The Birch Mattress Review

This organic mattress features natural and recycled materials. The company prides itself on having both social impact and environmental sustainability at heart.

This bed is firm enough for all weights of back sleepers, and its latex layer adapts nicely to contour the torso and hips. However, lightweight side sleepers who suffer from hip pain may find the mattress too firm for them.


If you prefer natural and organic materials in your mattress, the Birch mattress could be just what you’re searching for. Eco-friendly and designed for heavy sleepers of all types. Plus it features good edge support with a 25 year warranty; though it doesn’t perform as well in other areas such as motion reduction and temperature regulation.

The Birch mattress features layers of wool batting and natural latex for a medium-firm feel, and an organic layer to keep you cool while also helping prevent sinkage and reduce body impressions. Heavy sleepers will appreciate its hybrid design that prevents sinkage. Plus, organic materials help keep the mattress cool while decreasing odors!

However, the Birch mattress offers moderate motion transfer, making it less suitable for couples than other mattresses. Due to its hybrid design and natural latex layer, this mattress may experience higher bounce than other options which could potentially cause disturbances when sleeping with someone. While these movements don’t spread across the whole mattress surface evenly if sleeping together is an option.

One downside of this mattress is its inadequate edge support; therefore, a foundation or box spring may be necessary if you own a platform bed. Furthermore, its firmness may make getting on and off of it challenging if you suffer from hip or shoulder pain.

The Birch Mattress is an excellent option for both side sleepers and back sleepers who desire a firmer mattress to support their spines, average-weight individuals who suffer from hip or shoulder pain and those looking for organic materials with long-term durability. Plus, its 100-night trial and free shipping/returns make the mattress hassle free; in partnership with LoadUp it also offers mattress disposal services; all while giving full warranty coverage during its first 10 years of ownership!

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The Birch Mattress is constructed of natural materials and offers a firmer feel than typical hybrid models, providing better durability than memory foam and feeling soft enough for comfortable sleeping. Furthermore, this mattress provides great support for heavier individuals due to the combination of latex and coils with its densely packed wool layer providing most of its structure.

The top layer is composed of certified-organic cotton with a medium firm feel, while the base layer includes thick woven reinforced cotton batting and zoned pocketed coil core, all covered by organic wool to help secure its springs in place and increase comfort levels – this layer is approximately half inch thick to reduce motion transference.

This mattress is ideal for back sleepers as it provides them with all of the support needed to maintain healthy posture, while simultaneously cushioning hips and shoulders. Wool batting and latex help relieve pressure points, while pocketed coils provide pushback that aligns spine and reduces back pain. Unfortunately, it may not suit heavier back sleepers who require firmer mattresses.

Side and stomach sleepers alike will appreciate this mattress. It features latex and wool batting that provides cushioning to reduce pressure on hips while the firmness prevents lower back sinkage.

Although the overall construction is impressive, some may question its durability due to the materials used. Organic cotton and wool are both eco-friendly choices; moreover, this mattress has earned GREENGUARD Gold certification for low VOC emissions emissions; however, their use can increase the price.

Most hybrid mattresses tend to transfer more movement than other mattress styles, though latex and coils help isolate movement from one’s sleeping partner and disrupt light sleepers. Birch Mattress stands out in this respect by effectively absorbing excess motion while isolating body movements – its robust edge support also makes getting in and out easier for seniors, children and physically disabled individuals.

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The Birch Mattress is an organic hybrid mattress constructed with natural latex and wool materials, specifically engineered to offer faster response time, higher bounce, slightly firmer feel and excellent support. In addition to being certified GREENGUARD Gold certified which ensures it meets stringent chemical and pollutants standards, its design aims to deliver quicker response times as well as quicker response time from its GREENGUARD Gold certification and is also GREENGUARD Gold compliant.

Its multilayered structure is designed to promote airflow and prevent overheating, making this mattress perfect for hot sleepers. The quilted organic cotton cover is certified GOTS and OEKO-Tex while sustainably sourced New Zealand wool helps regulate temperature and moisture levels. Aerated natural Talalay latex foam and open cell pocketed coils allow air to move through freely for improved circulation, as do empty spaces between coils which prevent heat build-up.

Like other hybrid mattresses, the Birch Mattress does not conform closely to body contours, which may make sleeping on it uncomfortable for back or stomach sleepers who require spinal alignment. Furthermore, there’s not much of a “body hug,” potentially leaving lighter sleepers feeling trapped or stuck.

This mattress’ pocketed coils and natural latex provide enough support to prevent sinkage in areas such as hips and shoulders, though side sleepers might benefit more from something plusher.

The Birch Mattress does a decent job at minimizing motion transfer, although not as effectively as some hybrid mattresses. It features natural materials designed to dampen vibrations from surface contact while its open-cell pocketed coils enable you to move around on it without disturbing your partner.

Motion isolation of this mattress may be compromised by its bouncy feel. While this won’t bother most sleepers, co-sleepers who are easily disturbed by movement from their partner may find another mattress more suitable. Memory foam may provide better solutions in that instance.

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The Birch Mattress is a hybrid mattress composed of natural latex, organic wool, and pocketed coils, offering a medium firm feel suitable for most sleepers while remaining slightly bouncy for some individuals. Breathable materials help keep it cool as well – not to mention being certified GREENGUARD Gold to reduce VOCs and emissions emissions.

Terms and policies provided by this company are designed with consumers in mind, offering a 100-night sleep trial period and 25-year warranty. They partner with LoadUp mattress removal service for added convenience; customer support can also be reached by phone, email and live chat.

Birch mattresses are an ideal choice for consumers who prioritize eco-friendliness when selecting their bed. Certified as GOTS, OEKO-TEX and eco-INSTITUT mattresses by independent certification organizations such as Greenguard Environmental Testing Service or eco-INSTITUT respectively, their mattresses feature natural and organic materials sourced directly from nature and offer an outstanding return policy with financing options available as well.

Birch Organic’s Medium Firm mattress is an excellent option for most. With its slightly bouncy surface and hybrid construction that helps prevent motion transfer, it makes for an excellent sleeping surface for most individuals. Breathable layers keep it cool, as does its hybrid construction which minimizes movement transfer.

This mattress cannot be flipped as its soft comfort layers lie on top. Flipping can alter both its feel and function; furthermore, it isn’t recommended for individuals weighing over 250 pounds.

Birch mattress stands out as not only being hybrid but also offering solid edge support. Its outer edges are reinforced with thicker coils to help prevent it from sagging and make getting in and out easier, especially for those with mobility issues.

The Birch Mattress may not be ideal for those who prefer slow-moving memory foam feel as its responsive, bouncy surface may cause motion transfer between partners or pets occupying the bed, and can even have an unpleasant odorous scent which could be bothersome to some people.