Ashley Chime Mattress Reviews

An ideal mattress is more than a sleep surface – it is the gateway to serene restful slumber and increased energy. Upgrade your sleep experience with Ashley Chime mattress for nights of restful blissful restful slumber.

The hybrid design combines memory foam comfort and innerspring support, and can adapt to all sleeping styles and provides superior motion isolation to prevent tossing and turning.


The Ashley Chime mattress offers exceptional comfort and support at an amazing value, thanks to its hybrid construction consisting of memory foam and innerspring coils for personalized restful nights. Available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate any bed frame or platform. Backed by a 10-year warranty for added assurance. Also excellent edge support makes this choice suitable for couples sharing one mattress.

Its medium-firm feel provides sufficient support for most sleeping positions, from back and stomach sleepers, to those preferring side sleeping arrangements with slightly softer surfaces. Its thick coil base offers excellent back support while soft memory foam conforms to body contours, making this mattress suitable for side sleepers as well.

This mattress boasts excellent edge support, making it easy to get in and out of bed. With foam layers and pocketed coils providing responsiveness and excellent motion isolation properties that reduce waking your partner during movement, while hypoallergenic materials keep you cool at night.

Selecting the appropriate mattress for your needs is of utmost importance, taking several factors into account such as thickness, cooling technology, warranty requirements and durability. Mattress thickness has an effect on support and durability – thinner foam layers should be avoided for best support and longevity of use; coil thickness has an impactful feel and lengthens longevity as well. To be safe when purchasing your new mattress it is wise to read all warranty and maintenance information thoroughly prior to making a decision.


Are You Searching for a Durable Mattress to Give You Restful Night’s Sleep? Look no further! Ashley Chime Hybrid 12-Inch Queen Mattress may be exactly what you need! Featuring state-of-the-art hybrid technology combining engineered coil springs and layers of foam for superior support and comfort; along with breathable materials to keep you cool during the night; all while being shipped flat in a box for simple installation with an industry-leading 10-Year Warranty Protection plan!

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This mattress is an ideal choice for back and stomach sleepers due to its excellent pressure relief and medium firmness rating. Furthermore, its excellent hip and shoulder support make it suitable for side sleeping as well. Finally, with above average edge support capabilities this makes an excellent option for couples sharing one bed.

This mattress is constructed of premium materials, including gel memory foam and durable fabric. Certified as CertiPUR-US free from harmful chemicals and meeting stringent standards for content, emissions and durability; hypoallergenic with antimicrobial treatment designed to minimise odors; soft cover made with stretch knit fabric – available in multiple sizes.

The mattress comes packaged in a box that can be delivered right to your door within a few business days, making setup an effortless experience – simply remove plastic wrap, unroll and expand. Full return to its original size typically occurs within two days; please be aware however, any odor may take up to 72 hours to fade away completely.

The Chime by Ashley Hybrid mattress offers premium construction at an economical price, featuring layers of foam and 9-inch 13-gauge coils to support your body and prevent overstrain. Plus, its premium cover and matching pillowcases complete its sleek appearance – providing great motion isolation so you won’t wake up from partner movements during the night! Available from many retailers online as well as offline, Amazon can usually provide the best value.


This mattress boasts an exceptional price-to-value ratio, especially when compared with similar mattresses. Featuring hybrid design with gel memory foam layers to prevent you from sleeping too hot, as well as high density foam for excellent lumbar support, plus rows of individually wrapped pocketed coils for responsiveness and motion isolation, you won’t disturb your partner while sleeping on this mattress.

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The Ashley Chime Elite 12″ Plush Hybrid mattress is an ideal choice for back or stomach sleepers who prefer firmer surfaces, with its CertiPUR-US certification being one of its main draws – signifying it has passed stringent environmental tests for volatile organic compounds and its Micro Cool Technology cover helping regulate temperature while eliminating tossing and turning.

This traditional mattress will arrive right at your door for a fraction of what it would cost at a local store, featuring high-density foam layers to provide comfort and firmness, designed to last years to come, plus it features hypoallergenic materials to avoid irritation that might interfere with sleep.

Ashley Furniture has long been an icon in the furniture business, and they’re now making waves in the mattress market with some truly outstanding offerings at significantly reduced prices than competitors. Their Ashley Chime 12-Inch Hybrid Mattress provides unparalleled durability at unbeatably reasonable pricing – truly providing great value.

The mattress comes with a 10-year non-prorated warranty and can be used with an adjustable base, providing comfort during sleep. Additionally, its cool and breathable construction helps ensure an ideal sleeping experience throughout the night. Featuring no chemical flame retardants for those with allergies. Furthermore, its edge support makes this mattress suitable for anyone who likes sleeping close to the side of their bed; only downside is it may be too firm for some side sleepers, leading to pressure points in hips and shoulders; for extra cushioning use a mattress pad or thinner pillow as cushioning alternatives.


The Ashley Chime mattress provides a restful night’s rest at an economical price. A hybrid mattress that supports your back while relieving pressure points, this mattress comes complete with a warranty to protect you against any issues that might arise and can be found both locally at Ashley Furniture stores and through online retailers.

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This mattress is constructed of high-quality materials and offers a medium firmness rating, making it suitable for side, stomach and back sleepers alike. Additionally, its cooling gel layer prevents overheating. In addition, this mattress has earned CertiPUR-US certification to assure it does not contain harmful chemicals – plus its removable and washable cover makes cleaning it even simpler!

It features durable construction and an innovative design. The quilted cover and foam layers create a soft feel, while an infused memory foam layer offers support. Hypoallergenic and odor-resistant properties ensure safety in your home environment; compatible with traditional and adjustable bed frames as well as offering sturdy foundation support to reduce motion transfer for improved sleep quality.

This hybrid queen mattress comes equipped with memory foam and innerspring coils for optimal comfort and support, coming in various colors and sizes to match any bedroom decor. Certified hypoallergenic by CertiPUR-US for allergy sufferers or sensitive skin types. Also convenient, this mattress comes conveniently packed in its own box for quick installation.

The Chime by Ashley mattresses are sold both at Ashley Homestore locations and online by Ashley Mattress Co. Their mattresses offer various thickness options between 8″ and 12″, including certified memory foam layers for optimal comfort. While most customers find these beds to be supportive and accommodating, there have been complaints of them being too firm or not expanding in certain instances.

The Ashley Chime Elite 12-Inch Hybrid Queen Mattress offers cutting-edge performance at a fraction of its usual cost, featuring engineered coil springs combined with layers of densely packed foam for firm support that lasts years. Conveniently delivered in a box and covered by an exceptional warranty extending beyond other mattress warranties; repair or replacement coverage includes repair/replacement for both frame and foundation are covered as well.