Original Mattress Factory Reviews

The company operates stores throughout the US and sells its products online, offering an impressive selection of mattresses ranging from budget-friendly innerspring models to high-end latex beds.

Their mattresses are constructed using quality materials at competitive prices; however, some consumers have experienced durability issues with them.


Original Mattress Factory provides competitively-priced mattresses by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to consumers, resulting in competitive prices. Their six lines range from budget-friendly classics to luxury memory foam and latex models and provide innerspring, orthopedic, Serenity foam beds from firm comfort levels up to ultra soft comfort levels – and include memory foam pillows, mattress protectors, bunkie boards and sheet sets as accessories.

The company boasts 91 retail locations – 11 of them factories! – across nine states where customers can shop or have their mattress shipped directly. Delivery services start from free local delivery up to white glove delivery starting at just $199; additionally they also sell foundations and bed frames.

Original Mattress Factory is a family-owned and operated business with transparent pricing structures. They clearly outline their various grades of mattresses so customers can explore them without feeling pressure from salespeople, while fixed pricing means no haggling or comparison shopping required!

The Classic One mattress from Mattress Firm offers budget-conscious consumers an ideal blend of bouncy support and cool nights’ rest. Comprised of one-sided innerspring coils connected by 7″, as well as minimal foam and cotton padding, it makes an excellent option. It is the ideal option for anyone who longs for simpler innerspring mattresses that provided more bouncy support without overheating at night.

Other mattresses offered by this company are Regency, Orthopedic, Serenity and customizable models. Depending on which mattress type is selected, warranties range from prorated to non-prorated – prorated warranties cover only part of the costs related to repair or replacement, while non-prorated warranties provide complete protection over its lifecycle.

The company does not offer a trial period or return policy, but you may exchange it within 30 days of purchase for another size at an exchange fee that varies based on location and shipping option (typically 25% of the least expensive mattress in its lineup). In addition, they work with charities that accept used mattresses as donations.

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Original Mattress Factory manufactures its mattresses in America without middlemen and keeps prices competitive, offering four lines ranging from budget-friendly innerspring models to luxury memory foam and latex beds. They also provide accessories like pillows, mattress protectors, bunkie boards and sheet sets; although their lack of trial period or free shipping could put off some shoppers.

Original Mattress Factory operates physical showrooms in 9 states as well as online, where their user-friendly website makes finding your ideal model simple. They have an informative blog with answers to frequently asked questions about mattress buying; additionally, visiting one of their showrooms before buying is highly recommended – salespeople will help guide your decisions!

Visits by Consumer Report members were generally positive in terms of customer service and floor model cleanliness. Staff was knowledgeable but couldn’t always offer what customers were searching for. Furthermore, this company does not allow returns other than through warranty claims; therefore be sure you’re ready before buying.

Mattresses from this company are produced in US factories using mid-grade materials, making them competitive with similar mattresses on the market, although some customers have reported durability issues after an initial period.

When selecting an Original Mattress Factory mattress, look for firm models for optimal spinal support. The Serenity Plush Mattress is an ideal example, featuring 5 inches of high-density foam to cushion pressure points and reduce partner disturbance. It has a medium feel suitable for most sleeping positions but heavier people might benefit from firmer support to prevent sinking or dipping.

Box springs are highly recommended with most models from this company and can be purchased at a discounted rate with your mattress purchase. Many beds feature dual-sided design that can be easily flipped for extended life; their Flip Reminder System sends reminders every month or two to flip your mattress if needed; otherwise it could develop off-gassing odors that cause unpleasant odors in your room, in which case placing the mattress in an adequately ventilated room until the smell dissipates is recommended.

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Original Mattress Factory goes straight to their US manufacturing partners, manufacturing mattresses directly here. Their four lines of innerspring, hybrid and memory foam mattresses offer something for every need and taste.

Since the 1990s, Serta has been operating successfully as an independent mattress retailer with more than 100 stores nationwide and nationwide delivery service for their mattresses.

Original Mattress Factory mattresses all come with warranties that vary in terms of duration depending on which model is selected. Some non-prorated warranties cover you for the entire life of the bed while some prorated warranties require you to cover part of any repairs or replacement costs yourself in some instances.

Original Mattress Factory beds often include a box spring for optimal support of their mattresses, which may even void your warranty if not used regularly. They offer a selection of Original Mattress Factory box springs on their website as well as brands such as Leesa and Puffy that may offer alternatives that are better tailored to their beds.

Original Mattress Factory mattresses may give off an off-gassing odor for several days after being delivered, though it should dissipate over time when left in a well-ventilated room. If this causes you concern, Original Mattress Factory sells mattress protectors that can help reduce odor while keeping your bed fresh and clean.

Original Mattress Factory’s Classic Line mattresses offer some of their most cost-effective mattresses, yet are thinner than average and may not provide as much support to sleepers who are used to more substantial beds. One model in this line, such as their Classic Plush Set with its two-sided design that enables flipping for even wear, may provide relief for these issues.

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Customer Service

The Original Mattress Factory is an all-in-one company that designs and sells their own mattresses through both physical showrooms and their website. Their mattresses are typically constructed using mid-grade materials at competitive industry pricing; however, some customers have experienced durability issues after just a short period. As with any purchase decision, more research should be conducted prior to making one.

Customer service at this company is widely recognized for being friendly and helpful, answering your inquiries over the phone while you can also visit one of their showrooms to experience their mattresses for yourself. First-time buyers might want to take advantage of their 101-night sleep trial offer.

Location-savvy mattress customers can pick up their new mattress free or pay a local delivery fee that starts at $65 in the United States; white glove delivery starts at $199 for further away customers. Exchanges between sizes incur an additional 25% fee calculated off of the least expensive mattress price.

If you’re concerned about the quality of your mattress, Original Mattress Factory provides an exceptional warranty lasting up to 12 years that covers sagging or indenting issues as well as accidental and misuse damage. They’ll repair or replace it at their discretion and even cover damage caused by accidents or misuse!

Original Mattress Factory provides an expansive selection of innerspring, hybrid, latex, and memory foam mattresses designed to accommodate every sleeping style and budget. From the budget-friendly Classic line to their more luxurious Serenity collection – there are options that meet every sleeping preference and every budget.

Original Mattress Factory does not provide their buyers with these benefits, such as free shipping and returns, free trials or white glove delivery – unlike many online mattress retailers who do offer such amenities. Instead, Original Mattress Factory only provides limited warranty protection and one year comfort policy (that charges 25% fee on least expensive mattress), which could prove discouraging to buyers looking for generous shopping policies or returns policies.