Cocoon Mattress Review

The Cocoon Chill features a medium-soft, doughy feel that conforms perfectly to each sleeper. With its slight bounce and exceptional motion isolation properties, this mattress will minimize disturbance from each partner’s movements in bed.

Back pain sufferers will appreciate the support this mattress offers them. It supports their natural “S” curve for optimal spinal alignment.


The Cocoon mattress provides a comfortable surface for all sleeping positions. Constructed of memory foam, its shape conforms to your body and promotes proper spinal alignment, while transition foam prevents you from sinking too deeply into it. Those preferring firmer mattresses may opt for the Cocoon Chill mattress which has medium firmness ratings.

Sealy mattresses come in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes and include a 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty. Sealy ships them directly to buyers’ homes for convenient assembly backed by its quality support reputation.

A traditional foam mattress can have significant movement transfer and heat retention issues that can make sleeping uncomfortable for some sleepers. The Cocoon mattress uses a combination of gel and phase-change materials to regulate temperature while improving airflow, while its cover is specifically designed to wick away moisture and draw heat away from its user.

Cocoon mattress’s transition layer measures 2″ thick, providing a luxurious feel without excessive sinkage. Complementing this is the 8″ base featuring individually wrapped pocketed coils which add stability while minimising motion transfer – this combination of materials makes the Cocoon an excellent option for those seeking both the feel and stability offered by memory foam beds.

If you prefer changing positions often during the night, the Cocoon mattress could be just what you’re looking for. As it features medium firm support for hips and shoulders, as well as contouring to your body shape perfectly, making for a great night of restful rest. Unfortunately it may compress too deeply under heavierweight stomach sleepers which could put unnecessary pressure on their lower back.

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Back sleepers who prefer medium-firm mattresses may find the Cocoon mattress suitable, provided it doesn’t sink too far into their hips. The Cocoon’s medium firmness should conform to the shape of their hips while preventing excessive sinkage; its transition layer and supportive coils help limit sagging as is common with foam mattresses. Heavier back sleepers should consider opting for hybrid mattresses with increased support to avoid placing undue strain on both their spine and hips.


This memory foam mattress should suit most types of sleepers, though its soft firmness may make it too comfortable for heavier side and back sleepers. But lighter stomach and front sleepers should find this bed quite suitable.

Cocoon mattress pads are an ideal choice for individuals suffering from back or joint ache, thanks to their top comfort layer that conforms to your body shape. Memory foam construction also should help relieve pressure in these areas. Cocoon also makes an excellent choice for couples as its memory foam layer conforms to each person’s body while sleeping, greatly reducing motion transfer between partners and absorbing most movements between partners while you sleep.

Cocoon mattresses stand out from competitors by being cooler than many. This is due to the phase change cooling cover that adjusts its temperature based on your body heat – this prevents build-up of odors associated with other memory foam mattresses and ensures you sleep sounder overall.

Sealy has provided its Cocoon mattress with a 10-year limited warranty, so should any type of defect or wear occur due to usage without misuse, they will repair or replace it as appropriate.

Whenever there are issues with your Cocoon mattress, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team by either phone or email. They are available 24-7 and would be more than happy to answer any queries that arise; in certain instances they can even arrange for a pickup and donation of your old mattress (though this cannot be guaranteed).

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Whoever wishes to test out the Cocoon mattress has 100 nights to take advantage of its trial period and return it free if not satisfied. Free shipping and flexible payment plans are also provided by Cocoon; for environmental concerns regarding mattress disposal contact your local Salvation Army branch to arrange for bulk recycling pickup service.

Motion Isolation

The Cocoon Chill from Sealy is the younger sibling to their popular memory foam mattress with some minor modifications. This hybrid model offers superior edge support while maintaining cooling properties similar to its predecessor and comes complete with a 100-night trial and easy return process to make buying stress free.

Motion isolation should be top of mind when choosing a mattress, especially if you share your bed with someone. With its high motion absorption rate and minimal bounce, the Cocoon Chill provides undisturbed rest from partner movements while being comfortable enough for solo sleepers too. But if bouncier mattresses are what you prefer more, this model may not be appropriate.

Memory foam absorbs vibrations to prevent them from traveling across a mattress, and my tests with Cocoon Chill proved this point by dropping a 10 lb steel ball onto it and experiencing minimal disturbance on the other side. This demonstrated superb motion absorption that compares favorably with other memory foam mattresses I’ve tested.

However, I did notice some bounce when sitting on the edge of the mattress – this should not be considered an issue in terms of overall sleep quality but may become noticeable for sleepers who prefer sitting at their edge during both day and night.

Firmness-wise, the Cocoon Chill mattress features a medium-firm feel. This should suit most sleepers comfortably; providing relief to back, side, and stomach sleepers alike. However, heavy sleepers or those suffering from spinal conditions may find the soft surface too accommodating.

The Cocoon Chill’s 10-inch memory foam should provide sufficient support for those up to 250 pounds, well below industry standards and meeting most sleeper needs. However, those weighing more should seek out firmer mattresses in order to alleviate pressure points and ensure proper spinal alignment.

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The Cocoon Chill mattress-in-a-box from Sealy has long been recognized for its superior craftsmanship since 1881. Recently, however, they made the leap into direct consumer sales via Cocoon brand – providing consumers with access to high quality mattresses without paying premium prices.

The Cocoon mattress arrives compressed and rolled up, with easy instructions for unpacking it. After several days have passed since unboxing it, its full 10-inch foam mattress should have become accessible.

As with other all-foam mattresses, Cocoon mattresses may become saggy over time. By rotating and pairing it with a foundation regularly, however, you can reduce this effect and extend its life.

All-foam mattresses generally perform less well when it comes to motion isolation compared to hybrid and latex options, however the Cocoon does an outstanding job of absorbing movement and may even make for an ideal option for couples sharing beds as it should not disturb one partner when another moves around or gets up during sleep.

Cocoon mattresses feature layers designed to balance pressure relief with firmness, making it suitable for side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers of all weights and stomach sleepers alike. Their mid-range firmness is especially suitable for people weighing 180 pounds or less; heavier sleepers might find the mattress too soft for their needs or experience some sinkage in the middle.

The Cocoon’s cover is designed to be breathable and cooling, which makes it perfect for hot sleepers. The memory foam absorbs body heat evenly across its surface to prevent overheating at night and does not trap heat like some memory foam mattresses do, keeping you comfortable throughout your entire sleep experience.