Novaform Mattress Costco Reviews

Novaform mattresses are only available from Costco and feature affordable memory foam at discounted rates, providing multiple softness and firmness options to meet individual sleep preferences.

Many Novaform models feature cooling features like gel-infused foams and breathable covers to combat overheating, while their motion absorbing qualities make them suitable for shared beds.

Firmness Levels

If you’re searching for a medium firm Novaform mattress, consider the Serafina Pearl as it represents their most cost-effective model available exclusively through CostcoWholesale Corporation.

This model features a 3-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam to regulate sleep temperature by dispersing heat and moisture away from the body, and a quilted cover made with AdaptiCool fabric which further wicks away moisture to provide cooling relief. It’s best suited for people who sleep mostly on their back or stomach; however, its soft surface may make it too uncomfortable for those preferring firmer beds.

Serafina Pearl mattresses feature not only memory foam, but also a layer of fibers which add extra support and bounce for optimal sleeping comfort. Their medium firmness is ideal for most sleepers – perfect for anyone sleeping multiple positions in bed – while not recommended for back or side sleepers suffering chronic back pain.

Novaform’s Comfort Grande Plus mattress is one of their more recent additions and stands out as having a higher profile than similar products at this price point. Available in twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes – its sturdy handles on each side make moving easier!

Providing peace of mind regarding durability, all Novaform mattresses come with an Innocor Comfort nonprorated 20-year limited warranty that covers them against defects; this excludes any sagging of foam.

No matter what firmness level they’re at, all Novaform mattresses offer excellent pressure relief, adhering to your curves for reduced stress on joints and neck and back pain relief. Their affordable prices and generous warranties make them an attractive option for budget conscious consumers.

Notably, some reviewers have mentioned their displeasure with the firmness of the Comfort Grande Plus mattress; however, it’s essential that you evaluate a mattress yourself to get an accurate sense of its overall feel and characteristics such as foam density can impact its feel.

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Softness Levels

Novaform mattresses are made of memory foam with multiple softness levels for personalized contouring comfort, making them an excellent option for those with chemical sensitivities or preferring something with springs. Their competitive prices make them more accessible than many premium memory foam options and boast an industry leading 20 year warranty period.

The Novaform Comfort Grande Plus mattress is one of the firmer options in its line, yet still has some give for side sleepers. Its 14-inch mattress profile boasts four inches of EVENcor GelPlus memory foam on top of six inches of core support layer – featuring an effective cooling layer comprised of EVENcor gel gel technology; furthermore, medium grade memory foam layers add to its overall comfort.

Serafina Pearl Gel mattress provides a medium feel, featuring two inches of gel-infused memory foam on top of six inches of polyfoam base support for added cooling properties and pressure point relief in hips and shoulders. With a 12-inch mattress profile featuring 2-inches of memory foam layered above six-inches of polyfoam base support and its 12-inch mattress height. This model can sleep two people.

Novaform mattresses have long been a favorite at Costco warehouse locations, as well as other retailers like Sam’s Club and BJ’s. Owned by memory foam developer Innocor, their affordable quality mattresses have proven popular with owners; however, recent owner reviews have reported issues regarding heat retention and firmness for certain models.

Novaform offers mattresses to meet the needs of various sleepers, making it important for buyers to understand all of the specifications before making their purchase. Their website contains a detailed breakdown of each mattress model’s specs – materials used, layers used and dimensions provided; however buyers should keep in mind that these may differ from what’s provided by them in official marketing material from Novaform.

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Support Levels

Novaform mattresses are specifically designed to conform to your body, taking pressure off areas that may be sore or painful, providing relief for back, shoulder, hip or other types of discomfort. Furthermore, it may even help alleviate insomnia caused by chronic discomfort.

Novaform offers an expansive selection of memory foam mattresses ranging in firmness and composition. Each mattress is tailored specifically for different sleepers with unique features that set it apart from its competitors.

The Novaform Advanced Back Support Mattress is an extra-firm memory foam mattress specifically designed to alleviate back pain. Featuring three layers for superior spinal support and comfortability, its top layer uses proprietary LURAcor foam technology which aligns the spine while evenly redistributing weight distribution to help prevent any future sagging over time.

Memory foam layers use memory foam that conforms around your body’s curves to relieve pressure points and ensure comfort, with durability and longevity in mind – so your mattress will continue to stand the test of time without sag or lose its shape over time.

Another incredible characteristic of this mattress is its ability to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature. The memory foam inside features cooling properties to combat any potential overheating during the night – this feature is especially handy for those who tend to sleep hot and tend to sweat while asleep.

Novaform mattresses lack traditional trial periods or sleep guarantees, unlike competitors such as Nectar that provide these options. Instead, Novaform does offer a money-back guarantee which entitles customers to return them directly back to Costco should they become dissatisfied for any reason; either dropping it off at one of its physical stores or online. This gives customers time to test out the bed for several months and make an informed decision as to whether it suits their individual needs.

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Novaform mattresses are best known for being sold exclusively at Costco warehouse locations. Owned by memory foam developer Innocor and noted for its wide selection of mattress types with different thickness options to meet different sleepers’ needs, Novaform receives generally positive initial reviews; however some reviewers have reported issues regarding heat retention or firmness.

Novaform offers a 20-year nonprorated warranty that covers fabric and foam material defects in their mattresses purchased from authorized retailers, but does not extend to damage caused by misuse or mishandling. Furthermore, this warranty does not cover normal body impressions or sagging as well as foundation issues associated with Novaform mattresses.

Novaform mattresses are constructed from top-grade materials and designed to offer optimal comfort and support. Available in varying firmness ratings to meet most sleepers’ preferences, their lifespans surpass most and they effectively isolate motion and pressure points while effectively isolating movement and pressure points. Plus, most Novaform mattresses include cooling properties to help regulate sleeping temperature and avoid overheating!

Some Novaform mattresses feature the revolutionary Powercore technology, an exclusive layer designed to add support and stability. This layer is placed at the center of the mattress to help distribute weight evenly over its entirety and avoid localized pressure points or discomfort.

Novaform mattresses have two popular models – Valentina and Serafina Pearl models are among the most sought after, and both provide excellent pressure relief capabilities. Both mattresses conform to your body and distribute weight evenly, relieving any strain from hips or shoulders as well as relieving pain or discomfort.

The Serafina Pearl mattress is an excellent medium-firm mattress suitable for back and stomach sleepers alike. Featuring responsive foam that helps balance weight distribution while aligning spine, as well as an 8″ base layer to minimize back pain while offering optimal support throughout the night, the Pearl can help ensure an restful night’s restful slumber.