IKEA Mattress Reviews

IKEA mattresses offer a 25 year limited warranty and come rolled and wrapped for shipping, which may damage the mattress during transport.

IKEA mattresses often receive positive reviews; however, their spring and hybrid models often fall behind memory foam models when it comes to performance ratings. That being said, they still make an affordable option.

IKEA Haugesund

IKEA is one of the world’s premier home furnishings retailers, so it should come as no surprise that they also sell mattresses. Their Haugesund innerspring model features several distinct feels and sizes; its firm mattress with individually wrapped pocket springs and comfort foam layers is an ideal solution for anyone seeking quality rest on a tight budget; plus it comes backed with an incredible 25-year warranty and 365-night trial period!

The Haugesund is available in twin, full-double, queen and king sizes and features an easy design perfect for lightweight individuals or children. Heavier individuals may experience some sagging over time. In addition, its shorter dimensions mean it may not provide as much support and durability than other innerspring models.

Ikea delivers their mattress rolled up and to your door for easy transportation and placement. However, please be aware that Ikea does not provide white glove delivery of their mattresses – customers will instead receive an estimated delivery date after completing their online purchase process. It would be prudent to contact Ikea directly regarding delivery and return policies in order to gain more insight.

Ikea stands apart from other mattress manufacturers by using lower-end materials in their mattresses, instead relying on its massive scale and buying power to offer comfortable yet cost-efficient mattresses for consumers. Alongside price, IKEA prioritizes sustainability by choosing materials which are eco-friendly in manufacturing their products.

IKEA’s VESTEROY pocket spring mattress costs PS279. Designed as an entry-level pocket spring mattress, its primary goal is value. However, some may find its basic construction too firm for them.

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The Haugesund mattress is a medium-firm option designed for back and side sleeping styles. With soft filling that molds to your body’s contours, this mattress ensures you have a restful slumber all night long. Furthermore, couples will appreciate its motion isolation capabilities which won’t disrupt either partner.

IKEA Hesstun

IKEA has designed the Hesstun innerspring mattress as a high-performing innerspring option, available in an extensive selection of sizes and firmness levels – perfect for bedsharing couples or individuals with specific sleep requirements. It features foam and pocket spring technology for optimal support, comfort, pressure relief and easy assembly – as well as offering a risk-free 365-day trial period!

IKEA Hesstun mattresses come in both firm and medium-firm models to meet the needs of all types of sleepers. Memory foam layer provides additional contouring while polyfoam conforms to your body curves for ultimate comfort. Hesstun mattress may also help people suffering from back or neck pain find relief.

Hesstun is known for its removable cover that’s machine-washable and easy to keep clean, as well as being antimicrobial – this makes for reduced dust accumulation on your mattress! Additionally, this budget-friendly option makes Hesstun an excellent option for anyone seeking an economical mattress option.

Hesstun’s upgraded materials and more responsive feel distinguish it from IKEA’s previous spring mattresses, while its dual layers of micro-coils respond to your movements for an enjoyable and vibrant sleep surface. However, its one-sided construction may not suit those who prefer the feel of traditional two-sided mattresses.

If you are dissatisfied with your IKEA Hesstun, return it within one year to any IKEA store within that year for a merchandise credit or cash refund that can be applied towards purchasing other items from that store. However, note that IKEA only accepts returns with proof of purchase as proof.

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The Hesstun is an affordable innerspring mattress designed to deliver maximum comfort at an economical price point. Available with various firmness levels, it suits back, stomach, and side sleepers alike while its sturdy construction makes it suitable for couples sharing beds. Furthermore, Hesstun features eco-friendly materials which contribute towards environmental and community health benefits.

IKEA Amsosen

IKEA is a popular retailer that offers affordable furniture. Their mattresses can be purchased both online and at stores; some features both foam, latex and spring coil construction; hybrid models combine memory foam layers while others feature all foam. Plus, IKEA mattresses are manufactured in North America with a 25-year limited warranty; their delivery and setup can be easily accomplished thanks to being rolled and shipped!

The Amsosen mattress offers an all-foam experience with a firm feel. Featuring memory foam for pressure relief and support from another layer of foam. Furthermore, its unique construction allows it to move with your body during sleep – this mattress may not be suitable for those suffering from back issues however.

IKEA’s HYLLESTAD mattress combines pocket springs and foam. This one-sided model utilizes 570 synthetic pocket springs and 30 kg reflex foam, producing an extremely firm surface. While its firmness may appeal to those used to sleeping on foam, those unfamiliar with its surface may find this too firm; additionally, there are no traditional hand tufts as these would be impractical when applied through foam.

Ikea mattresses may be quite affordable, but their reputation when it comes to quality and durability may not live up to their low price point. Consumers frequently report issues such as sagging and temperature regulation issues with IKEA mattresses despite these shortcomings; nevertheless they remain an attractive solution for anyone searching for an economical bed-in-a-box option.

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Amsosen and HAMARVIK mattresses feature cage-spring construction – the least costly form. Cage spring mattresses consist of one massive spring unit, which tends to shudder and rattle during sleep, as well as offer limited edge support or protection against roll together.

IKEA Myrbacka

IKEA is well known for providing luxury products within reach for everyday consumers, and this mattress is no different. Crafted with high-grade memory foam that conforms to your body shape for firm support for backaches or other health conditions. Plus, its cozy soft lamb wool layer makes sleeping even cozier! Additionally, IKEA Myrbacka comes in King, Queen and Full sizes to suit slatted bed bases easily for quick cleanup after each use!

IKEA Myrbacka mattress is a memory foam model rated medium-firm. Measuring 9″ in thickness, the Myrbacka comes in three models depending on its size; one also incorporates latex; however its materials are relatively lower-tier when compared with luxury options.

This mattress can be found at IKEA stores across the US, and comes rolled and boxed for convenient shipping. Ideal for customers seeking to save both space and money with shipping costs. Easy assembly instructions ensure a hassle-free experience!

Note that Myrbacka mattresses utilize fiberglass as a fire retardant material, which may pose health risks if exposed directly to skin or inhaled. Therefore, protective covers or additional bedding should be used over this material and regularly vacuuming using HEPA filter vacuum to remove loose fibers.

The Myrbacka mattress may not be right for everyone, but it could be ideal if you suffer from chronic back pain or other health conditions. Made of supportive foam construction without springs or bonell coils, the mattress comes with a 25-year warranty from its maker; home delivery for a small surcharge; customers may return it up to 365 days later if not satisfied with it.