Helix Plus Mattress Reviews

Helix mattresses provide a range of firmness options. To assist shoppers in finding their ideal match, Helix provides a sleep quiz and customization feature.

The Helix Plus mattress is specially tailored to heavier sleepers with its taller-than-average coils and firm layers of foam, and its excellent motion isolation capability, making it suitable for co-sleepers.


The Helix Plus mattress offers a medium firmness, but the exact feel may depend on your weight and body type. A heavier person may more easily push through soft comfort and support layers and experience firmer support as compared to lighter sleepers; additionally, your shape also plays an integral part in how firm the mattress feels for you.

Helix mattresses have been specifically designed to cater to people of a range of body types and sizes, from children to those in wheelchairs. Helix employs various foams in their mattresses – memory foam and poly foam among others – while their Helix Plus model uses an exclusive blend of foams with additional coils for added durability backed by a 15-year warranty.

Helix Plus mattress covers are constructed from Tencel (or Lyocell), an eco-friendly fabric sourced from northern China forests that is soft yet breathable and ideal for moisture wicking and temperature regulation. Choose between various color and fabric options when personalizing your Helix Plus cover!

At the heart of Helix Plus mattresses lies a 1.5-inch memory foam layer, designed to offer pressure relief, contouring and moderate sinkage. Next comes a 1.75-inch layer of Helix Dynamic Foam–a high density foam with four pounds density–which further contributes to firmness while supporting larger bodies.

Helix Plus models utilize an additional layer of XL coils that helps with firmness. These provide more bounce than you might find from a hybrid mattress and help provide better motion isolation.

Helix mattresses are an excellent option for couples searching for durable and supportive beds. Helix provides a 100-night trial period; if the mattress doesn’t meet your standards for any reason, Helix will send a free mattress topper as compensation – no cancellation of trial period applies – plus they also offer various warranties including 10-year accidental coverage!

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Helix mattresses are specifically tailored to suit the needs of various sleep positions and weight ranges, including side sleepers. As such, Sunset, Midnight, Twilight are engineered for side sleeping while Dusk, Dawn and Helix Plus were created for back and stomach sleeping respectively. In particular, Helix Plus was developed specifically for individuals weighing more than 250 pounds by providing medium firmness support at medium firmness levels – perfect for heavier individuals!

Helix Plus mattresses do a superb job at minimizing motion transfer, thanks to a layer of latex-like polyfoam that offers superior motion reduction compared with memory foam and helps limit movements throughout the night. This feature can especially benefit couples sharing their mattress.

Though built for durability, the Helix Plus does have some potential drawbacks that should be taken into consideration. One such downside may be its firmness being too firm for some individuals – particularly lightweight side sleepers who might not compress enough into it to take advantage of its contouring properties. Furthermore, the Helix Plus boasts relatively low sinkage depth compared to comparable models.

Helix Plus mattresses may take time to fully expand and adjust to their new feel, which may cause irritation for some shoppers. The company suggests giving the mattress some time to settle before making their final decision and offers a 100-night sleep trial period for those interested.

The Helix Plus mattress is an excellent option for back and stomach sleepers, offering ample pressure relief that helps relieve discomfort in these positions. Its zoned coils offer firm support in the center while softening at head and foot to relieve shoulder and hip pressure, offering relief to shoulders and hips as well as shoulders and hips. In addition, its top layers are soft enough for deep cradling; further reducing stress on joints with their zoned construction and Helix Dynamic Foam components working in concert to provide extra cradling as needed by side sleepers needing additional support on sides with extra support needed from sides who require additional support cradling of both components working together reducing joint strain by both elements working together with Helix Dynamic Foam technology.

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Motion Isolation

Helix Plus is a hybrid mattress-in-a-box and does not provide as much motion isolation as all-foam mattresses; however, this may or may not be beneficial depending on how often you move around in your sleep. However, Helix does a fairly good job at minimizing motion transfer with its layers of memory foam, latex-like poly foam, and pocketed coils reducing transference of motion transference.

Helix Mattress Cover Features Soft Touch and Breathable Material to Promote Cool Sleep

Helix can have issues with heat retention for some customers, so if you tend to overheat at night or are lightweight, Helix might be worth considering as an option if heat retention is an issue for you. For heavier sleepers who opt for firmer configurations of Helix.

The Helix Plus mattress is tailored specifically for plus-size individuals and couples. Its reinforced support system features XL wrapped coils and high-density memory foam layers, offering contouring support to heavier individuals as well as evenly dispersing weight distribution. Furthermore, this mattress can withstand repeated uses and resist sagging over time; it may also last longer. However, its higher price makes other comparable options better value options. Try WinkBed or Big Fig instead for comparable prices and better overall value.


Helix mattresses arrive compressed, so they require several days or weeks to fully expand and mold to your individual body shape. As part of this process, Helix mattresses must also adjust and conform to your specific body weight distribution.

Helix Mattress Company provides hybrid mattresses, meaning their mattresses combine both foam and coil materials for both comfort and support. Their Helix Plus mattress even uses an XL coil layer for additional bounce and support. Heavy sleepers and those who prefer firmer mattresses will especially appreciate this mattress’s top foam layers, which provide contouring support to sensitive areas like hips and shoulders. Helix Plus mattresses also do an effective job at limiting motion transfer. Helix mattresses provide extra protection for couples sharing a mattress, including offering an extensive 15-year standard warranty, at which point standard issues are covered for free; and an optional 10-year accidental coverage plan, both available at an extra cost.

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Helix mattresses are medium-firm mattresses designed for people weighing 200 or more pounds; however, those weighing above 200 may experience it as being firmer due to premium-grade dense foams and XL coils designed specifically to support larger individuals.

Customers of Helix mattresses have raved that it provides ample support, particularly for back and stomach sleepers. There have been some reports from heavier customers that the Helix Plus may be too soft; however, these have been rarer.

Helix offers a 100-night sleep trial on all their mattresses, including their Plus model. This allows you to test out and evaluate whether it meets your needs; if not satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. Plus, Helix provides free shipping. For an easier delivery option consider Bedbox who deliver directly to your doorstep; saving time from multiple trips while preventing potential damages caused by lifting bulky mattresses.