7 Best Wholesale Jewellery Suppliers In Thailand

Thailand is a popular tourist destination for many people all over the world, and it’s no wonder – the country has many beautiful places to visit, great food and drink, and friendly people. If you’re looking to buy wholesale jewellery in Thailand, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of local businesses who offer competitive prices and high-quality products.

What is wholesale jewellery?

Wholesale jewellery is all the jewellery that is not sold at full retail price. The term can also be used to describe any type of product that is sold below production cost. This is often done by retailers in order to increase their margins.
For more information on what wholesale jewellery is and how it works, please read on!

When you think of jewellery, most likely the first thing that comes to mind is high-end pieces like diamonds and gold. However, there’s a whole other world out there that sells products at much lower costs, called wholesale jewellery. Wholesale jewellery can be anything from rings and necklaces to earrings and bracelets – and it’s a great way for retailers to make more money. Here’s what you need to know about wholesale jewellery:

1. Wholesale jewellery isn’t just for high-end items. In fact, it can be quite versatile – so you can find everything from rings to earrings to bracelets.

2. It’s a great way for retailers to make more money. In fact, some brands sell wholesale jew

Types of wholesale jewellery

Wholesale jewellery in Thailand can be classified into three main categories: precious metals, semi-precious stones, and crafts.

Precious metals include gold and silver, which are the most popular items because they are not subject to fluctuations in the Thai currency. Semi-precious stones include turquoise, sapphire, and jade, which are popular because of their unique colours and patterns. Crafts include bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and earrings, which are made from a variety of materials such as bamboo and seashells.

There are many jewellery retailers in Bangkok that sell wholesale jewellery. The best way to find them is to ask around or use the internet. Some of the more notable retailers include Siam Jewellery (www.siamjewellery.com), Thonglor Jewellers (www.thonglorjewellers.com), Pahtunkam Jewelry (www.pahtunkamjewelry.com), and Jigsaw Jewellery (www.jigsawjewellery.com).

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The benefits of purchasing wholesale jewellery in Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination for jewellery lovers, thanks to its low prices, wide selection and reliable shipping services. In addition to high-quality gems, gold and silver are widely available at affordable prices.

When shopping for wholesale jewellery in Thailand, it is important to know what type of jewellery is being sold. There are three main types of jewellery that can be found in Thailand: cheap imitation jewellery, high-quality handmade jewellery and vintage jewellery.

Cheap imitation jewellery can be found all over Thailand, but the quality varies greatly. Many of these pieces are made from low-quality materials and have poor workmanship. It is important to be aware of the differences between cheap imitation jewellery and high-quality handmade jewellery when shopping for this type of product.

High-quality handmade jewellery typically has a higher price tag, but it is also more durable and likely to last longer than cheap imitation jewellery. Vintage jewellery is also a popular option in Thailand, as it is often more affordable than high-quality handmade ornaments. However, antique pieces may not be up to current safety standards, so it is important to be cautious when purchasing vintage jewellery

How to find wholesale jewellery in Thailand

If you’re looking to find wholesale jewellery in Thailand, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First and foremost, you’ll want to research the specific brands and types of jewellery that you’re interested in. This can be done by checking out online retailers or visiting local boutiques. Once you have a general idea of what you’re looking for, it’s time to start hunting for dealers.

One great way to find dealers is through online classifieds websites like Kijiji or Craigslist. Another option is to attend trade shows or expos where jewellery dealers from all over Thailand will be in attendance. Finally, if you’re looking for something specific but don’t want to spend a lot of time searching, it’s always worth stopping by local malls and asking around. There is likely someone selling jewellery that fits your specifications right away!

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Wholesale Jewellery Suppliers In Thailand

Thailand is known for its vibrant jewellery and gem trade. Many jewellery wholesale suppliers in Thailand have been present in the market for many years now and are very experienced in their trade. They offer a wide variety of beautiful jewellery, including diamond, gold, silver and platinum pieces, at discounted prices.

Some of the leading jewellery wholesale suppliers in Thailand include Diamond World Jewellers, Sriyarat Jewelers, The Gem Shop and Bangkok Jewellery Showroom. All of these suppliers offer excellent customer service and are always happy to help customers find the perfect piece of jewellery.

If you’re looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery that’s affordable and easy to find, then you should definitely check out the selection available from these Thai wholesale jewellery suppliers.


Karensilverdesign is a supplier of wholesale jewellery in Thailand. Operating since 2006, Karensilverdesign offers an extensive range of silver and gold jewellery at competitive prices.

Jewellery is one of the most popular items that Karensilverdesign sells. The company has a wide selection of pieces, including chains, earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. The jewellery is made from sterling silver or gold, and many of the designs are inspired by traditional Thai art. Karensilverdesign also offers custom-made jewellery, so customers can order whatever piece they dreams of.

Karensilverdesign provides customers with a variety of payment options, including cash on delivery and bank transfers. Shipping is free within Thailand, and overseas shipping is available at a additional cost.


Silver-jewelry-planet is a jewellery supplier located in Bangkok, Thailand. Our online store offers an extensive collection of wholesale jewellery including silver jewellery, gold jewellery, diamond jewellery and more. Whether you’re looking for traditional pieces or something more modern, we have something for you. We also offer a wide range of services such as repairs and alterations, so you can always make sure your jewellery looks its best. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


Jewelleryland is a wholesaler and retailer of luxury jewellery products in Thailand. We offer an extensive range of diamond, gold and silver jewellery, watches, gift items and more. We are passionate about providing the best possible service to our customers, so you can be sure that you are buying from a trusted source.

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Visit our website to find out more about our products and services or give us a call today for information on how we can help you make the perfect purchase.


Looking for a wholesale jewellery supplier in Thailand? Look no further than Chaithaisilp! Our team of experienced and knowledgeable jewellery suppliers can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, from traditional gold and silver pieces to contemporary designs. We carry a wide range of affordable brands and offer competitive prices on top-quality products. Contact us today to learn more!


With over 10 years of experience in the wholesale jewellery industry, Rubicon is a trusted name when it comes to sourcing quality products for customers all over the world. Offering an extensive range of products from diamond jewellery to gold and silver jewellery, our online store offers a perfect balance of value and quality. Whether you’re looking for something special or just want to stock up on some essentials, Rubicon has everything you need. So what are you waiting for? Shop with us today!


If you’re looking for wholesale jewellery in Thailand, then Monera-design is the perfect supplier for you. With years of experience in the industry, we know exactly what it takes to provide quality jewellery at affordable prices. Plus, our expansive range of products means that you’re sure to find something to your liking. Contact us today to learn more!


Thailand has long been known as a land of jewellery and accessory designers. Whether you’re looking for high-quality pieces at an unbeatable price, or are simply in the market for something new to add to your collection, Thailand is definitely the place to be. Not only do shops throughout Thailand offer top-notch quality products at rock-bottom prices, but they also often carry rare and unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. So if you’re ever on the hunt for some stunning jewellery, consider taking a trip to Thailand!