Usaa Dental Insurance Review

Looking for dental insurance that fits your needs can be overwhelming, but with USAA Dental Insurance, you don’t have to stress anymore. Whether you’re an active military member or a veteran, USAA offers comprehensive dental coverage plans at affordable prices.

But is it the right choice for you? In this blog post, we will provide valuable insights on what USAA Dental Insurance has to offer and help you determine if it’s the best option for your dental care needs. Get ready to discover all about USAA Dental Insurance!

What is Usaa Dental Insurance?

USAA Dental Insurance is a dental coverage plan provided by the United Services Automobile Association (USAA), which was founded in 1922 and has since grown to become one of the leading financial services providers in America. This insurance is designed for active military members, veterans, and their families.

With USAA Dental Insurance, you can choose from several dental plans that offer different levels of coverage at varying prices. These plans range from basic preventive care to more comprehensive coverage that includes restorative procedures such as fillings and crowns.

What makes USAA Dental Insurance stand out is its flexibility. You have the option to select your dentist or choose one within USAA’s network of providers. Additionally, there are no waiting periods for preventive services like cleanings or X-rays.

USAA Dental Insurance provides an excellent solution for those looking for affordable and flexible dental insurance options that cater specifically to military members and their families.

The Different Types of Dental Insurance Plans Offered

When it comes to dental insurance, there are different types of plans that you can choose from depending on your needs and budget. Here are the different types of dental insurance plans offered by USAA:

1. Preventive Care Plans: These plans cover basic preventive treatments such as regular check-ups, cleanings, and X-rays.

2. Basic Restorative Plans: This plan covers procedures like fillings and extractions in addition to preventive care services.

3. Comprehensive Coverage Plans: This plan provides coverage for a wide range of dental services including major restorative work like crowns, bridges, and dentures.

4. Orthodontic Coverage Plan: For those who require braces or other orthodontic treatments for crooked teeth or bite problems, this type of plan is designed to provide coverage.

5. Dental Discount Plan: Unlike traditional insurance plans that require deductibles and copays, discount plans offer discounted rates for certain dental procedures at participating providers without any upfront costs.

It’s important to carefully evaluate each option when choosing a dental insurance plan based on your individual needs and budget constraints.

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Pros and Cons of Usaa Dental Insurance

Usaa Dental Insurance has both advantages and disadvantages. One of its main benefits is that it offers comprehensive coverage for preventive, basic, and major dental services. This means that you can get treatment for a wide range of dental issues without having to worry about the cost.

Another advantage of Usaa Dental Insurance is that it allows members to choose from different plans based on their specific needs and budget. These plans offer varying levels of coverage, deductibles, and premiums, so you can select the one that works best for you.

One potential downside of Usaa Dental Insurance is that it only covers services provided by in-network dentists. If your preferred dentist isn’t part of the network or if there are no in-network providers in your area, then you may have to pay more out-of-pocket costs or find an alternative provider.

Another disadvantage is that some services may have waiting periods before they’re covered by insurance. For example, orthodontic treatments usually require a waiting period before any benefits kick in.

While Usaa Dental Insurance provides a great deal of value for its members with its comprehensive plans and options tailored to meet individual needs; there are also some limitations such as limited provider networks or service waiting periods worth considering when making your decision on whether or not to enroll.

What Services are Covered?

Usaa Dental Insurance offers different services, depending on the plan that you choose. Generally, most plans cover preventive care such as check-ups and cleanings. This includes routine exams and x-rays to help diagnose any potential dental problems before they become more serious.

Other services covered by Usaa Dental Insurance include basic procedures such as fillings, extractions, and root canals. These are essential procedures that patients may need at some point in their lives due to tooth decay or injury.

For those looking for more extensive coverage, Usaa also provides comprehensive plans that cover major dental work such as bridges, crowns, implants and dentures. Major dental work can be expensive so it’s important to ensure your insurance covers these types of treatments if you require them.

Orthodontic treatment is another service covered under certain Usaa Dental Insurance plans. This includes braces or other orthodontic appliances used to treat misaligned teeth or bite issues.

It’s important to understand which services are included in each type of plan when considering purchasing a policy with Usaa Dental Insurance and how much of the cost will be covered by the insurance provider.

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How Much Does Usaa Dental Insurance Cost?

Usaa Dental Insurance offers affordable dental insurance plans that cater to the needs of their members. The cost of Usaa Dental Insurance varies depending on different factors such as age, location, and the type of plan chosen.

The monthly premium for a single person can range from $20 to $50 per month while for families it ranges between $40 to $100 per month. This may seem expensive but compared to other dental insurances, Usaa’s rates are considered relatively low.

What makes Usaa’s pricing unique is its transparency in providing a detailed list of fees and services covered by each plan so that members have an idea of what they’re paying for. There are no hidden charges or surprises when you sign up with them.

Another factor that affects the cost is deductibles which typically range from zero dollars up to several hundred dollars annually depending on your chosen plan’s coverage options. So it’s important to choose a plan according to your budget and needs.

Although the price may vary based on individual circumstances and preferences, Usaa Dental Insurance provides affordable rates without compromising its quality service which makes it worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable dental insurance provider.


Based on our review, Usaa Dental Insurance is a great option for military members and their families. They offer a variety of dental insurance plans to fit different needs and budgets. While their coverage may not be as comprehensive as some other providers, they still cover all the necessary basic services.

One disadvantage of Usaa Dental Insurance is that it’s only available to military personnel and their families. However, if you’re eligible for coverage with them, we highly recommend considering them as your dental insurance provider.

Usaa Dental Insurance provides reliable coverage at affordable rates. With its good customer service reputation and the ability to customize plans according to individual preferences, it’s definitely worth looking into for anyone in need of dental insurance options.