Casper Element Mattress Review

Casper’s Element mattress is an all-foam model designed to work with either a slatted foundation (with no more than 4-in. wide slats apart) or platform bed frame.

This company offers a 100-night sleep trial, with returns being free. In addition, they provide a 10-year limited warranty which covers body indentations deeper than 1″ as well as cracks in the foam.


The Casper Element mattress offers a budget-conscious all-foam solution with a balanced blend of softness and support, using AirScape foam which contours to the body to reduce pressure buildup while also preventing sinkage. Tiny holes in its top layer move hot air away from you while its durable base foam prevents sinkage for full body support. Ideal for light to average weight back and side sleepers alike; heavier people may experience too soft of an experience due to sinkage that affects spinal alignment.

The Element mattress is an excellent option for couples seeking a bed that isolates motion effectively, sleeps coolly and offers good edge support. Unfortunately, however, the Element may not meet the needs of combination sleepers who frequently switch sleeping positions – these sleepers require a mattress that quickly responds to their movements while providing enough resilience support for heavier bodies.

The Element is an all-foam mattress featuring two layers: AirScape polyfoam and memory foam sit atop an all-polyfoam base for support, featuring a 10-inch profile compatible with standard sheet sets, wrapped in stretchy fabric composed of polyester, upcycled cotton fibers, rayon, and Lycra.


The Element mattress is an all-foam mattress designed for back sleepers who prefer medium firm mattresses, providing enough cushioning to avoid sagging in the middle of their beds. Unfortunately, however, its firm feel may not suit heavier people or stomach sleepers who require additional cushioning around pressure points; nor would it meet side sleeping needs who demand greater cushioning than what the Element provides.

The top layer of this bed features AirScape foam from the brand’s exclusive AirScape collection that offers cushioning and pressure relief, perforated with tiny holes for improved cooling air circulation and to reduce heat build-up. Below it lies high density poly foam for more durable full body support.

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At our mattress lab tests, the Element proved itself responsive enough to easily respond to sleepers who moved and changed positions throughout the night, making it especially helpful for combination sleepers who shift position more frequently than other types. Furthermore, it provides good edge support with minimal motion transfer, making it an excellent option for couples wanting to share one bed.

The Casper Element mattress is ideal for lighter to average-weight back and stomach sleepers who do not require as much support from its foam layers, such as those who weigh over 200 lbs. Additionally, side sleepers will likely not find sufficient cushioning at their hips; therefore if you are heavier it might be wiser to opt for something firmer such as hybrid or innerspring models instead.


The Element mattress is a medium-firm model that offers the perfect blend of softness and support. Its top comfort foam layer conforms to pressure points to relieve back pain while its firmer base foam prevents sinking, keeping spine alignment consistent. Furthermore, this bed isolates motion effectively making it an excellent option for couples sleeping together in one room.

The Casper Element mattress is easy to unbox and set up. Simply bring it into your room, follow the simple instructions, and get it ready to use! There may be an initial scent from decompressing foam; however this should go away within days or so. Ideally you should unbox and place in a well-ventilated space before sleeping on it for several hours or days to allow the full expansion process.

While the Element mattress offers some degree of responsiveness, its latex or innerspring counterparts tend to offer greater responsiveness. As such, this mattress will take longer to react to changes in your sleep position or move around as much at night compared to latex or innerspring beds – therefore not being suitable for active couples or people who frequently shift positions during sleep.

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The Element mattress may not be ideal for heavier people. With only two layers of foam providing support and durability compared to most mattresses designed for adults, the Element may not last beyond 10 years of use – this makes it better suited as a starter mattress, guest room bed, temporary mattress for kids or college students, or temporary solution during its risk-free 100-night sleep trial if it does not feel comfortable enough.


The Casper Element all-foam mattress is an excellent option for back sleepers weighing less than 250 pounds, as well as combo sleepers who often switch positions and require responsive beds that can keep up with them.

The Element features two layers of foam: AirScape foam offers soft cushioning to promote breathability and alleviate pressure points; high-density polyfoam provides sturdy support that won’t sag over time.

At our testing facilities, the Element proved itself capable of supporting the spine and providing proper spinal alignment for back sleepers. Unfortunately, however, stomach sleepers and heavyweight back sleepers who require additional hip support found it less supportive; additionally it did not offer sufficient pressure relief for side sleepers and heavier individuals.

The Element does not present any major drawbacks in terms of durability; however, over 10 years it may not hold up as well compared to competitors. Therefore, this mattress would make an ideal starter mattress, guest room bed, or temporary mattress solution for children and college students.

The Element sleeps relatively cool for a foam mattress thanks to its breathable cover and perforated AirScape layer, but doesn’t offer as much cooling technology than some all-foam beds with more advanced systems. Furthermore, some individuals preferring firmer mattresses may find the Element to sink too deeply for them – see our guide of top mattresses for hot sleepers for more ideas on which mattress best meets their needs.

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Casper offers an advantageous return policy, enabling consumers to give their mattress 100 nights in their home to assess its comfort before returning it for a full refund if not completely satisfied. Casper simplifies this process and even arranges to pick it up from their residence, donate or recycle it if applicable if recycling it cannot. Plus they offer an impressive 10-year limited warranty against workmanship or materials defects.

The Element Mattress from Casper offers great value for the money and will satisfy most sleepers, however not everyone. Back sleepers may find it supportive enough but stomach and side sleepers who require greater cushion may require something firmer; additionally, its less responsive nature means it may not suit combination sleepers who tend to toss and turn.

As is typical with bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Element has a one to two day off-gassing period before it can be safely used for sleeping on. This occurs when gasses trapped during packaging are released. If this concerns you, place it in a well-ventilated room for several days prior to using.

Casper offers two other mattresses: The Original and Wave Hybrid. Both offer zoned support that’s firmer at hips but softer at head and shoulders for optimal spinal alignment, while Wave Hybrid uses coils and foam for motion isolation and cooling that’s superior than Element’s coils alone. Both mattresses cost more than Element but still cheaper than luxury options available online – plus both offer risk-free 100-night at-home trials with free shipping from Casper itself, plus financing via Affirm right through Casper website!