Air Mattress Reviews

For the best night’s restful sleep, you need an air mattress that is both reliable and comfortable – as well as one that is simple to set up and store.

That is why we conducted rigorous tests of numerous air mattresses, in search of one that is soft, quiet, easy to set up and stays inflated for extended use.


No matter if it’s for visitors or camping trips, finding an air mattress that is easy to set up and compact enough for easy portability is key for an excellent night of restful rest. To help guide their search process, the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab tested numerous models before selecting their top pick.

We love this model’s innovative internal pump that keeps it inflated indoors or outdoors and its R-value of 6.6, which insulates against heat loss. Plus it comes with a large grab handle, duffel bag for storage purposes, and car adapter so you can transport it easily!

This model offers additional advantages with its remote control that enables you to select between seven firmness levels and quickly deflate it with just the click of a button. Furthermore, its weight limit of 300 pounds and 16-inch off the ground position make this mattress ideal for kids while it also offers additional support for adults needing extra cushion.

This model also comes equipped with an electric pump for easy and quick operation, which can be plugged directly into any standard outlet or run off four D-cell batteries. Furthermore, its ease of cleaning makes this air mattress ideal for frequent use; air mattresses tend to collect odors and mildew over time.

Be sure to regularly inspect your air mattress for holes and punctures to keep it in top shape, including checking its pump’s functionality, removing sharp objects such as pencils, safety pins, needles or paper clips that could puncture it and vacuuming both sides with attachment hose. In addition, clean it before and after each use using damp cloth or vacuum attachment hose attachment; remove dirt particles with damp cloth then vacuum both sides using attachment hose. Finally if there’s staining or smells that linger after vacuuming attachment hose attachment, sprinkle baking soda over any affected spots then rub with 1:1 ratio of water:rubbing alcohol mixture to restore.

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When selecting an air mattress for guests to sleep on, its primary goal should be comfort. No one wants to wake up suffocated in vinyl. To avoid this scenario, select models made of durable materials with internal structures designed to support you; additionally, the top models have flocked surfaces which minimize slippage when sheets are placed over it, creating the feel of a real bed.

Consider whether or not the mattress can be quickly inflated and deflated for easy preparation of use and storage when not required. An integrated or external pump that is user friendly would be advantageous.

Providing that you own pets, it’s essential that you select an air mattress capable of withstanding claws and playful nips from their claws and playful antics. In addition, puncture resistant mattresses will protect against leaks from sharp objects.

Air mattresses typically utilize an internal pump for easy setup. However, some models feature external pumps and require separate power sources – the best air mattresses will make this clear in their description so you can make an informed decision.

An air mattress should provide both ease of operation and comfortable restful nights for its user. Some models feature soft velvety flocked surfaces for optimal sleeping experience and reduced movement noise while sleeping. You should also consider its height; taller models may help those suffering from back or arthritis pain by relieving pressure points faster.

When selecting an air mattress, choose one large enough to comfortably accommodate two adults or a queen-sized bed. This size is among the most sought after, making it easy to locate one in your home. Furthermore, make sure it is lightweight and compact when deflated – this will allow it to easily fit in a duffel bag for use when travelling or camping.

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If you intend on regularly using an air mattress or taking one along for overnight trips, look for one that’s durable enough. This means it should withstand repeated use without punctures; easy inflate-and-deflate capability; plus it should come with its own duffel bag for easy storage. Finally, be sure to ask what coverage the warranty includes.

When shopping for an air mattress, it’s wise to read both product and customer reviews. Though this won’t give a complete picture, reading customer feedback can give an indication of other customers’ experiences with it. Furthermore, testing out an air mattress by bouncing on it and inspecting seams to see if it holds up under pressure is highly advisable before making your final selection.

If you’re shopping for an air mattress for outdoor use, be sure to purchase a model designed with an inbuilt air pump and optimized for speedy inflation and no snags. Incorporating at least an R-value of at least 1.0 into your selection will keep you warm even in cold weather; the one shown has an R-value of 6.6 making it perfect for camping trips or other outdoor adventures; lightweight yet with great portability thanks to built-in pillow and convenient carry bag included with purchase.


Most people want an affordable air mattress. It is important to remember, though, that higher prices don’t always equal better quality mattresses. The ideal air mattresses are constructed from heavy-duty materials reinforced against punctures and leaks; designed for compact storage space. Plus, some come equipped with their own built-in pump which makes camping trips or overnight guests much simpler!

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One option that combines comfort and affordability is the Intex Self-Inflating Mattress. Equipped with a remote that can be used to inflate and deflate it, as well as multiple firmness settings to suit every sleeper, this durable vinyl mattress comes complete with leak-proof technology for leakproof sleeping while camping or traveling.

Beautyrest Skyrise Raised Express Air Mattress is another fantastic option, as it can be quickly and easily inflated within minutes and includes built-in side rails to prevent people from rolling off of it. Its height resembles that of traditional mattresses, while it comes with its own storage bag for convenient transport and lightweight construction make this mattress suitable for camping adventures.

No matter the budget, MNT features air mattresses to meet any need and every budget. MNT will only feature products backed by warranties and return policies to ensure peace of mind when purchasing them; also featuring air mattresses certified CertiPUR-US to avoid volatile organic compounds in production processes.

While most air mattresses are constructed from vinyl, some more advanced materials such as urethane plastic or thermoplastic polyurethane may provide additional benefits over vinyl such as durability and flexibility. They come with different colors and thickness options available so they make a perfect choice for anyone seeking an innovative yet comfortable sleeping surface; many also have removable covers to make cleaning them easier and hygienic.