Tulo Mattress Review

Tulo mattresses come in three firmness options – medium, soft and firm. Their construction is almost identical; with slight variance in foam used as foundation layer between firmness options.

Back pain sufferers generally seek mattresses that provide good support and limit sinkage to help alleviate pressure points while aligning their spine correctly, and the Tulo mattress meets these criteria very effectively.


Tullo is one of the more straightforward bed-in-a-box mattresses, similar to Nectar in many ways. Compressed and delivered directly to your doorstep, a team will assist with its setup in your room and remove your old mattress (if necessary). The first layer features ventilated memory foam with titanium particles designed to pull heat away from the body and disperse it throughout the bed; next comes 1.5-inch responsive polyfoam featuring three-dimensional peak and valley designs to provide breathability and firmness; finally comes foundation layer with high density polyfoam which adds durability and support – similar to Nectar in terms of its design.

The Tulo mattress offers three firmness levels — medium, soft and firm — depending on what kind of sleeper you are and if there are any pain points you need addressed by your mattress. Stomach and back sleepers generally tend to prefer firmer mattresses as these provide additional support when lying down, helping maintain alignment in their spine.

If you prefer side sleeping, soft or medium Tulo mattresses may provide the optimal experience, since both provide good pressure relief to shoulders and hips. However, if your shoulder or hip pain is compounded by pressure on its joints, a firmer Tulo may be better.

Both the Tulo and Puffy models are made in the US for added quality control; however, as all-foam models, it may take time for them to expand and off-gas after opening them for use if you are particularly sensitive to smells. If this is an issue for you, other alternatives might be better suited.

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Considerations should also be given to all-foam mattresses because they tend to trap heat and sweat against your skin, preventing proper ventilation during sleep. While the Tulo mattress features a soft-knit bamboo cover which promotes breathability and temperature regulation, if you find yourself overheating while sleeping, other solutions might be worth looking into.

Temperature Control

Tulo uses cooling gel in their memory foam layer to keep you cool, combined with a soft knitted polyester/Tencel cover that regulates temperature throughout the night. Plus, their mattress can be found at over 3,500 physical stores so you can try it before buying! This provides an invaluable opportunity to see if you like its feel before making a commitment.

Tulo offers various firmness levels, which should suit most sleeping styles. Side sleepers should appreciate its soft and medium options while back and stomach sleepers will find support in firm option.

All three models feature similar construction, with the firm model differing only by having thicker foundation layers made up of eight inches of durable support foam that works to align your spine and keep you sleeping soundly. Its firm model can handle heavier sleepers without sinking too deeply or bottoming out, making it the ideal option for heavier individuals.

The Tulo mattress is an excellent solution for those suffering from back pain, providing just enough support to relieve tension and pressure points in hips and spine. Individuals experiencing hip discomfort may find soft or medium comfort settings more comfortable as these allow some sinkage for relief of pressure in that area.

Neck pain sufferers should find the tulo bed comfortable as it provides adequate support to both lower and upper back without exerting too much strain on either neck or shoulders. Shoulder pain patients may prefer firm or hybrid models over soft comfort settings to ensure maximum relief.

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The Tulo mattress doesn’t offer anything unique that sets it apart from other memory foam mattresses; however, its quality and price point make it an attractive choice. If edge support or motion transfer are your top priorities however, then hybrid mattresses might offer better solutions as their innerspring layers offer additional support features to meet those requirements.

Motion Transfer

With three firmness options (soft, medium and firm), the Tulo Mattress can meet the needs of sleepers of most sizes and styles. However, its best suited for petite to average sized individuals who do not mind sleeping on thinner beds.

If you are heavier or looking for a bed with more durability and support, consider the Tulo Hybrid Mattress. It features a thicker base layer to provide ample lumbar support to back sleepers to keep them properly aligned all night long.

The Tulo mattress excels at limiting motion transfer, so even if you share your bed with another sleeper and/or both are heavy sleepers, neither should be disturbed by each other’s movements throughout the night. The memory foam and quick-response layer combine beautifully to ensure minimal transference and keep each sleeper feeling cozy and secure throughout their restful slumber.

The Tulo mattress features non-toxic CertiPUR-US certified foam from the USA for all layers, making this mattress non-toxic and offering enhanced edge support as well as being flippable making it a fantastic choice for co-sleepers. Off-gassing may occur upon unboxing but should dissipate shortly – another key advantage. It comes complete with reinforced edge support so co-sleepers will find comfort with it too.

If you suffer from hip pain when sleeping on your back or stomach, choosing the firm Tulo model might be ideal. With excellent lumbar support to maintain proper alignment of the spine and allow for reduced pressure when sinking in to bed, this sturdy yet comfortable mattress allows all weight types to rest peacefully without pressing into it too much.

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Tulo mattress is an economical yet dependable option with a great reputation for pain relief and durability, making it suitable for use in spare bedrooms, kid’s rooms or furnished rental apartments. In particular, Tulo provides great lumbar support compared to memory foam options which often don’t offer this feature.

The Tullo’s memory foam construction offers responsive comfort that’s ideal for back sleepers. Furthermore, its breathable cover helps regulate temperature. Not to mention its extremely reasonable cost with a generous 120-night trial period and 10-year warranty coverage!

Your choice of tulo will depend on your individual preferences and body type. It works best for petite to average-sized people but may not be suitable for heavier individuals due to its thin foam construction that doesn’t provide support or relief from chronic joint and muscle pain. Heavier people might do better with thicker foam options.

Like other bed-in-a-box mattresses, Tulot’s requires some time for it to expand and settle after being delivered into your home. There may also be a minor smell which should dissipate quickly; therefore it is advisable to allow at least 12 hours before sleeping on it.

Tulo mattresses do an effective job at limiting motion transference, meaning your partner won’t disturb you as you sleep. Furthermore, Tulo features excellent edge support without creating a crater effect, making it suitable for couples who like sleeping on the edges. If you’re an extremely light sleeper or have significant spinal issues it may be wiser to choose another mattress with stronger edge and spine support; but Tulo may still provide enough comfort compared with alternatives available to find which best meets your needs.