Stearns and Foster Mattress Reviews

If you are considering purchasing a Stearns and Foster mattress, make sure that you conduct extensive research before making your purchase. These mattresses can be found both online and at brick-and-mortar retailers; some offer trial periods or flexible return policies while others do not.

The Estate Hurston mattress is an excellent option for lightweight side sleepers due to its tufted pillow top offering plenty of pressure relief and the coil system promoting proper spinal alignment. Furthermore, this bed also proves suitable for average-weight back sleepers as its coil system ensures proper spinal alignment.


Stearns and Foster is an ideal brand to consider if you want a luxurious mattress with high profile hybrid design, luxurious craftsmanship, comfort, and affordable pricing. Their four collections range in price and amenities; Estate being their most budget-friendly offering while Lux Estate and Lux Estate Hybrid options provide more luxurious options with various firmness levels and features to meet different sleep styles and preferences.

The Estate collection’s Addison Grace model is an excellent option for lightweight side and back sleepers, featuring a tufted pillow top to provide pressure relief while conforming to your body. Furthermore, this mattress provides ample shoulder and hip support – though heavier sleepers might find this mattress lacking.

Estate collection mattresses feature excellent motion transfer prevention capabilities. This feature can be particularly beneficial to couples sharing a bed as each person’s movement may disturb the other. Both the Estate Hurston and Rockwell models utilize pocketed coils and memory foam layers that help limit motion transference.

If you want to try out a Stearns and Foster mattress, they can be found at many retail stores as well as online. Before making your decision and purchasing one from this company, be sure to do your research by reading reviews from other customers and testing out any mattresses as possible before buying them to ensure comfort and meet expectations.

Stearns and Foster mattresses may be known for their luxurious appeal, but their prices can be steep. There are other companies that provide hybrid and innerspring mattresses at more reasonable prices; many use eco-friendly materials and come with longer sleep trials and warranties; some companies such as WinkBeds even provide lifetime guarantees! These alternatives can often be purchased for far less than Stearns and Foster mattresses and can be found both online and at physical retail stores.

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Stearns and Foster mattresses feature memory foam layers to provide contouring support and pressure relief, along with good motion isolation and temperature regulation properties. Furthermore, these durable products are constructed using only high-grade materials, so they will stand the test of time.

However, durability varies by model and collection of Stearns & Foster mattresses. Some may be more long-lasting than others and you should factor in your sleep position and preferences when making your selection.

When buying online from Stearns and Foster mattresses, always review their return policy and warranty details first. In addition, look for one with an extended trial period allowing you to test out whether it meets your needs before making your decision.

Most Stearns and Foster mattresses can be used with adjustable bed bases; please visit their website for specifics. Generally, it is a good practice to rotate your mattress regularly to extend its upholstery padding and support layers’ lifespan.

Stearns & Foster mattresses often use innerspring coils for support and durability, with each coil individually pocketed or wrapped to reduce motion transfer and contour more precisely to the body. In some models they utilize Intellicoil technology which works to decrease bounce while still offering plenty of support.

If you prefer firmer mattresses, the Estate Hurston hybrid model may be an excellent option. With its supportive tufted pillow top design and appropriate weight ranges for most individuals – particularly back sleepers of lightweight weight. While it provides moderate support to heavy side sleepers and moderate hip support to heavier individuals.

This mattress offers a medium feel and can accommodate most weight ranges. The tufted pillow top adds extra comfort for light-medium weight back sleepers and side sleepers, and should prove particularly suitable for back sleeping and side sleeping applications. While not intended to support heavier users who may experience pressure points as it could sink too far down and create pressure points; nonetheless it makes an ideal option for people weighing between 130 to 230 pounds.

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Stearns & Foster mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty protects both mattress and foundation against any defects during the first 10 years of ownership, including replacement or repair if any are found during that time. However, it does not cover comfort preference complaints and structural damage caused by misuse or inappropriate bed frames, nor sagging or indentations which appear within three years of purchase.

The company provides two mattress options, including the Estate Hurston and Rockwell models, which utilize memory foam and coils for support and pressure relief. Both mattresses have a 10-year warranty with 120-night trial periods as well as free delivery and set up.

Customers of Stearns and Foster mattresses often rave about them being soft while still providing support, quieter than many other options, and perfect for back and stomach sleepers as well as lighter side sleepers who need additional support. Although more costly than competing brands, Stearns and Foster is ideal for anyone who desires a luxurious experience.

These mattresses provide moderate memory foam support without being as firm. Some might find this too soft for their needs; however, most buyers say the mattress conforms well to their body. Unfortunately, these types of mattresses should not be recommended to people with mobility issues as too much sinkage could cause them to slip out of bed and off their mattress altogether.

Stearns and Foster mattresses feature outstanding edge support. Suitable for most sleeping positions and unlikely to sag over time, the mattresses in their range have great edge support without becoming more costly than other innerspring beds.

Mattresses from these collections come with different firmness levels to best meet your individual needs; select one that is right for you from either Lux Estate or Reserve Collection collections. The latter provides more firm options.


Stearns and Foster mattresses vary in price depending on where they’re purchased, from brick-and-mortar stores or online. Some retailers even provide white glove delivery at an additional fee that includes setup and removal of old mattress if applicable – saving both time and hassle for you! To further save money when making this investment, coupons may also be found online that could save money off Stearns and Foster mattresses.

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Stearns & Foster mattresses provide exceptional spinal support, featuring layers of foam and gel to mold to your body and alleviate pressure points. In addition, smaller coils around the edges help prevent roll-off; and air vents allow air circulation across your bed.

Stearns & Foster mattresses have earned high praise from owners. Owner satisfaction levels were reported as being 62% very satisfied or extremely satisfied. However, durability issues and heat retention issues may cause some shoppers to reconsider this brand.

Stearns & Foster offers budget-conscious buyers two models in the Studio collection – pillow top and medium firm styles featuring Heritage Tufted covers and responsive pocket coils. Customers report finding this mattress provides a good combination of feel and comfort at an economical price point.

The Estate Hurston mattress features a hybrid design of memory foam and coils for maximum motion reduction, while also boasting a 10-year warranty against physical wear-and-tear damage only – not changes in comfort preferences or box spring use. Shoppers have their choice between firm, cushion firm or plush firmness options when selecting this mattress. It is recommended for couples looking to minimize motion transfer and features firm, cushion firm and plush options to select. Suitable for couples looking to minimize motion transfer. The warranty only covers damage from physical wear-and-tear damage only – not changes in comfort preferences or using box springs!

Stearns and Foster’s Lux Estate line of mattresses features five models. There are two tight-top models in firm and ultra-firm options as well as three pillowtop options in medium, soft, and plush pillowtop textures ranging from firm to soft plush, all measuring 14-14.5″ tall. Their luxurious feel includes slow memory foam qualities that won’t cause much bounce-back; consumers should expect to pay around $2,000 for a queen-size mattress without its foundation.