The Titan Mattress Review

For stomach sleepers, a firmer mattress like this one is often recommended because it helps prevent hips from sinking too deeply and keeps their spine in alignment. Unfortunately, one reviewer found it too firm, suggesting using a latex topper as a means to soften it further.

Brooklyn Bedding’s Titan mattress utilizes two foam comfort layers that respond quickly to movements, so you can change positions without feeling trapped or trapped by your bed. This responsiveness is especially helpful for combo sleepers or couples sharing one mattress.

Firmer Feel

Brooklyn Bedding’s Titan Mattress brand was designed specifically to address the difficulty plus-sized sleepers have found in finding durable mattresses that can support up to 1,000 pounds. Made of high quality materials like heavy-duty TitanCaliber coils and high density foams, this bed can support heavy sleepers without any signs of wear and tear in previous mattresses such as sagging, sleeping hot spots or other signs of degradation. This capacity makes the Titan Mattress an excellent option for heavy sleepers who have experienced signs of wear such as sagging mattresses, sleeping hot spots or signs of wear and tear in previous mattresses that failed them over time.

Titan Mattress features a six-inch layer of individually wrapped coils to form its foundation, followed by two inches of what the company refers to as Titanflex foam – which should provide both firm support and some pressure relief similar to what one finds with latex mattresses.

Next is a 1” quilted top layer of gel memory foam, providing additional comfort to relieve pressure point pain while helping regulate temperature by dissipating heat. Finally, 5” of high-density foam offers additional contoured support that molds to your body contours and conforms.

Durability-wise, the Titan Mattress has been tested against double the industry standard for wear and tear – meaning you should experience no problems with sagging or other issues in its lifespan.

The Titan Mattress is an ideal choice for back and stomach sleepers who prefer firmer mattresses. Its firm yet supportive rigid support structure keeps spine aligned and relieves pressure off hips and shoulders, while offering moderate conforming support to ensure back stability. Unfortunately, those who sleep on their side may find this mattress too firm; awakening with soreness in the morning could be possible.

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The Titan mattress is not flippable, making it important to keep this in mind if sharing the bed with a partner. Plus, its made in America status provides another bonus if supporting local business is important to you. In addition, an optional cooling panel exists to assist those who tend to sleep hot. The panel consists of thin fabric quilted into its cover that works to pull heat away from your body – helping those who experience temperature fluctuations throughout the night sleep more comfortably.

Cooler Sleeping

The Titan is a hybrid mattress featuring memory foam and coils to provide support, spinal alignment, pressure relief, and reduce motion transfer and partner disturbance. Suitable for back, stomach, side, combination sleeping positions as well as light or petite sleepers due to its firm surface that may feel too firm against them.

The hybrid Titan Plus mattress boasts a 1″ quilted gel memory foam top topped with premium phase change molecule fabric to provide cooling comfort, attached to an eco-friendly cotton/polyester blend cover with dark gray panels and with an option of adding even more cooling through Brooklyn Bedding sewing additional premium phase change molecule fabrics for additional costs. Furthermore, Brooklyn Bedding also offers this model in medium firm for an added soft feel option.

This mattress boasts superior edge support that prevents it from sagging and helps prevent back strain when getting into or out of bed. Furthermore, its strong coil support core gives this model more durability than most in its price range.

Though the Titan mattress may suit most types of sleepers, it does not fare as well in supporting heavier individuals compared to some hybrid beds such as Big Fig and WinkBed Plus which provide superior edge support and support for heavier individuals.

As with other mattresses in its price range, the Titan mattress provides excellent temperature regulation and responsive feel, making it an excellent choice for hot sleepers. Furthermore, its breathable cover helps ensure air flows freely throughout its entirety.

This mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty and buyers can get their money back after 30 days if they find the mattress too firm or soft for their liking. To learn more about their return policy and warranty terms, visit their website.

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Edge to Edge Usable Space

The Titan mattress is manufactured in the US with a quilted cotton knit cover made to last. Soft yet relatively breathable, customers can upgrade for an additional fee to one featuring phase change material technology which works to draw away body heat away from sleepers in order to create more neutral temperatures during warm nights.

The core of the bed is constructed using premium pocketed coils for support and to help promote spinal alignment. Individual coils are then individually encased in foam to reduce motion disturbance during sleep; an additional gel memory foam layer adds softness and pressure relief for added comfort.

TitanFlex foam has been specifically engineered to cushion sensitive areas like hips, shoulders and lower back. This adds extra lumbar support for heavier sleepers to help alleviate pain and discomfort while offering good edge to edge support which is important if sitting or sleeping on one of the sides is your preference. The Titan mattress also provides excellent edge to edge support that’s crucial if sitting or sleeping on its sides is an important aspect of comfort for them.

Although the Titan mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers, lighter sleepers may find it too firm. Since this mattress was created for those weighing over 230 pounds, those at lower weights may find it challenging to sink in enough for comfort. The Titan Plus Luxe version may provide better support as its design targets heavier individuals as opposed to light sleepers.

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty and offer free shipping, trial periods, and easy returns if a purchase doesn’t go as expected. Brooklyn Bedding’s Titan mattress offers competitive pricing compared to similar hybrid mattresses; sales promotions frequently run on their website make this bed even more affordable; financing options make the Titan even more accessible – making it an exceptional value option for those seeking high-quality yet supportive hybrid mattresses.

Motion Isolation

The Titan Mattress is a hybrid mattress featuring individually wrapped coils and memory foam for optimal spinal alignment and pressure relief for most sleepers.

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The Titan mattress offers excellent edge support to prevent sagging and facilitate easy getting in and out of bed. Furthermore, Brooklyn Bedding subjects all of their mattresses to rigorous tests to ensure they adhere to industry standards.

Covers from this company use quilted cotton knit that’s soft yet durable; however, some users may find it too hot in their beds. To combat this heat issues, customers can upgrade to one featuring phase change material technology that helps moderate temperature by drawing heat away from their body while sleeping. For an additional fee customers can upgrade to a cooling cover using phase change material technology that actively regulates body temperature while drawing away heat away from sleepers’ bodies.

Back and stomach sleepers appreciate the firmness of this mattress for its pressure relieving properties on their hips and shoulders, but lighter back sleepers may find it too firm for their taste and prefer something softer instead.

Some light-weight side sleepers find the Titan too firm for adequate cushioning of hips and shoulders, thus leading to pressure relief. If this applies to you, check out our roundup of best mattresses for side sleepers for further options.

Motion isolation is an important consideration when searching for a hybrid mattress, as this refers to its ability to dampen movement across its surface. The Titan does a solid job here; our tester reported some slight bouncing when they laid on it but not enough to disturb either them or their partner awake.

The Titan is known for its durability, and comes backed with an industry-standard 10-year limited warranty from its maker. They also provide a generous 120-night sleep trial period so customers can test out the mattress prior to making a decision; should they wish to return it, the company will collect it free and reimburse any original shipping costs you incurred – this policy far surpasses most online mattress retailers that only provide 60 day return policies! Just ensure you give enough time for it to fully expand and break in before returning it!