coils helps further isolate motion isolation while the phase-change material found within its BlackICE cover and gel-infused foam layers provides for cooling comfort during sleep.

This mattress is an excellent option for light back sleepers as its medium firm feel will provide them with enough support and comfort. Lightweight side sleepers should also find great enjoyment from sleeping on this mattress thanks to the soft foam layers providing support while providing sinkage at times. Strict stomach sleepers should avoid this option however as its soft foam layers allow too much sinkage for their hips.

The Carbon Series hybrid mattress from Beautyrest’s premium sleep line offers cutting-edge technology and materials, such as an advanced cooling fabric crafted from recycled plastics from the ocean to keep you cool while you sleep. Featuring medium firm comfort levels for optimal support all night long and an incredible 10-year limited warranty!

Beautyrest mattresses are widely respected for their quality, durability and comfort. Crafted in the US since 1925, Beautyrest mattresses offer restful yet restorative sleep for any bedroom in any home. A Beautyrest mattress makes an investment worthy purchase; plus accessories like bed frames and protectors help maximize it!


Sleep is a fundamental element of life, having an immense influence on our wellbeing and overall quality of life. A good night’s rest can bring energy, improve mental clarity and focus, prevent body aches and pains and foster motivation to get things done – however a bad one can leave us irritable and lacking motivation – however with the right mattress you can achieve better restful nights and improve overall quality of life.

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Firmness should be one of the primary considerations when selecting a mattress, since its firmness can have a major effect on how comfortable and relaxed you feel while lying down. There are various levels of firmness available and knowing which is appropriate is crucial in finding your ideal sleep solution.

Beautyrest mattresses can be an ideal option for those searching for firm mattresses. Crafted with superior materials, these firm mattresses provide ideal support to the body while being available in multiple sizes to meet individual needs. If you need help selecting your mattress from the vast variety available to you, consult a specialist and explore your various options available to you.

The Black L-Class Extra Firm Beautyrest mattress is an excellent option for people seeking a firm feel. Constructed using T3 pocketed coil technology, its firm feel will leave you feeling rejuvenated each morning! The bed’s firmness will leave you feeling revitalized and revitalized!

Ideal for couples sharing one bed, this mattress provides extreme comfort while helping reduce motion transfer. The foams on top are infused with cooling gel for added cooling throughout the night while its BlackICE performance cover contains phase change material to keep things comfortable throughout your restful slumber.

This mattress is also suitable for heavy back sleepers as it offers the optimal combination of comfort and support. Memory foam and polyfoam will conform to your body, while its coils offer necessary spine support. Furthermore, Beautyrest Black’s edge support makes this ideal for anyone who likes sitting or sleeping on either side.