Squaremouth Travel Insurance Reviews

When it comes to buying travel insurance, there are a lot of companies out there vying for your business. So how do you know which one to choose? Enter Squaremouth.

Squaremouth is a company that specializes in travel insurance. They offer a variety of plans to fit any budget and coverage needs. And they have an excellent reputation – just check out their customer reviews!

So if you’re in the market for travel insurance, be sure to give Squaremouth a look. You won’t be disappointed!

What types of travel insurance does Squaremouth offer?

There are a few different types of travel insurance that Squaremouth offers. The most popular type is the comprehensive plan, which covers you for trip cancellations, delays, lost baggage, and medical emergencies. They also offer a basic plan, which is less expensive but only covers trip cancellations and delays. Lastly, they have a medical insurance plan for those who just want coverage in case of a medical emergency while traveling.

How much does Squaremouth travel insurance cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the cost of Squaremouth travel insurance will vary depending on a number of factors, including the length and destination of your trip, the type of coverage you select, and any pre-existing medical conditions you have. That said, we can give you a rough idea of what you might expect to pay for a basic policy.

For a 7-day trip to Mexico, a basic policy with medical coverage would start at around $30 for an individual. If you add in things like trip cancellation and interruption insurance, baggage loss and delay protection, and rental car collision damage waiver, the price will go up, but not by much – maybe another $10 or so. And remember, these rates are all per person – so if you’re traveling with a family or group, the total cost will be higher.

Of course, the best way to get an accurate quote is to use Squaremouth’s quote engine, which takes into account all of the factors mentioned above (and more) to give you a personalized price for exactly the type of coverage you need. So if you’re wondering how much Squaremouth travel insurance costs, head on over to our website and get started on your quote today.

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What do customers say about Squaremouth travel insurance?

Squaremouth travel insurance reviews are very positive, with customers citing the company’s excellent customer service and comprehensive coverage as among its best features. Many reviewers also appreciate the company’s transparency when it comes to pricing and claims, noting that it is easy to understand what is and is not covered by a policy. Some customers do express frustration with the claims process, however, saying that it can be time-consuming and difficult to get a resolution. Overall, though, customers are highly satisfied with Squaremouth travel insurance and would recommend it to others.


To conclude, Squaremouth Travel Insurance is a great choice for those looking for comprehensive travel insurance. The company offers some of the best coverage options available and makes it easy to find the right policy to suit individual needs. With their 24/7 customer support team, you can rest assured that any issue or concern you may have while traveling will be addressed quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for excellent coverage at an affordable price, then we highly recommend giving Squaremouth Travel Insurance a try!