Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

This mattress provides optimal contouring and pressure relief, meeting most sleeper preferences with its firmness rating of around 6.5.

It also features a 4-inch comfort foam layer to alleviate pressure points for both lightweight and heavierweight sleepers, although it doesn’t offer great edge support.


The Nectar Mattress provides a medium firm feel and is intended to accommodate most sleeping positions. Constructed from five layers – including gel-infused memory foam and durable polyfoam support core – its top layer offers cooling relief while the middle provides comfort; finally its bottom layer forms a 7-inch polyfoam foundation that keeps shifting at bay and lengthens lifespan.

The company stands out in the industry with an exceptional sleep trial and warranty offering customers an extended yearlong trial where they can return the mattress for a full refund if it isn’t for them. Furthermore, white glove delivery service and lifetime warranties come standard with every mattress purchased by this company.

Before purchasing a Nectar mattress, it is wise to do your research and read reviews on the company and product. Some consumers have noted that their mattress does not live up to advertised claims, being uncomfortable for sleeping on. Other complaints have focused on lack of customer service from Nectar – these claims have been refuted and they pride themselves on providing honest information regarding pricing and products.

Many reviewers noted that the Nectar Mattress was somewhat soft for heavier people to sleep comfortably on, yet most found it comfortable and adequate support. If sleeping on their stomach or back would be preferable to this mattress, however, please look into more firm models, since its soft surface does not provide as much lumbar support.

Nectar mattresses have another issue of trapping body heat and creating an uncomfortable sleeping experience, so if you tend to get hot during the night it would be wiser to invest in one with coils or hybrid construction.

The company offers decent edge support, but not as strong as hybrid and innerspring mattresses due to the use of polyfoam edge support which doesn’t compress as easily as other materials. If you prefer light sleeping conditions this shouldn’t be a concern but if you shift between back and side sleeping during the night it is wise to look into other solutions.

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The top layer is composed of gel-infused memory foam designed to promote airflow and limit heat build-up while adapting to your movements throughout the night. The second layer features memory foam designed to increase support while simultaneously offering bounce and responsiveness, with its third-tier breathable base foam providing even further support to prevent sagging.

The Nectar mattress provides an excellent blend of comfort and support, which should suit most sleepers. However, there are a few issues to be mindful of prior to buying: long shipping times have been reported by some customers; others have reported off-gassing odors which take time to dissipate completely.

Others have voiced complaints of poor customer service and unresponsiveness from Nectar Mattress representatives, and of finding it too soft or firm for their personal taste. If you are still uncertain if this mattress is right for you, check out my full Nectar Mattress review for more details!

Nectar Mattress introduced a cooling cover and expanded their base foam layer to seven inches for 2021, as well as new hybrid models, the Premier Copper Hybrid and Nectar 4.0 hybrid. Both of these models can be found in stores offering different levels of firmness.

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress boasts an average firmness rating of 6 out of 10, making it suitable for most sleepers but may be too soft for heavier individuals and stomach sleepers.

Nectar mattress’s memory foam layers offer incredible pressure relief. The mattress forms to your body to provide a custom fit and reduce any painful pressure points, with excellent responsiveness test scores to adapt to changing sleeping positions and provide ample edge support for a foam bed.

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Motion Isolation

The Nectar mattress’s memory foam provides excellent motion isolation, meaning that it helps prevent shifting from one side of the bed to the other. This feature is especially valuable when sharing bedrooms with partners or pets. In addition, its polyethylene fiber cover helps dissipate heat while keeping sleepers cool throughout their night’s rest.

The Nectar mattress features foam layers infused with gel that help mitigate its heat-trapping properties and creates a breathable top layer, covered by an easily removable cotton sheet – an added feature which keeps bed freshness while catering to those suffering from allergies or skin conditions.

This mattress boasts a 3” layer of gel foam infused with phase change material designed to prevent body heat retention while increasing airflow. This layer sits directly beneath a 2” soft conventional foam transition layer that eases sleepers into the support layer below it; further down is a 7″ high density base foam layer offering added lumbar support and making this mattress very durable.

Lightweight sleepers should find the Nectar mattress comfortable and supportive; however, those who weigh over 230 pounds may prefer something else instead – possibly one with coils instead of memory foam.

The Nectar Premier mattress’s deep contouring may limit your movement, and some individuals may feel constrained by it. Furthermore, active sleepers who require responsive mattresses that will quickly return to shape after they shift positions during the night will find this mattress unsuitable.

The Nectar mattress can be found online and at many brick-and-mortar stores owned by Mattress Firm, such as those operated by them. When shipping, Nectar compresses and rolls up each mattress before including a free 365-night sleep trial with every purchase; returns initiated during this period qualify for full reimbursement from Nectar; additionally, they offer a Forever Warranty that will cover indentations more than 1.5″ deep for as long as you own the mattress.

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Nectar is an innovative memory foam mattress that stands out from its peers by offering many of the same traits such as slow sinking feel and cooling support, yet surpasses them in areas such as comfort layer thickness and support core density. To meet this goal, the mattress features both gel-infused foam comfort layer and high density support core foam layers for ultimate support and cooling performance.

Nectar Mattress provides an expansive 365-night home trial period and Forever Warranty that ensures if it doesn’t suit you for any reason, you can return it easily without incurring fees to their warehouse – giving those struggling with disposing of old mattresses an excellent solution! They will even arrange to have it collected directly from your house! This policy makes returning mattresses hassle free! Nectar even donates them directly to charity instead of charging any shipping back.

The Nectar mattress is ideal for most types of sleepers, though there are a few potential drawbacks you should be mindful of. For instance, only twin XL and queen sizes are currently available and doesn’t support full-size options which could present issues for people with smaller bed frames.

Some customers have reported long shipping times and an off-gassing odor which takes multiple days to dissipate. Furthermore, some users reported experiencing back pain because their mattress felt either too firm or soft for their preferences.

Finally, some customers have complained about customer service at Mattress Firm. Many reported issues returning mattresses for refund and receiving refunds while others complained that Mattress Firm was unresponsive to their concerns.

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is an incredible value at just under $1,000. Boasting a high-density base layer and plush memory foam top layer, its design provides support and pressure point relief to most types of sleepers while its construction minimizes motion transfer so you can sleep undisturbed without disturbing your partner.