King Koil Mattress Reviews

King Koil provides an assortment of mattresses designed to address specific sleep and back issues, while being both durable and versatile – guaranteeing you the best night’s rest possible.

The Posture Sense Mattress is a hybrid bed designed with interlocking coils and layers of foam to support proper spinal alignment while sleeping. The International Chiropractors Association has given their stamp of approval, endorsing this product for proper spinal alignment during sleep.


To ensure a restful night’s rest, you need a mattress that offers optimal comfort. In addition to softness, your ideal mattress should provide ample support for both back and hip alignment, be breathable to minimize heat retention, be easy to maintain cleanable surface as well as offer excellent edge support to prevent sagging.

King Koil provides various kinds of mattresses designed to meet a range of sleeping preferences and needs, from innerspring mattresses through memory foam, latex, hybrid beds and hybrid options. King Koil uses top-tier materials that offer maximum comfort and support, such as their innovative iNergex3 foam which combines memory foam and latex into an unbelievably comfortable mattress experience.

Natural Response mattresses from this company feature five zones of thick and dense support latex that allows it to conform to sleepers’ bodies while minimizing motion transfer. Next up are smaller coils to further minimize motion transfer while improving overall comfort – finally there is a soft stretchy fabric top layer which rounds off this mattress perfectly!

This mattress can be easily inflated by its user using its built-in pump, with full inflation taking less than three minutes. Furthermore, its bed is durable and comes with a long-term warranty; customer service at the company is professional and helpful, boasting above-average customer satisfaction ratings and maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau despite receiving only 17 complaints over three years from U.S. licensees which is relatively low compared to similar companies of its size.

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If you’re considering purchasing a King Koil mattress, the durability factor must be taken into consideration. Their models come equipped with layers of high-density foam and memory foam for optimal support and comfort as well as being highly breathable to prevent heat build-up and sweat build-up – these characteristics make these beds more comfortable than most innerspring options currently on the market.

Mattresses come with various designs and firmness levels to meet every individual need. The World Extended Life collection offers extra-firm, soft Euro top and medium-firm options; while PureBliss and Respun collections offer eco-friendly designs featuring recycled denim fabric comfort layers crafted from Joma wool from Joma sheep and graphite Talalay latex cores for increased sustainability.

These mattresses feature individually wrapped coils to reduce motion transference during sleep, meaning you won’t hear your partner shifting around during the night. Plus, these mattresses come backed by a 25-year warranty. However, some buyers may find them costly.

King Koil mattresses stand out as being excellent choices due to their ability to adapt to your body shape. By molding itself around your spine and hips, the mattress offers superior support and helps ensure a better night’s rest. Furthermore, their innerspring construction provides more gentle support, making them particularly helpful for people experiencing back or neck discomfort.

If you’re concerned about the durability of your King Koil mattress, rest easy knowing this brand has an impressive track record in terms of product quality. Their mattresses have earned the Better Business Bureau rating of “B+,” with only minimal customer complaints. Furthermore, King Koil has long been associated with producing superior products while providing outstanding customer service.

King Koil offers a 10-year warranty against manufacturing faults for its mattresses. This covers issues like loose or broken coils, squeaks and splits in the foundation. However, regular usage damage won’t be covered; this policy is typical among mattress makers.

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King Koil mattresses are specifically designed to promote an ideal night’s rest. Boasting breathable fabric that lets air circulate, King Koil mattresses reduce heat build-up, sweat production, and frequent usage by families with kids and pets alike. Furthermore, their warranty coverage falls short compared to competitors such as Sealy; specifically it does not cover sagging issues.

King Koil’s SmartLife mattress collection boasts an innovative system of air chambers that replace traditional spring support units. These air chambers, known as cells in their lingo, can be connected by valves which allow users to open or close them for different pressure point areas in different parts of the bed, creating personalized support tailored specifically towards specific parts of a person’s back. King Koil claims this allows its mattresses to conform perfectly to an individual’s body shape while providing tailored assistance in various parts of their back.

Another feature that sets this mattress apart is its quick setup time and superior comfort right out of the box. Crafted with iNergex3 foam – touted by its manufacturer as offering the best of memory and latex foams combined – the mattress offers airflow while remaining cool to touch for responsive comfort that contours to body shapes perfectly.

King Koil World Luxury Intimate Collection’s features aren’t limited to premium materials – in addition to being soft, luxurious, available in multiple sizes, having built-in pillows for additional comfort, air-filled construction that promotes healthy sleeping environments, etc. All make this mattress an excellent value choice.

One drawback of the mattress is its inaccessibility – instead, it must be purchased at a store that carries its brand. For those who prefer shopping from home, this can be inconvenient.


Those seeking superior support and comfort will find the King Koil Natural Response mattress an excellent value for their money. Specifically designed to align the spine, which helps improve posture while alleviating back pain. In addition to that, its soft layer of Super Stretch Tencel alleviates pressure points while dispersing heat more effectively – all making this mattress a worthy investment! Its high quality materials and durable construction also make this choice worthy of consideration.

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This mattress boasts a tufted quilted top layer for an inviting luxury hotel feel, while its encased coils provide good motion isolation. Unfortunately, however, this mattress may sink in certain spots and prove difficult to move around and clean effectively.

King Koil mattresses differ from many other mattress manufacturers by being sold through traditional mattress retailers and furniture stores, meaning you can visit a showroom to try the mattress out before making a commitment to purchase. Many sleepers appreciate having this option since many prefer to physically see and touch a mattress before making their choice; additionally, King Koil doesn’t emit an initial chemical odor that some individuals find unsettling.

King Koil mattresses provide premium-quality comfort with their selection of hybrid mattresses from their iBed Collection. Their 11″ thick hybrid mattresses feature memory foam, talalay latex and graphite-infused memory foam for improved cooling and comfort, along with extra edge support to help improve posture.

iMattress offers another choice that combines memory foam with innerspring system for a hybrid mattress design. Their Perfect Contour Reaction Coil System comprises over 1,000 coils to offer maximum support to hips and shoulders; their breathable base foam ensures airflow for healthy sleep.

The iMattress collection provides numerous mattress options, with the iBed Natural Response being perfect for side sleepers. It has a soft layer of super-stretch Tencel to relieve pressure and stress on the body while its Eco-Smart materials help align spine. Furthermore, their high quality foams are hypoallergenic. Plus, the mattress comes equipped with its own built-in pillow!