11 Clothing Manufacturers and Distributors in Turkey

Turkey is a country with a rich history and culture. The land has been home to many different civilizations, and the people have retained much of their traditional customs and beliefs. Consequently, the clothing business in Turkey presents a complex array of opportunities and challenges. In this article, we will look at some of the key factors that you should consider if you are thinking of starting or expanding a clothing business in Turkey.

Importance of Clothing Business in Turkey

One of the oldest and most important industries in Turkey is the clothing business. The Turkish clothing industry is one that exports a great deal, and it employs a large number of people.

The Turkish clothing industry has been growing for quite some time now, and it is estimated that it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, namely:

First and foremost, Turkish clothing is in high demand all over the world. This is due to its high quality and attractive design. Furthermore, Turkish clothing is often considered to be of superior quality when compared to clothes made in other countries.

Another reason why the Turkish clothing industry is on the rise is because of the increasing number of women who are working outside the home. Nowadays, more and more women are seeking opportunities that will allow them to contribute something meaningful to society. And as far as contributing goes, nothing contributes more than playing an important role in the workplace within the garment industry.

Types of Clothing Businesses in Turkey

There are a variety of types of clothing businesses in Turkey, including garment factories, wholesalers, and retailers.

G garment factories produce clothing for both international and domestic markets. Wholesalers import clothes from different countries and sell them to retailers and consumers. Retailers typically have a small storefront or online presence, and may sell apparel from multiple brands.

Some clothing factories in Turkey have been closed due to the global recession, but others have continued to operate. Turkish consumers have shown an increased interest in high-quality, ethically produced clothing, which has led some manufacturers to expand their operations.

Costs Involved in Starting a Clothing Business in Turkey

Starting a clothing business in Turkey can be expensive, depending on the industry you choose to enter. The following are costs associated with starting a clothing business in Turkey:

-Cost of starting up a business: The cost of starting up a small business in Turkey ranges from $5,000 to $15,000. For a larger company, the costs range from $150,000 to $1 million.

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-Marketing and advertising: It is essential to invest in marketing and advertising for your clothing business in Turkey. This will include hiring an advertising agency or creating your own marketing materials. Costs for these services typically range from $1,500 to $5,000 per month.

-Production costs: Production costs for clothing businesses in Turkey can be high due to labor costs and tariffs on imported materials. The average cost of production for a small company is $25,000, while the average cost for a large company is $100,000.

-Rent: Rent for retail space in Turkey ranges from $3,000 to $20,000 per month. Additionally, landlords may charge an annual rent increase.

-Shipping and transportation: Shipping and transportation costs can be high if you do not

Regulations Related to Operating a Clothing Business in Turkey

In order to start and operate a clothing business in Turkey, you will need to comply with a variety of regulations.

Among the most important provisions governing the operation of a clothing business in Turkey are:

– You must have a commercial license from the local municipality. This license is required for any business that sells or distributes goods or services. You can apply for a commercial license online through the municipality’s website. If you are not able to apply online, you can contact the municipality to find out more information.

– You must comply with all safety and health standards applicable to your business type. In particular, you must ensure that your employees are properly clothed and equipped for working in cold weather environments. You must also ensure that your storage areas and work areas are properly ventilated and free of harmful materials.

– You must obtain proper documentation of any shipments you make in or out of Turkey. This documentation may include an export declaration, an import declaration, or both. Failure to provide this documentation may result in fines or penalties being imposed on you by Turkish authorities.

– You must keep accurate financial records relating to your business

Marketing Strategies for Clothing Businesses in Turkey

If you are thinking of starting a clothing business in Turkey, you will want to be aware of the different marketing strategies that are available to you. Here are three tips for marketing your clothing business in Turkey:

1. Get familiar with Turkish culture. The country is Muslim, and many people view clothing as an important part of personal appearance. Accordingly, clothing businesses that focus on Western styles may not be as successful in Turkey as they might be in other countries. Instead, try to design clothing that is popular among Turkish women, and make sure that all of your advertising and marketing materials reflect this cultural perspective.

