Avocado Mattress Reviews

Avocado Mattress Company stands out among mattress retailers as one that takes organic certification seriously, using GOTS certified organic cotton and OEKO-TEK Standard 100 certified New Zealand wool which breathe well, wick moisture away quickly, and act as natural fire barriers.

Side sleepers experiencing hip pain should consider purchasing the optional pillowtop add-on to cradle their shoulders and hips during sleep – otherwise they may find the firmness of the standard Avocado Green model uncomfortable.


The Avocado Mattress stands out among other mattresses on the market by being made entirely of natural materials. It offers an extremely plush, comfortable sleep surface that’s designed for optimal restful nights of restful slumber.

The Green and Vegan models differ only in their cover materials; both utilize GOTS certified organic cotton from the company’s own farms, latex from these farms, breathable organic wool to regulate temperature control, ribbons instead of chemicals and glues to hold layers together – an approach which ensures they meet federal flammability standards without the need for chemical flame retardants.

During our testing, the Avocado mattress performed exceptionally for back sleepers of all sizes. The mattress’s zoned lumbar support core provided optimal spine alignment while relieving pressure points. Furthermore, its edge support was exceptional; couples who like sleeping on either edge will especially appreciate this feature of their mattress.

Notable characteristics of the Avocado mattress include its motion isolation capabilities. It successfully dampens cross-bed motion, making it an excellent option for couples who tend to toss and turn during sleep. But light sleepers should steer clear – the mattress’s dense construction contains many coils which may make it less responsive than an all-foam mattress would be.

As with any mattress, the Avocado mattress requires several weeks for it to settle into your body and adapt to you if switching from an older foam or innerspring model.

The Avocado Mattress is an eco-friendly and long-term mattress. Backed by a 25-year limited warranty that protects against indentations over 1.5 inches as well as issues related to foam or cover components, you’re assured of quality sleep for years.

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Customers receive an extended 365-night trial period to see if an Avocado mattress meets their needs and the company arranges white glove delivery and removal of packaging in your home during this time. Furthermore, each mattress comes equipped with an extra replacement layer should you not be satisfied.


The Avocado mattress is an ideal option for both back and stomach sleepers, offering great body conformance and pressure relief, thanks to its top organic latex foam layer. In addition, its fast response time, low motion transfer rate and high level of bounce make this bed suitable for back or stomach sleeping positions, with lower off-gassing than mattresses made with petroleum-based polyurethane or chemical adhesives.

The Green and Vegan Avocado models differ only in their cover materials: the former uses GOTS certified organic wool from their own farm while the latter utilizes USDA organic cotton batting. Both feature hand-tufted rosettes with ribbons to secure layers together instead of using chemical solvents or toxic adhesives; their core is then covered by quilted padding made from natural cotton, wool and cotton fibers while on the former an organic fire barrier free of PBDEs found in synthetic flame retardants is also provided – adding another level of comfort for both models!

If you prefer side sleeping, the Green Avocado mattress may be too firm. To soften it up a bit more, add a pillow top. While a pillow top won’t provide as much contouring as memory foam beds would do, it should still provide enough give to ease pressure off shoulders and hips.

Heavier stomach sleepers will likely find the Avocado too soft; they require something firmer that keeps their spine aligned and reduces hip pain.

The Avocado mattress’s zoned lumbar support helps ease lower back pain for most sleepers, although it may not suit heavier or smaller individuals who sleep on their backs.

The Green Avocado mattress is ideal for most side sleepers. Rated at 7/10 (medium-firm), its firmness will support most individuals comfortably in this position. Lighter or average-weight side sleepers might find the Green Avocado too rigid in this position due to little give or give at all in this position. You can add a pillow top for additional support bringing its firmness down to 6/10, still plenty firm enough for most side sleeping scenarios.

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The Avocado Green Mattress may seem pricey at first glance, but this organic hybrid mattress uses high-grade materials. This bed was specifically created to meet the needs of health-minded consumers who are willing to pay extra in exchange for an eco-friendly bed that ensures restful nights’ rest.

The base layer is constructed from 1.25″ of organic Dunlop latex rubber for durability and support, then covered by a GOTS certified cotton/organic wool blend that’s soft yet supportive, moisture wicking and moisture regulating to help regulate temperature while providing resistance against dust mites – great features for allergy sufferers.

Above the base layer lies an 8.0″ layer of Leggett & Platt Quantum Edge Elite CombiZone pocketed coils, adding extra spring and bounce. Below this lies a high-density organic latex foam layer with high density (1.0″) that serves to support and add comfort for the remaining layers and provide additional support and comfort to the mattress.

For added comfort, the Green mattress comes equipped with an optional medium firm pillow-top add-on featuring 2″ of GOLS-certified organic latex for an additional two inches on top of their bed. This makes an excellent option for light to moderate weight sleepers looking to support their shoulders, hips and knees as they rest.

Pillow-top versions of Avocado mattresses are an ideal choice for heavier weight sleepers as they offer additional cushioning to ensure support throughout the night. Furthermore, this extra padding also helps alleviate pressure points while softening up their experience on the bed.

The Avocado Green Mattress offers exceptional value to most shoppers. Offering similar features found in other organic mattresses on the market such as cooling and movement isolation, yet being significantly more cost effective when purchasing during sales periods, be sure to keep an eye out for an Avocado Mattress sale to find your new bed at a good price!

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Avocado mattresses are produced without components and chemicals that produce off-gassing odors, requiring less ventilation while being more durable than their competitors. Furthermore, both Green and Vegan models use ribbons instead of chemical glues to hold their layers together for eco-friendliness and meeting federal flammability standards; additionally the Green model features layers made from GOTS certified organic wool from their own farm to reduce pressure points; while for its part the Vegan mattress uses USDA certified organic cotton batting that still meets those standards.

Green and Vegan mattresses differ from foam core models by employing individually wrapped coils in their support layer, broken down into five strategic zones to support hips, shoulders, and lower back in different ways. This allows a mattress that offers good firmness for all sleep positions while remaining responsive and buoyant – perfect for couples! With their zoned coil system and Dunlop latex comfort layer combining to provide a large usable surface that easily responds to motion transfer as well as weight transfer; although couples may still find adequate movement isolation from this mattress!

The Green and Vegan models of mattress come in an extensive selection of sizes to accommodate nearly every sleeper. If you are having difficulty selecting your perfect size, visit an Avocado showroom near you or one of Yawnder Showrooms located in Los Angeles or San Francisco; here, they allow you to test a mattress before making a purchasing decision.

Choose between Green or Vegan models, which come with free white glove delivery that includes set-up and removal of packaging materials, regular sales and 365-night risk-free trial from Avocado Mattress. Plus they provide military personnel, law enforcement officers, firefighters and teachers 5% discounts! Affirm is another financing option which works with online mattress retailers and can help secure you an Avocado mattress loan at a reduced interest rate; to get the best possible deal check prices like you would a flight ticket.