Where To Get Rid Of Mattress Jasper Indiana?

Mattresses are among the most hazardous waste items found in landfills, posing an environmental hazard to our environment. Instead of simply disposing of them as landfill garbage, recycling offers an eco-friendly option: eight recycling sites provide waste tire collection in Dubois County with eight offering waste tire disposal; however only Jasper Salvage on South Clay Street was registered by Dubois County’s Waste Tire Disposal District website as a waste tire processor.

Recycle Your Mattress

There are various methods you can use to recycle your mattress. One option is selling it online via Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace if the mattress is still in good condition with no stains or bedbug infestation. Another is donating, where there are numerous places in Indianapolis you can donate mattress (just make sure they accept donations first!). Finally, landfill disposal might also be an option but be mindful that many landfills charge fees to dispose of mattresses which may not be the most eco-friendly choice.

Mattress recycling can also be done by disassembling it and taking the metal pieces to a scrap metal yard, where they will weigh them and give you cash in exchange. Once cut up, foam pieces can then be taken to carpet manufacturers who will convert it into eco-friendly carpet padding material.

Jasper Salvage

Jasper, Indiana makes disposing of your old mattress easy with their comprehensive trash and recycling program. Wildlife-proof garbage and compost bins, separate bins for recyclables such as cardboard paper newsprint glass can all be found within Jasper. You may also recycle beverage containers but please make sure they are flattened prior to recycling them.

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Bedder World, an innovative mattress recycling program in Jasper, partners with local residents to recycle as many mattresses and box springs as possible before they end up at landfills. Since opening nearly three years ago, they have recycled more than 500,000 mattresses and box springs successfully!

Dubois County also features several recycling centers. Middletown recycling accepts mattresses without bed bugs or mildew, recycling them as bulk waste for a fee. Furthermore, Glenwood Transfer Station will recycle mattresses at a fee.

Donating your mattress to charity may be possible. Many organizations that create homeless shelters accept used beds and mattresses. Before making this decision, however, be sure to review local regulations regarding donations of beds or mattresses.

Use the state’s Waste Wise tool to learn what recyclable items exist in your area and to arrange appointments to drop off hazardous waste or report illegal dumping, etc. It is available online; simply enter an item’s name into its search field, and the results will appear along with links for more information.

Dubois County Recycling Sites

Dubois County offers eight recycling sites that serve residents’ recycling and household trash needs, regardless of where they live in the county. All eight recycling centers close on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Dubois County Solid Waste Management District’s Process Center accepts many items not accepted at its county recycling sites, such as computers, fluorescent bulbs and paint. Unloading these items typically costs from a quarter to $20 at this site. Furthermore, this location serves as a drop-off location for larger household items that cannot fit in Ferdinand Site Large Item Dumpster such as sofas and mattresses.

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Care should be taken when placing items into recycling bins. According to officials, contamination at all eight of the county’s recycling centers has increased substantially over time; when regular garbage enters into a batch of recycling, it can compromise it completely and ruin its entire load. Officials urge residents to pay closer attention and follow all labels found at recycling centers for maximum recycling results.

One way you can reduce your junk is to ask businesses in your community to recycle batteries. Newton Sanitary Landfill offers this service, accepting both lead-acid batteries and rechargeable ones with taped ends; or you could try asking car battery shops or auto parts stores nearby for recycling opportunities.

When hiring a junk removal service, it’s essential to conduct extensive research and compare prices. Many junk services offer discounts for repeat customers, referrals and military discounts as well as being better equipped than individual to separate and recycle your junk, which helps lessen environmental impact.

While it might be tempting to attempt to save money by handling the removal yourself, the costs associated with gas, wear and tear on your truck and landfill fees quickly negate any savings you thought you were making. A professional junk removal service offers greater organization and efficiency; often finishing in less time than expected.

Waste Tire Disposal

According to the state website, only one entity in Dubois County has obtained registration as a waste tire processor: Jasper Salvage on South Clay Street in Jasper has done so and offers Twilight Tuesday as an event where waste tires may be accepted for a fee. Visit their Facebook page for more details.

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Please be aware that garbage and bulk trash collection could be delayed due to holidays, equipment problems or mechanical difficulties – please call prior to reporting a missed collection.