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2. Find local partners. When starting a new business, it can be beneficial to partner with other businesses in your area. This way, you can share resources and promote each other’s products and services. Additionally, partnering with local businesses can help you build relationships with influential people in your community.

3. Build a strong online presence. One of the most important ways to market your clothing business in Turkey is through online platforms such as social media sites and blog networks. Make sure that your website is well designed and easy to navigate, and then create exciting content that will capture the attention of potential customers.

Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world’s leading textile producers. In 2015, Turkey exported $22.4 billion worth of textiles, making it the sixth-largest textile exporter in the world.

Turkish clothing manufacturers produce a wide variety of clothing, from formalwear to sportswear to children’s clothing. Some of the most popular Turkish brands include GAP, Nike, Puma, and Adidas.

Turkish clothing manufacturers benefit from strong domestic demand and low production costs. The country has a large population of about 80 million people, which means there is a lot of potential market demand for Turkish apparel brands.

Turkish clothing manufacturers also have some advantages over their competitors in terms of raw materials and manufacturing facilities. Turkey has abundant cotton resources, and its textile factories are well-equipped to produce high-quality garments.

The downside for Turkish clothing manufacturers is that they face competition from multinational brands from across the globe. Additionally, Turkish consumers relatively price sensitive compared to consumers in other countries, which may limit the success of some Turkish brands.


Mpytextile is a Turkish clothing manufacturer that specializes in knitwear, men’s and women’s garments. The company also produces accessories such as hats and scarves. Mpytextile was founded in 1998 by Orhan Güler and his wife Ayşe Güler. The company has a production facility in Istanbul and employs a total of 50 people.


Turkey is one of the fastest-growing textile and apparel markets in the world. The country has a population of approximately 75 million people, and textile and apparel manufacturers estimate that the market will grow to $24.7 billion by 2020. Turkey’s economy is growing at a rate of 6% annually, which is expected to create more opportunities for textile and apparel manufacturers.

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There are a number of clothing manufacturers in Turkey, including Bbstrend, a leading global supplier of innovative and sustainable fashion solutions. Bbstrend manufactures garments from cotton, linen, silk, wool, and other natural fabrics using state-of-the-art sewing machines and cutting-edge printing techniques.

The company’s products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world, including Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, South America, and Africa. Bbstrend employs around 1,000 workers at its two production facilities in Istanbul and Antalya.

Turkish textile and apparel manufacturers are benefiting from strong economic growth and increasing demand for their products across the globe. In addition to supplying high-quality garments at competitive prices, Turkish manufacturers are known for their innovative design concepts and sustainable manufacturing practices.


Turkish clothing manufacturers are among the most successful in the region. The country’s textile industry has seen steady growth in recent years, thanks to a growing population and increasing demand for clothes. In fact, Turkey is now the sixth-largest textile market in the world, with sales exceeding $12 billion annually.

Turkish clothing manufacturers benefit from a number of factors that make their products popular abroad. First and foremost, Turkish textiles are known for their quality and durability. They also have a well-developed design team and are able to create stylish and modern clothes that appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Despite this success, Turkish clothing manufacturers face some challenges. One of the biggest is a lack of competition. Although there are a few other large textile producers in Turkey, they don’t have much impact on the overall market. This lack of competition can lead to increased prices and lower quality products.


Withlifeclothing is a Turkish clothing manufacturer that specializes in women’s and men’s formal wear. The company has been in operation since 2000 and has a strong online presence.
The company produces a variety of items, including gowns, tuxedo jackets, blazers, and dresses. Withlifeclothing also offers custom sewing services for customers who need special alterations made to their garments.
The company ships its products worldwide and maintains a retail store in Istanbul.


Turkey is a country with vast potential for the clothing retail industry. The population is young and growing, which means that there is an increasing demand for trendy and stylish clothing. Furthermore, Turkey has a strong Western influence, meaning that fashion trends are quickly adopted by the Turkish market. These factors make Turkey a very promising market for any fashion-focused business.